7 Impressive PointCentral Alternatives & Competitors

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that PointCentral is a smart device solution that helps vacation rental property managers reduce admin and boost income via connected, automation smart devices.

Smart devices are the future when it comes to short-term vacation rentals. Smart locks let you enable keyless, contactless access control and improve security; while in-room devices such as smartphone-operated thermostats enable you to improve energy control and keep guests happy with personalized control.

But powerful as it is, PointCentral might not be right for you and your company. With a business model split between long-term and short-term rentals, PointCentral is not specialized in guest experiences. Unlike many of the other solutions out there, it doesn’t support hotels and even for  smart device control, some might find their offering a little limited.

As a savvy property manager, it makes sense that you’d want to check out all the best options and alternatives out there, before making the best choice for you and your business.

That’s why we’ve gathered a list of great alternatives to PointCentral, to help you be as informed as possible. Here are our top picks.

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PointCentral Alternatives

There might be a thousand reasons you’re looking for a PointCentral alternative. You might simply be checking out competing automation solutions.

You might not love its interface or lack of open API; or the fact that it mainly focuses on smart devices, and not your guest’s rental stay as a whole.

You might be frustrated that it doesn’t enable options such as noise and occupancy monitoring (very important if you want to keep an eye on your hotel or rental space from afar), that it only works with one lock type, or that it doesn’t work without cellular phone network coverage (not ideal for remote spaces or locations with patchy signal).

And PointCentral only works in the US, making it impossible if you’re looking to expand further.  

Whatever your reason for searching for PointCentral alternatives, we’re positive you’ll find a great option here.

Alternatives to PointCentral

So whether you’re looking for a more intuitive guest experience, or are simply figuring out all your options before making a choice, here’s our pick of alternatives to get you started.

Operto Guest Technologies

01_An overview screenshot of the Operto digital automation product for hotels

Credit: operto.com

As an alternative to PointCentral, Operto is the full package, with a range of robust features tailored to both vacation rental and hotel operations.

How it’s similar to PointCentral - Integrates with major PMSs to give guests and staff automated, digital access via keyless smart door locks and enables control of smart thermostats.

How it’s different from PointCentral - Specially designed for a wide range of accommodation styles, including hotels, single-family short-term rentals, vacation rentals, and smart apartments. Its unique ConnectTM guest portals allow everyone to oversee the entirety of their operations or stay within an intuitive, well-designed platform. The portals are fully customized to the client’s brand and require no custom development work.

There’s no separate app needed; a major advantage for guests whose phone has died, who might not have signal or data, or who are loath to download yet another app. It can also connect to PMSs for easy guest communication, and offer upsells and other guest-pleasing extras.

Thermostat control is based on occupancy monitoring, offering significant energy savings compared to basic vacancy savings. Operto connects with ACs and thermostats all over the world, going beyond standard US models. Operto also enables air quality and noise monitoring to prevent parties and other violations.

It also works globally, and connects with a wide range of smart locks; connects to Wi-Fi without requiring phone network coverage, and can even work offline, making it perfect for remote locations.

Features / benefits - PMS, smart home solutions and integrations; different portals for managers, housekeepers, and guests under a single system, for real-time monitoring of your rental spaces. Unique keycode access numbers mean guests can enter without a smartphone, and access can be revoked for security reasons remotely, at any time. 

Pricing - Starts at $15 per month per unit for the basic Core option, with favorable financing options available for larger packages. Further quotes and free demo available upon request.

Salto Systems

02_Salto Guest Services smartphone access screenshot

Credit: Hospitality.SaltoSystems.com

If a robust and varied access control system is a priority for your growing business, then Salto’s award-winning systems will make a great PointCentral alternative.

How it’s similar to PointCentral - Salto focuses on offering reliable keyless access and offers a wide range of access options, specially designed for the hospitality industry.

How it’s different from PointCentral - Access can be set up via a range of options—such as cards, fobs, codes, and smartphones—and because Salto actually makes the locks too, you can ensure super-high security, and a range of hardware styles to match your business and doors.

Features - Smartphone lock access across a wide range of lever locks, wall readers, and keypads. Salto’s access control systems enable hospitality managers to oversee all of their spaces remotely and at a glance. Integrations with major PMSs enables cutting of keycards, or integrate with Operto for a truly contactless, fully tech-enabled stay.

Pricing - Locks are priced individually, and can be customized on Salto’s website. At Operto, we can provide Salto locks for you at 0% financing. Talk to an integration specialist today.

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03_OpenKey digital key page screenshot

Credit: Openkey.co

As a PointCentral competitor, OpenKey is designed more for hotels, as opposed to short-term rentals, and offers both hardware and software specially designed to make hotel keyless, digital access as easy as possible. 

How it’s similar to PointCentral - OpenKey is one of the best-known specialists in simple, keyless, digital room access for hotels. Through PMS integrations, it offers automated smartphone access via its “digital key” system, which also enables guests to view the hotel’s amenities.

How it’s different from PointCentral - It’s designed for hotels rather than short-term rentals, and offers a software solution that integrates with major hotel locks as well as their own lock hardware. OpenKey is purely access-focused, meaning it does not connect to any other smart devices or wider ecosystems.

