About Operto


We are trailblazers and innovators of hotel and vacation rental technology that perfectly bridges the gap between leveraging operating expenses and providing value to guests.


Our team’s corporate and team leadership comes from every corner of the hospitality and SaaS space, with diversity and inclusion serving as our core ethos from the top down.

What we do.

Operto delivers invaluable and integrated technology solutions to complicated hospitality problems, with an underlying focus on determining the next generation of needs as experienced by our primary customer types.

Our vibe.

 We champion our company values which means putting people first.

Customer first.

Focus on the customer and all else will follow.
We sweat the details and go the extra mile...so that our customers don’t need to.
Deliver WOW to our customers, each day.

We are bold.
We are audacious..

Move fast.
Simplify, and go.
Pursue constant improvement.
Bias for action.

Our solutions make a difference.

We build meaningful technology that impacts our customers.
What we do, we do well.

We leverage our collective genius.

Collaboration brings incredible results.
Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency and invention.
We are focused and aligned.
Work together. Win together.

We value diversity, integrity, personal ownership, and accountability.

We are honest, open, ethical, and fair.
We take pride in our work and trust in each other.
Real leadership is done by example, and not words.
We are one team, but we are here to grow as individuals.
Own your work, from start to finish.


Relentlessly committed to redefining innovation in tech enabled hospitality guest experiences.

As we enter a landscape that’s become more and more technology-lead, the Operto Story remains a cut above the rest. 

Since our inception, (back to when we were first known as “Slickspaces”), our goal has been to boost the relationship between accommodation providers and guests, by harnessing the power of technology. 

On paper, we might be described as the pioneers of guest automation — and while this is correct, there’s so much more to what we offer in the industry. 

Enabling contactless guest entry, automated temperature control, and powerful monitoring features is just the tip of the iceberg. What we’re actually doing is revolutionizing the vacation rental and hotel landscape. 

Our connected solutions, powered by world-class tech, product teams, and dedicated sales teams who cover all geographies, time zones, and multiple languages build upon the core foundations of the business. 

The promise.

To bring guests and accommodation together, through ingenious technology. We believe that you can provide a delightful and personalized experience to your guests all while lowering operational costs and improving efficiencies.