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Noise and occupancy monitoring to prevent the unexpected.

Operto’s noise monitoring solutions help you understand noise levels – so that you can manage them in the most appropriate way while keeping your property safe.

Operto noise notification and Noiseaware noise monitoring device

“Operto has been an ideal partner for us at Mint House with their constantly evolving products, superior customer service and flexibility to match our unique needs.”

Alex H, CPO Mint House
Alex Herrity
CPO, Mint House

Stop parties with noise alerts

Operto alerts you when a party is raging – before your neighbor complains!

Prevent unauthorized guests

See real-time occupancy, and prevent the entire football team from crashing on the floor for a two-person reservation.

Custom thresholds

Set your own noise thresholds and quiet time hours to guard against your custom level of risk, per unit.

Clean air for guests

Keep an eye on temperature, humidity, and air quality to ensure guest comfort and prevent mold growth.

Do more.

What noise monitoring looks like in Operto Connect.

Operto Connect turns isolated guest experiences into fully integrated guest journeys.

Operto Connect automates noise and occupancy monitoring with energy management automation for hotels and vacation rentals.


Noise threshold and alert settings are established by you in the Connect dashboard.​
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Connect monitors temperature and room occupancy and reports status via the dashboard, email or SMS.​
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Connect automatically notifies staff of noise violations via the Connect dashboard, email or SMS.
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Reminder messages can be sent to the guest through the Connect messaging feature, direct to the guest portal.
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Hardware as a Service

Say goodbye to capital constraints and hello to seamless operations by renting hardware from Operto.

See how real-time occupancy monitoring secures your property and enhances guest safety.