5 Great Alternatives to Lynx for Access Control

Looking for a great alternative to Lynx? 

Then you probably already know that Lynx, formerly known as VirtualKEY, is a smart device automation operating system for vacation rental managers. 

It aims to make “smart devices, smarter” and it offers a range of services designed for managers, including keyless entry, control of smart devices such as thermostats, lights, and leak/noise/smoke sensors, and PMS integration. 

But, as just one of the platforms on the market that’s offering smart device control and PMS integration, Lynx may not be right for you—especially when it comes to crucial elements such as access control and guest experience.

Choosing a platform to control and automate your vacation rental operations and access control is a major decision, with implications for everything from safety and security to your staff and guest experience. It’s not a “nice-to-have”: it’s crucial.

That’s why we’ve listed some popular alternatives to Lynx, as well as options that will allow you to connect all of your smart devices in one single platform. Once you’ve read this article, you’ll be able to pick the right access control platform for your business and make life better for you, your staff, and—crucially—your guests.

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Are you looking for an alternative to Lynx?

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Lynx is compatible with a wide range of smart locks and integrates with PMSs such as Cloudbeds, Guesty, and WebRezPro.

It’s also one of the lowest-priced solutions on the market, and unmistakably popular. As with all smart device platforms, it can help you increase occupancy, reduce operating costs, implement contactless check-in for vacation rentals and hotels, and save big on energy bills.

But this doesn’t mean that Lynx specifically is right for you, or the best option for your business.

You may be looking for alternatives if:

  • You want to check if you made the right decision for your vacation rental business.

  • You already have Lynx, but it’s not quite working as you hoped.

  • You’d prefer another type of UI.

  • You want a service or capability that Lynx doesn’t offer.

  • You need a strong guest interface to boost guest experience and/or enable check-in features for ID verification, credit card collection, and rental agreements.

  • You’re looking for higher-level support and customer service.

  • Lynx doesn’t integrate with your chosen devices or PMS.

  • Going for the cheapest option isn’t your main priority, especially if another option fits your needs better (here’s why pricing shouldn’t be your #1 buying criteria).

5 Lynx alternatives to consider

1. Operto Guest Technologies


02_Operto website screenshot

Operto is a property automation solution for hotels and vacation rentals. It specializes in connecting all smart devices and operations under a single platform and provides multiple dashboards for guests, managers, and owners, plus PMS integration.

Operto takes over where most PMSs leave off. It enables easy and seamless guest communication, making sure guests receive everything they need to know for their stay in advance.  Ultimately, it goes far beyond simple access control, monitoring of smart devices or only locking and unlocking smart lock doors. 

It manages the entire process of your guest stays, including guest communication, coordination of housekeeping, and in-room upsells too.

Main benefits of this Lynx alternative

  • Offers its own Guest Portal platform, which communicates with guests and puts everything they need at their fingertips for a memorable, tech-enabled stay.

  • Integrates with a wide range of PMSs and smart devices, from Mews to Guesty, to Salto and Yale.

  • Partners and integrates with pioneering brands and vacation rental solutions, such as NoiseAware: an occupancy monitoring product designed especially to prevent destructive parties and disturbing levels of noise.

  • Offers exceptional customer support and sees clients as partners, not just customers.

  • Works with professional-level hardware (rather than using domestic devices that don’t stand up to professional requirements).


Operto offers a convenient, dynamic pricing model that works with all budgets. Starting at $15/month, Operto helps customers design a bespoke solution that truly works for their business, while keeping costs down.

2. PointCentral

03_PointCentral website screenshot

Credit: Pointcentral.com

PointCentral is a smart automation and connected devices solution designed for property managers, primarily focused on eliminating physical keys and controlling smart thermostats. 

Its dashboards are corporate in style, and mainly designed for managers to oversee their units, rather than for seamless, user-friendly guest communication specifically (see our post on PointCentral alternatives for even more on how this platform works).

Main benefits of this Lynx alternative

  • Specific focus on vacation property managers.

  • Focuses on saving costs and ROI, by helping hosts to save on energy costs.

  • Specifically designed for overseeing hundreds of properties on one dashboard, rather than trying to make a smaller platform work across too many units.

  • Uses cellular networks such as Verizon and AT&T, rather than relying on Wi-Fi.

