Occupancy Monitoring

We use CO2 analysis and smart lock data to help you prevent violations and measure occupancy without invading guest privacy. Our occupancy monitoring system integrates with your PMS to alert you when the data doesn’t match the booking.
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Customer Journeys

Operto has been an ideal partner for us at Mint House with their constantly evolving products, superior customer service, reliability, and flexibility to match our unique needs.

Alex HerrityCPO of Mint House

Stop parties with noise alerts

Operto alerts you when a party is raging – before your neighbor complains!

Prevent unauthorized guests

See real-time occupancy, and prevent the entire football team from crashing on the floor for a two-person reservation.

Clean air for guests

Keep an eye on temperature, humidity, and air quality to ensure guest comfort and prevent mold growth.

Operto Connect Hospitality PMS and Smart Device Integration

Smart Device Integrations

Maximize the value of Connect by implementing smart locks, thermostats, sensors, and other smart devices. With all your point solutions connected through a single platform, Operto Connect produces a whole that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Hospitality PMS Integrations

Integrate Operto with your PMS to transform your hotel’s operations and maximize profitability. Guests can securely check themselves in through a 100% contactless experience with unique access codes.

See how real-time occupancy monitoring would work for you

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