Vacasa Fees For Owners: How Much Do They Charge?

If you’re reading this, you’re trying to find out what Vacasa’s remote management fees for vacation rental owners are. They can sometimes be tough to figure out because they vary significantly depending on location and property. 

That’s why it makes sense to find out as much as you can about Vacasa’s fees before you decide to join, stay, or switch to another solution.

To help, we:

  • Summarize the available information on Vacasa’s fees for owners

  • Explain the percentage that Vacasa takes

  • Introduce an alternative to Vacasa—Operto, which automates the management process so you can manage multiple properties, coordinate guest and team communications, and sustainably grow your business

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What are Vacasa's fees for owners? Fixed fees, commission charges, and more

Vacasa explains that its “single management fee is tailored for each unique vacation rental property”, and covers its “full-service offerings.”

Vacasa’s pricing model and services

Vacasa’s fees can vary significantly from user to user because they adapt their fees depending on vacation property and location.

Vacasa’s pricing model includes:

  • A single management fee

  • Fees and commissions that vary according to location and the type of property (such as size and features)

Vacasa provides hands-off management, so managers can operate hassle-free vacation rentals entirely remotely. 

Vacasa provides:

  • Technology such as a mobile app, online listing creation, and booking channel marketing

  • Booking management and processing

  • Vacasa smart home add-ons such as online check-in and in-property noise monitoring, targeted emails, search ads, dynamic pricing based on updated data, and payment processing

  • Local housekeepers and maintenance staff

  • 24/7 guest support, security screening, and reservations

  • Professional cleaning and amenities stocking

  • 24/7 homeowner support and owner account for questions anytime, including help with taxes and permits

Does Vacasa charge a single management fee?

Vacasa states that it charges a single management fee per property, plus commission, explaining that you pay a single fee, and receive all of its property management services—including those listed above, plus extras, within the single cost.

These extras include professional photos and a 3D virtual tour for your listings, its Premium Clean program, online payment, self-check-in services, and 24/7 support for owners and guests.

There have been reports from Vacasa users that there are sometimes additional costs on top of the single fee within the Vacasa owner agreement, including—according to Portland plaintiff Barbara Fisher’s lawsuit—extra “booking fees, hot tub fees, pet fees, and early check-in/late check-out fees.”

However, Vacasa’s website is clear in stating: “We won’t charge you for things like revenue optimization, marketing, guest care, and day-to-day expenses…on top of your standard commission,” and in a statement following the settlement of the above case, Vacasa said: “We're aware of Ms. Fisher's complaints and we believe they have no merit.”

What percentage does Vacasa take on commission? 

Vacasa does not state the exact percentage it takes in commission or other fees on its website, as its costs vary depending on your property and location.

However, owners who have worked with Vacasa report that it takes between 25% to 35% per nightly booking for its management services, and some user reviews state that Vacasa also charges for extras such as booking administration costs, cleaning, credit card, and admin fees on top.

Vacasa alternatives: Could a DIY solution work for you?

Vacasa offers done-for-you remote management, which is aimed at short-term rental owners who need a completely remote, hands-off solution.

However, if you want to save the 25-35% fee, consider Operto as a Vacasa alternative, which enables you to manage multiple properties remotely, while still continuing to grow your portfolio.

Operto’s hyper-connected technology enables you to:

  • Control cleaning and maintenance via dedicated staff communication dashboards

  • Manage the guest experience with a mobile-optimized web app that streamlines communication and cuts down guest questions with a branded digital guide

  • Give guests control of their own online check-in, and in-room smart technology

  • Integrate with most major PMSs so everything can be managed together digitally and you can seamlessly move from booking to guest communication

  • Automate guest screening and security checks

  • Use smart devices for digital check-in via smart locks, as well as noise and occupancy monitoring

  • Keep track of your properties easily from a single dashboard, without outsourcing these tasks to individual on-site managers

Operto’s automated, easy-to-control, centralized system means that property managers can significantly reduce the number of on-site managers, and operate a tight ship with just a few, trained staff members.

Take for example Breakfast Hotel that used Operto’s management and operations automation solutions to operate at 60 units per staff member. Another example is a short-term rental property owner in the US, who, using Operto, grew his portfolio by around 30% while reducing his management team from 10 to 4 team members.

Vacasa fees for owners: The bottom line

Vacasa charges 25-35% commission plus a single fee (which is calculated depending on location and style of property), as well as possible extra charges for added services, for comprehensive hands-off management.

However, if you want to cut the commission and manage your properties via a centralized system that automates the management process while offering the latest in smart tech, Operto is a viable alternative you should consider.

Using a high-tech, low-touch tool such as Operto ensures an excellent guest and host experience, and enables you to stay in control of day-to-day operations while also giving you time to grow your portfolio.

Expand your short-term rental business without adding to your workload. Learn How Operto Can Save Your Money.

Frequently asked questions about Vacasa fees for owners

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Vacasa?

Advantages of Vacasa include its hands-off approach, and end-to-end range of services, including guest support, cleaning and maintenance. However, its fees can vary depending on location and type of property, and it charges up to 35% commission plus management fees.

Does Vacasa own properties?

Vacasa does not generally own properties, and is instead a property management platform that offers guest support, local on-the-ground cleaning and maintenance, management technology, and marketing for properties owned by others, so they can run them as income-generating vacation rentals without managing the properties themselves.