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Operto Boost

Update your old locks without replacing them.

Surprise and delight your customers by offering pre-stay check-in and digital keys, using your existing locks.

Affordable and easy to install, Boost works with over 65 locks.

The Operto Boost experience begins with the affordable and easy to install Boost Smart Chip – but immediately opens the door to a full suite of digital guest experience and hotel automations that were previously out of reach.

Noise and Occupancy Monitoring
Noise and Occupancy MonitoringProtect properties from property and reputation damage.
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Housekeeping and Maintenance Scheduling
Housekeeping and Maintenance SchedulingTrigger automated housekeeping and tasks.
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Incredible chip in.
Game changing guest experience out.

While Operto Boost is the ultimate path towards going digital with your access control, it’s also your gateway to the best in class guest experience your guests expect – and that your competitors are already offering.

Boost gets them in. Guest makes them stay.

Engage guests with a robust verification and check-in process, dynamic content and upsells – before, during and after their stay.

Monitor noise. Automate climate control.

Operto Boost turns your static lock into a dynamic, smart device triggering powerhouse.

Automate tasks and schedules for housekeepers.

The Boost Chip instantly opens the door to smarter, cost saving operations.

Everything comes with Connect.

Maximize the value of Connect by implementing smart locks, thermostats and sensors through a single platform.

Additional features.

Quick and easy installation

Simple installation means you can add Boost in minutes, not months.

Monitor your battery life

Boost can identify when your batteries are low, so your customers never get locked out.

Private and secure

With two-factor authentication built in, and dedicated security chip for fast, secure processing of digital keys, Boost keeps your guests and property completely secure.

Fraction of the cost

Say goodbye to expensive plastic keycards that de-magnetize easily, end up in the garbage, or go home with your guest.

Everything just works

With Boost, locks maintain their original plastic keycard capabilities – RFID or magnetic stripe. So if your customers ask for a plastic card, you can still provide one.

No more landfills

Boost adds years of life to your existing hardware, keeping your old locks out of the landfill.​

Premium support

Operto offers a number of additional services, including on-site installation services, premium (dedicated) 24/7 account management, and anti-fraud (chargeback) protection.

Please enquire with an Operto sales representative if these interest you.

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