6 RemoteLock Alternatives You Should Switch To In 2023

Just as it sounds, RemoteLock is a cloud-based access control system that allows you to use smart locks to secure and unlock any door, including in hotels and vacation rentals. 

It partners with a variety of Wi-Fi and Z-Wave smart locks and unlocks with PIN access codes.

Users can track access via an online, centralized platform and change or revoke entry at any time.

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Credit: Remotelock.com

Yet, RemoteLock isn’t the only platform out there that offers this, and there might be an alternative software and hardware solution that could be best for your business.

For example, you might be seeking something that: 

While RemoteLock is great for some, it’s important as a business owner to find a tool that works for you and your business and to know what’s out there before you make that final choice.

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That’s why in this post, we’ve picked 6 of our favorite RemoteLock alternatives to help you choose your perfect tool. Note that this article isn’t written in any specific order—they’re all good options!

1. Operto

Operto Screenshot

Credit: operto.com

  • What is it? Operto offers a complete contactless solution for vacation rentals and hotels and is specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Offers guest access and personalization, and allows staff and guests connectivity via a single system. Also integrates with major property management solutions, within the same platform.

  • Features - Everything from automated guest check-in and out, to door unlocking—with or without a smartphone or extra mobile app; and in-room personalization of smart devices via a single Guest Portal. This goes beyond locks to include control of air conditioning and lighting. Enables coordinated, remote management so staff can see the status of their property at a glance.

  • Integrations - Top smart devices such as Yale smart locks, Netatmo noise monitors, and Tado thermostats; major hospitality PMS platforms such as Mews and WebRezPro.

  • Pricing - From $15 per unit or room for the Core option.

Why it could be your best RemoteLock alternative: Specially designed for the hospitality industry, and includes a range of powerful features that go well beyond door locks.

Want to learn more about Operto? Talk to a contactless expert today.

2. Kisi

Kisi website Screenshot

Credit: Getkisi.com

  • What is it? Remote cloud-based door management system that allows users to lock and unlock on a schedule or timed with specific events, offering a real-time feed showing an overview of your doors, with notifications delivered to mobile. It’s worth bearing in mind that Kisi isn’t built specifically for hospitality, which means there’s no integration of options around guest automation.

  • Features - Enables access via a huge range of methods, including smartphone, app, card, fob, face recognition, link, or web. Includes a management dashboard and app, with the option to lock all doors instantly, or on a schedule.

  • Integrations - A significant number of integrations to help manage all aspects of door locks and events, including Google Calendar, Jumpcloud for multiple properties, and Rhombus Systems cameras for high security.

  • Pricing - Calculated per door and users. Requires email for a specific quote.

Why it could be your best RemoteLock alternative: Offers a wide range of access options and specializes in security.

3. Latch

Latch website screenshot

Credit: Latch.com

  • What is it? An operating system designed to coordinate hardware and software across multifamily buildings, rooms, offices, and smart devices; with sleek design a major priority.

  • Features - Offers a wide range of access options, including app, Apple Watch, Siri, keycard, or keycode. Offers remote management via its own LatchOS app and platform. Also produces its own locks

  • Integrations - Smart home devices including thermostats Nest and Ecobee, and Leviton light switches.

  • Pricing - Quotes and information available via website contact form.

Why it could be your best RemoteLock alternative: Sleek design combined with simplicity and smart device integrations, with a range of modern digital access options for multifamily residences.

4. Salto KS

Salto website screenshot

Credit: Hospitality.saltosystems.com

  • What is it? A flexible access control system designed for multifamily buildings, coworking spaces, hotels and more, with a vast range of lock models suitable for all kinds of doors and access methods.

  • Features - Offers a wide range of lock and deadbolt types and styles designed for hotel doors, including smartphone access, keypads, and keycards/fovs. Offers online lock customization for total design and technology control.

  • Integrations - Integrates with Operto, as well as smartphone apps, coworking space booking platforms, and tennant management systems.

  • Pricing - Offers depending on lock chosen, requested via the website.

Why it could be your best RemoteLock alternative: A trustworthy door lock, hardware, and software company with options especially designed for a range of hotels from boutique to luxury to short-term rentals. Sonder uses uses Salto KS throughout its properties. 

5. Iglooworks 

Iglooworks website screenshot

Credit: Igloohome.co/iglooworks

  • What is it? A web dashboard solution designed for businesses to help manage access and eliminate what it calls the “hassle of physical key management”. The business-focused side of the popular Igloohome consumer firm. 

  • Features - Multiple lock management via a single dashboard, allowing managers to grant and revoke access remotely across many doors. Offer a range of simple locks; and access options including Bluetooth, and its own algoPIN™ system for extra security. Its systems also work offline.

  • Integrations - Has its own API and integrates with existing Android and iOS apps for access from your existing software and devices. Partnered with Airbnb and also with Operto, for connection to a wider ecosystem of PMS and hospitality applications.

  • Pricing - Quotes available via the Enterprise contact form on the website.

Why it could be your best RemoteLock alternative: Its lock system works offline, making it suitable for properties with weak or no Wi-Fi; and works with your existing apps or platforms.

6. Nuki

Nuki website screenshot

Credit: https://nuki.io/

  • What is it? A digital access system designed for short-term rentals. The business side of Nuki’s popular consumer-facing home security systems and lock business.

  • Features - Simple-to-install door hardware, without screws or drills, and works with electronic, retrofit locks on existing doors. Uses mobile phones as the main key solution. Can also be used with its own Nuki app or Nuki Web platform.

  • Integrations - Connects to existing and well-known devices such as Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant; integrates with in-room management systems such as the smart home control unit Homee, and smart home hub Homey. Also connects to a wider ecosystem of PMS and hospitality applications through Operto.

  • Pricing - Calculated per lock price. A simple Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 costs from €199 (US$238).

Why it could be your best RemoteLock alternative: Specially designed for smaller, short-term rentals, from single houses to larger apartment buildings, with simple-to-install locks.

RemoteLock alternatives: Comparison









Offers contactless digital keyless access

This company specializes in systems designed for hospitality





Automates hospitality-specific operations with a wide range of software






Connects to in-room smart devices within the same, single portal





Simple online price calculated per room, designed for all sizes of hotels or rentals






Custom-branded interactive guidebook and mobile key







RemoteLock alternatives: The best choice for your business

Depending on your business needs, we reckon that each of these alternatives to RemoteLock could be a great choice.

While Nuki is great for smaller Airbnb-style properties (especially in Europe), Salto offers robust security and varied design, and Iglooworks specializes in products that work without Wi-Fi. 

And Operto is specially designed for hotels and vacation rentals of all sizes, with a range of simple in-room integrations that offer total control for guests and managers alike, within a single platform. In fact, Operto works with Nuki, Salto, and Iglooworks to expand their hardware with hospitality-focused functionality. 

If you’re struggling with finding a solution that is specifically designed for hotels and vacation rentals, and does more than simply manage door locks; it makes sense that you’d be looking for an excellent alternative.

Finding a keyless entry system that works for you is crucial in today’s modern, hyper-connected age—but it can be a challenge due to an overwhelming number of options, and the fear of expensive and complicated tech. 

At Operto, we’re experts in guiding our clients through the process and continue to see them as partners throughout.

We’re confident that you’ll find a RemoteLock alternative that works for you - and we can help you make the switch with ease.

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Want help switching from RemoteLock? Our experts will guide you through the process.