  • Can connect to voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


  • Quotes and budget information are available by booking a demo on the PointCentral website. 

3. RemoteLock

04_RemoteLock website screenshot

Credit: Remotelock.com

RemoteLock describes its service as “access control software”, and is one of the best-known providers of software for keyless entry for rental properties (see our post on RemoteLock alternatives for even more details on how it works).

This means it specializes more in unlocking and locking doors, rather than connecting to other smart devices such as thermostats or noise monitors, or facilitating guest communication, and prefers to let other tools handle those tasks.

Main benefits of this Lynx alternative

  • Expert in access control and smart locks specifically.

  • Uses a single dashboard for managers to oversee all units.

  • Specializes in vacation rentals and hospitality.

  • Works with multiple brands of smart locks, PMS platforms, and OTAs, for simple access management.


  • Pricing is available on request via a consultation form on the RemoteLock website.

4. OpenKey


05_OpenKey website screenshot

Credit: Openkey.co

OpenKey is another well-known solution that focuses on digital hotel keyless entry using smartphones and smart locks. (See our post on OpenKey alternatives for even more on how this platform works).

Main benefits of this Lynx alternative

  • Focuses purely on locking and unlocking doors via smartphones (making it very simple, but not ideal if your guests’ phone unexpectedly dies or isn’t working).

  • Exclusively designed for hotels.

  • Integrates with smart lock brands such as Assa Abloy and Salto.

  • Enables guests to manage access through their phones, eliminating the usual costs and risks of hotel keys and plastic keycards.

  • Locks can be retrofitted to save costs.

  • Has a track record of working with major global hotel groups, motels, and guesthouses.


  • Lite plan costs $5 a month, including hotel setup, guest keys, its own access platform, and 24/7 support. Best for guest houses, motels, and very small hotels.

  • Plus plan costs $7 a month, including everything in Lite, plus PMS integration. Best for small-to-medium guest houses, hotels, and motels.

  • OpenKey SDK plan offers custom pricing on request. Includes everything in Lite and Plus, as well as one-time integration and OpenKey’s Universal Lock SDK app.

OpenKey also has a minimum payment of $200 per month, based on the above plan costs.

5. Igloohome

06_Igloohome website mobile phone screenshot

Credit: Igloohome.co


Igloohome specializes in secure smart locks and lockboxes. Like many of these platforms, it has its own app through which users can create and revoke access codes and send them via WhatsApp, SMS, or even Facebook Messenger.

Main benefits of this Lynx alternative

  • Designed to work with its own wide range of robust smart locks, smart padlocks, and lockboxes.

  • Only focuses on smart locks, not other smart devices; super-specific to door access and does not control other smart devices.

  • Smart locks work even without Wi-Fi and use Igloohome’s own AlgoPIN technology, ideal for remote rentals without Wi-Fi.

  • Does not directly integrate with PMSs, so could be a simpler option if you need it.

  • Designed for domestic use as well as commercial, so it might suit smaller, more homely operations.


  • Payment structure works via the sale of individual locks through external distributors such as Amazon and Home Depot. An installment plan for lock payments can be set up on the Igloohome website.

So, which alternative to Lynx is right for you?

Depending on your business needs, we reckon that each of these alternatives to Lynx could be a great choice.

While OpenKey is great for simple hotel access, RemoteLock is a useful access solution for a wide variety of rental models, and Igloohome specializes in products that work without Wi-Fi. 

Operto is specially created for hotels and vacation rentals of all sizes, with a Guest Portal designed for easy and seamless guest communications, on top of smart device and access management. You can also enable advanced check-in to verify your guest through ID, credit card, etc, before providing access.

07_Operto Connect portals screenshot

The Operto system offers far more than a simple $3 smart lock

Plus, Operto offers the benefit of having all dashboards and screens within a single platform integrated into your PMS, so you can control your smart devices from the same space as your guest communications and check-ins, with no extra tools.

Finding a smart device and access control solution that works for you (and does more than simply lock and unlock doors) is crucial in today’s modern, hyper-connected age—but it can be a challenge due to an overwhelming number of options, and the fear of expensive and complicated tech.

At Operto, we’re confident that you’ll find a Lynx alternative that works for you—and if it turns out that we’re the right option for your business, we can help you set everything up with ease.

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Want help switching from Lynx? Our experts will guide you through the process.