Its mobile key software is easy for guests to use but requires a generic mobile app to be downloaded. This may or may not work for your business, depending on if you intend to retain a full-time front desk.

Pricing - Minimum payment of $199 per month, including hotel set-up and PMS integration.

Assa Abloy Global Solutions

04_Assa Abloy Global Solutions hotel page screenshot

Credit: Assaabloyglobalsolutions.com

Assa Abloy makes one of the most established hotel access control solutions and is actually the oldest lock company in the world. Access methods include keycards and mobile key app, with various degrees of integration to your business. Primarily made for mid-to-large hotels and chains.

How it’s similar to PointCentral - It provides electronic locks and digital keys, but with a complete focus on hotels and similar spaces.

How it’s different from PointCentral - Like Salto, Assa Abloy is an access control system with their own hardware for every conceivable access point—including in-room safes, staff safety systems, minibars, and keycard options. 

In addition to standard keycards, they offer mobile key options through a basic app with no integrations or automation, or through custom-built interfaces to your hotel’s proprietary systems. This makes the solution most appropriate for hotel chains with serious resources or properties without need for significant automation but reliable access control.  

Pricing - Tailored quotes for your business needs are available on the Assa Abloy website.

05_RemoteLock screenshot Short and Long Term Rentals

Credit: RemoteLock.com

One of the top PointCentral competitors, RemoteLock is an access solution designed for multifamily apartments and short-term vacation rental hosts. 

How it’s similar to PointCentral - Works with a range of locks, and enables keyless, contactless entry to spaces. Has some functionality designed for short-term stays and integrates with major PMSs.

How it’s different from PointCentral - Mainly focuses on keyless access rather than enabling smart home automation. Unlike PointCentral, they also produce their own locks.

Features - Integrations with OTAs enable the automatic sending of key information to guests. Wide range of lock styles and access options. A single, centralized dashboard allows easy host management.

Pricing - Consultations are available upon online request.


07_Lynx homepage screenshot

Credit: GetLynx.co

Lynx is similar to PointCentral, in that it specializes in managing smart devices for short-term rentals making “smart devices smarter”. 

How it’s similar to PointCentral - Its focus is squarely on smart devices, and enabling vacation rental hosts to connect their PMSs to allow keyless entry and thermostat control.

How it’s different from PointCentral - It connects with a wider range of smart devices, such as smoke and water sensors and lights, but lacks PointCentral’s advanced analytics around HVAC. LynxIt also has guest communication options and a rudimentary guest app as one of its major features.

Features - Keyless, contactless entry; guest communication features; wide range of smart device, sensor, intercom, smart lock, PMS, and OTA integrations.

Pricing - A free demo can be scheduled directly from the Lynx website.

August Smart Locks

06_August smart locks notifications screenshot

Credit: August.com

If you’re looking for a sleek-but-simple smartphone keyless access solution for a small vacation rental business, look no further than August. 

How it’s similar to PointCentral - It enables intuitive keyless, contactless access, and everything can be monitored with a smartphone. Access can be granted or revoked remotely.

How it’s different from PointCentral - As it sounds, August Smart Lock is a lock company, and focuses foremost on that, rather than specializing in smart devices overall. Its smart locks have integration with Airbnb, but no connection with property management systems. This means it’s generally limited to hosts of smaller hospitality businesses or individual hosts. However, Operto does integrate with August to make these great locks manageable and automated at scale for serious operators.

Features - Activity monitoring via the matching app, grant and revoke digital keys remotely to avoid any lost or stolen physical keys; DoorSenseTM, auto-locking. It doesn't require replacing your existing deadbolt, making it ideal for DIY installs and multifamily buildings that have rules restricting door hardware changes.

Pricing - The Smart Lock itself starts at $149.99, with matching hardware starting at $19.99, and smart door bundles—app included—starting at $279.99. We can connect you to August Smart Locks at 0% financing. Talk to one of our integration specialists today.

PointCentral Alternatives: The best choice for your business

Depending on your business needs, we reckon that each of these alternatives to PointCentral could be a great choice.

While Salto and Assa Abloy specializes in super-secure locks and comprehensive access control, OpenKey is a leader in hotel-specific mobile key solutions for a certain category of property; RemoteLock integrates with a wide range of locks and OTAs, and Lynx has basic integrations with many different devices and software.

And Operto is specially designed for both vacation rentals and hotels, and integrates with both property management systems and smart devices, using its unique Portals system to offer tailored solutions for guests and managers all over the world. 

If you’re rethinking PointCentral and want to find a tool that specializes in short-term accommodation and puts guest experience first; it makes sense that you’d be looking for an excellent alternative.

Finding a remote digital automation and smart device manager that works for you is crucial in today’s modern, hyper-connected age, with guests who positively expect to have that level of on-demand, digital and personalized control—but it can be a challenge.

At Operto, we’re experts in guiding our clients through the process and continue to see them as partners throughout, to help make the changeover as seamless as possible.

We’re confident that if you want to, you'll definitely find a PointCentral alternative that works for you—and if that happens to be us, we can help you make the switch with ease.

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Want help switching from PointCentral? Our experts will guide you through the process.