6 Next-Level Breezeway Alternatives & Similar Tools For 2023

Looking for a great alternative to Breezeway?

Breezeway helps coordinate, communicate, and verify detailed work such as vacation rental cleaning and maintenance, safety, and cleaning turnarounds in between guests. It aims to do this using digital automation, empowering hosts, and managers to use tools that save time, stress and effort.

Without good vacation rental software or cleaning coordination automation, managers are left doing everything manually. This leads to increased admin, stress, human error, potential for mistakes, and little scope to scale.

The inevitable poor guest experience, complaints, stressed staff, and less-than-professional rental management aren’t only an added headache—they could make a real dent in your reputation and bottom line.

Post-Covid, owners, managers, cleaners, and guests are looking to be reassured that cleaning practices will comply with new requirements for disinfection between stays, to keep everyone safe.

Tools that offer checklists (such as Breezeway), to ensure consistent turnarounds where nothing is missed, are now more important than ever.

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Credit: Breezeway.io

Using automated property management solutions such as Breezeway helps you grow your business rapidly and effectively, without adding stress or time-consuming manual admin.

But, as just one of the options on the market that’s offering staff coordination and integration with dedicated host platforms, Breezeway may not be the best option for you or your business—especially when it comes to central elements such as smart technology connection, access solutions, and security.

Choosing a platform to control and automate your cleaning is an important decision. 

Why? Well...

  • Cleaners need access to your property, so your platform must ensure your vacation rental safety and security as well as allow entry. 

  • Coordinating turnarounds manually is stressful and quickly leads to burnout, so you need to choose an automation platform that makes things easier, not more difficult.

  • Coordinating quick, efficient cleaning turnarounds is crucial when it comes to your guests’ experience, and for creating great first impressions of your place.

That’s why getting it right is so critical.

To help, we’ve listed some popular alternatives to Breezeway, as well as options that will allow you to streamline all of your smart devices to one single platform. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be able to pick the right cleaning management platform for your business and make life better for you and your staff—and ensure sparkling service, staff management, and cleanliness for your team, spaces, and—crucially—guests too.

Want an operations tool that’s smooth and flexible? 

Operto Teams seamlessly connects your teams in a stable, comprehensive and seamless interface.

What is Breezeway?

Breezeway is, in its own words, a “property care and operations platform” that helps you to “coordinate, communicate, and verify” maintenance, safety, and cleaning work across multiple vacation rental properties. 

Breezeway features

Breezeway has a number of features designed to make vacation rental managers’ lives easier by automating processes as much as possible.

  • Integrates and syncs reservation management data from your PMS.

  • Automates task scheduling to assign jobs to specific people at the right time.

  • Enables customizable checklists so staff can do consistent work to the right standard.

  • Enables coordination of issues in real-time.

  • Has guest messaging, including via SMS, to improve in-stay satisfaction and coordination with staff and guests. 

  • Offers detailed reports to give greater insight into your operations, and set up predictive tasks based on past needs and behavior.

Breezeway pricing

A free demo and quote are available on request via the Breezeway website. It also offers an ROI calculator so you can calculate any potential savings you could make by using the platform.

breezeway pricing

Credit: Breezeway.io/roi-calculator-ops

Best Breezeway alternatives in 2023

For all its excellent features, there’s no guarantee that Breezeway will be right for you and your business. 

Whether you’re seeking a specific feature, a different interface, have encountered an unexpected issue, or have another budget in mind, it makes sense to look at other possibilities.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some alternatives that may be great options. We’ve also considered why they might not be best for you, so you can get all the info you need before making the final decision

  • Operto Teams (formerly VRScheduler)

  • TurnoverBnB

  • Properly

  • Host Tools

  • Handy

  • Cleanzy

Operto Teams (formerly VRScheduler)


Operto Teams (formerly known as VRScheduler) is a powerful all-in-one platform that property managers can use to schedule & coordinate all housekeeping and maintenance staff.

It could be your perfect alternative to Breezeway, because Operto is built to be hyper-connected to the rest of your smart tech, for seamless operations beyond cleaning and maintenance. It's also designed to scale your business, without becoming overwhelmed as it grows.

