6 Tips to Optimize Short Term Rental Cleaning Operations

In an increasingly competitive market, short term rental guests expect hotel-level cleanliness. But to deliver this, there’s an intricate web of operations that must run smoothly behind the scenes. One missed message or dirty surface can lead to a bad review that sends your listings plummeting down the Online Travel Agencies (OTA) algorithms.

In this article, we explore expert tips to manage your short term rental cleaning operations as you scale.

1. Prioritize employee experience

Your cleaning staff is the backbone of your operations and, when they’re empowered to carry out their service to a high standard, you’ll have a team of ambassadors looking out for your business.

Optimizing employee experience means ensuring they have access to tools that save them time and effort. For example, consider delivering supplies in advance to the property and choosing lightweight vacuums for comfort during cleaning.

It also means implementing automated tools — somewhere they can quickly check their schedule, report and track maintenance issues, and stay on top of standard requirements. As we explore later in the article, Operto Teams does all of this and more.

2. Ensure easy onboarding for new hires

Retaining great employees and attracting new ones requires a streamlined onboarding process with comprehensive training materials that make it easier for team members to contribute.

It’s important not to rely solely on one person’s memory. Instead ask your team to document every piece of insider knowledge and turn these into standard operating procedures (SOPs) that you review over time.

You can also create custom checklists and pre-recorded training videos that cover everything from making beds to efficient bathroom cleaning. These lists and videos ensure consistency in your cleaning process.

3. Create training programs and incentives

Pair up new hires with your best cleaners as part of a reward-driven training program. This hands-on approach accelerates learning, builds confidence, and imparts the finer details of your cleaning protocols.

You can then create incentives to reward cleaners for consistently earning 5-star ratings and explain the process to new hires. Consider methods like digital tipping to increase their compensation and ensure job satisfaction.

4. Assign cleaners to specific homes

Build familiarity by assigning cleaners to specific properties. This process allows them to more easily spot damage or wear and tear, and speed up cleaning tasks.

Operto Teams can help accelerate their workload further by providing automated schedules with optimized cleaning routes that make the most sense based on requirements each day. When they arrive at the property, checklists with photos can also help cleaning staff maintain consistent standards.

5. Empower guests to be self sufficient

Helping guests help themselves reduces pressure on your cleaning team. Stock essentials like light bulbs and batteries for their convenience and include clear instructions in your digital guidebooks on cleaning and quick fixes for common issues.

6. Centralize communications

Cleaning teams can lose hours each month navigating chaotic WhatsApp groups and chatting back and forth around laundry requirements and maintenance issues. With a centralized communication solution, such as Operto Teams, staying on top of these tasks is easy. Operto Teams forecasts when linen will be needed, flags maintenance issues and contains a multi-lingual dashboard where team members can stay up to date.

By elevating your employee experience you can accelerate clean times, and see more efficiency in your operations. Technology that offers automated scheduling, checklists, linen forecasting, and communication tools can reduce your team’s workload and give you back time, allowing you to scale your business.

To learn how short term rental pros use Operto to reduce the risk of scale fail, book a demo here.