Why Operto Teams is a good Breezeway alternative

  • Flexible and agile, Operto Teams enables you to coordinate and integrate not only cleaning but also maintenance, admin, guest communication, smart tech, and your PMS.
  • Automated scheduling of cleaning and maintenance that adapts to new bookings.
  • Estimates how long jobs will take.
  • Works with your regular staff to assign jobs to specific team members.
  • Piece pay tracking for non-hourly employees.
  • Creates vacation rental property manager checklist (including detailed processes such as those required for an Airbnb Plus checklist) for consistent, high-standard turnarounds.
  • Enables staff to report issues with photos, which can then be made into actionable tasks.
  • Can be seen on a single dashboard with the Operto Suite, so you can manage all of your operations at a glance.

Operto Teams also links to the entire Operto Connect Suite, so you can integrate your cleaning coordination with your other powerful smart technology such as keycode door access and occupancy monitoring. 

This gives you an extra layer of security and insight when it comes to having cleaners and maintenance staff enter/exit to ensure that cleaners aren't missing scheduled cleans.

Why it might not be right for you

  • Works especially well for businesses looking to scale, so may not be best for you if you only have 1-2 properties and don’t need wider coordination.
  • Especially good for coordinating with smart devices, such as smart locks with keypad codes, and has much more capability than simple cleaning. May not be right for you if you aren’t looking to scale your business.


The starting price for Operto Teams as a standalone product is just $5 per month. There’s flexibility to add as needed from a wealth of options to automate processes and integrate with your PMS, as well as smart devices, like smart lock and noise monitoring tech.

Want an operations tool that’s smooth and flexible?

Operto Teams seamlessly connects your teams in a stable, comprehensive and seamless interface.


Turnoverbnb screenshot

Credit: Turnoverbnb.com

TurnoverBnB is a tool like Breezeway, in that it helps coordinate vacation rental cleaning and maintenance for property managers. 

Why TurnoverBnB is a good Breezeway alternative

  • Works especially well for “boutique” hosts who run a small number of properties. 

  • Is a light, standalone, ad-hoc, mobile app, on iPhone and Android.

  • Enables you to find different cleaners when you need them.

Why it might not be right for you

  • Designed to be more ad-hoc, enabling you to find, and pay cleaners when you need them, rather than working with a regular in-house team.

  • Has more limited features than some platforms, with fewer integrations (such as to PMSs). 

  • May not be right for you if you manage multiple properties or are looking to expand.


  • Free - 1 property, includes unlimited checklists, payments, scheduling, calendar sync, mobile app, and customer support

  • Additional properties from $6 per month per property. Free 14-day trial.


Getproperly.com screenshot

Credit: Getproperly.com

As a Breezeway competitor, Properly aims to help owners and property managers of smaller businesses to ensure every short-term rental turnover is done on time and to a high standard.

Why Properly is a good Breezeway alternative

  • Is built on cleaning certification practices, and designed with an awareness of verification programs (such as enabling Airbnb Plus checklists), and health and safety requirements.

  • Integrates with OTAs such as Airbnb, Booking.com, and VRBO

Why it might not be right for you

  • Focuses mainly on cleaning, verification, and certification programs, rather than offering a hyper-connected platform to control other aspects such as access, or smart tech.

  • Requires its own app to be used, on iPhone and Android.

  • Is mainly focused on smaller businesses, which may not be right for you if you are looking to scale.


  • Basic - Free

  • Advanced - $11.99 per month.

  • Property Manager / Cleaning Company - Available on request.

Tools such as Remote Inspection and Remote Management can be added on, from $6.99 per job for Basic, and from $4.99 per job for Advanced.

Host Tools

Hosttools.com screenshot

Credit: Hosttools.com

Host Tools is a calendar, smart pricing, and automated messaging platform designed to help property hosts save time, and balance their “host life” with their “real life”.

Why Host Tools is a good Breezeway alternative

  • Designed to help coordinate your calendar and keep track of what’s happening when, and where to save time and stress.

  • Recently added extra features such as cleaning management and smart lock integration, enabling it to start competing with more powerful digital automation platforms.

  • Integrates with Airbnb and VRBO (with Booking.com coming soon).

  • Low cost compared to some; could be a good tool if your business is in the early stages and still counting costs per unit (but here’s why price shouldn’t always be your number one priority).

Why it might not be right for you

  • Designed for smaller property managers with just a few listings, with the capability to reach 100+ properties.

  • Mainly designed for calendar syncing with OTAs, smart listing pricing, and automated messaging, rather than for any particular focus on cleaning or staff coordination. 

  • Arguably better for hosts looking to keep costs low than those seeking super-powerful automation.


  • A flat price of $5 per month per listing. Offers a 14-day free trial.


handy screenshot

Credit: Handy.com

Handy offers a wide range of professionals available to book online, for services such as cleaning and maintenance tasks including furniture assembly, wall hangings, and smart home technology servicing.  

Why Handy is a good Breezeway alternative

  • As an app and an online booking system, Handy (as its name suggests) is a bit like having a handyman in your pocket. It offers ad-hoc, instant booking for a range of pre-set tasks.

  • Very quick to book, with same-day booking available for some services. 

  • A range of services are offered such as deep cleaning, light fixture installation, electrical, and plumbing options. 

  • May be a good emergency backup if your usual staff member or service falls through.

Why it might not be right for you

  • More of an ad-hoc app on iPhone and Android, rather than a  property management software system for vacation rental hosts and property managers specifically.

  • Designed for the general public, not for hosts or property managers, so there is no wider coordination of smart devices, stock control, or integration with any OTAs or PMSs.

  • Standalone app and website.


  • Prices depend on services and time requested. Prices are available via the website form.


cleanzy screenshot

Credit: Cleanzy.com


Cleanzy is another app-based service that enables users to find professionals for various home and vacation rental work, including a variety of cleaning tasks, from normal turnarounds to deep cleans.

Why Cleanzy is a good Breezeway alternative

  • Super-easy to book and pay online at short notice, via the website or an app (on both iPhone and Android).

  • Enlists professional cleaners only and has a “100% Happiness” policy that aims to ensure services are done to a high standard every time.

  • Focused on cleaning, including carpets, deep cleaning, and even pest control.

  • Best for hosts with only a few, more home-style properties, looking for a simple solution rather than an in-house team or professional dashboard platform.

Why it might not be right for you

  • Designed primarily for domestic properties rather than the rental industry. While it does offer regular booking slots, Deep Cleaning services and what it calls “professional” Covid sanitizing options, it’s unlikely to ensure the standard or certifications you need if you’re running a larger, professional operation (as opposed to hosting a handful of home-style units via an OTA).

  • Offers cleaning services only and assigns staff as and when available, so it doesn’t enable you to assign tasks to specific people or work with an in-house team.

  • No OTA or PMS integration, and no connection to smart devices or systems.

  • Cleanzy is currently only available in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Turkey.


  • Prices depend on services and time requested. Prices are available via the website form.

Finding the right alternative to Breezeway for you

Depending on you and your business needs, we reckon that any of these alternatives to Breezeway might work for you.

While TurnoverBnB is great for ad-hoc cleaner booking and in-app payment processing, Host Tools is a simple option for smaller OTA host operations, and Properly is super hot on certifications and cleaning standards.

Operto Teams is a super-powerful platform specially created for property managers with portfolios of all sizes and can manage multiple units and staff easily, for at-a-glance coordination of all cleaning, maintenance, stock supply, check-ins and check-outs, and more. 

Plus, because Operto Teams connects with the rest of the Operto Guest Portal suite and integrates with a wide range of property management systems (PMSs) and smart devices, it offers easy and seamless guest communications, plus smart tech, and access management for extra security.

Finding a staff and cleaning coordination solution that works for you is crucial in today’s modern, hyper-connected age—but it can be a challenge due to an overwhelming number of options, and a fear that installing tech will make things more difficult, not easier. 

Thankfully, with the right tools on your side, the opposite is true. Tech makes things much easier.

At Operto, we’re confident that you’ll find a Breezeway alternative that works for you—and if it turns out that Operto Teams is the right option for your business, we can help you set everything up with ease, too.

Want an operations tool that’s smooth and flexible?

Operto Teams seamlessly connects your teams in a stable, comprehensive and seamless interface.