Vacasa Smart Home Package: What it is & How to Build Your Own Vacation Rental Tech Stack

When your vacation rental business grows, it can become increasingly difficult to manage day-to-day operations. As a possible solution, you may have heard of the Vacasa smart home package, which provides a full-service property management solution with a built-in tech stack. 

Vacasa’s smart home package is one of the most interesting parts of their service. It’s streamlined, adds security, reduces operating costs, and overall provides a better guest experience. And if Vacasa’s smart home tech stack has you intrigued, is it possible to build it yourself?

Here, we explore the Vacasa smart home package and look at how guests and owners have responded to it. Plus, we show you how you can build one yourself and pocket the commission fees that come with working from a property management company.

Discover how to automate property management with Operto’s smart tech solutions.

What is the Vacasa Smart Home Package?

As of 2022, Vacasa offers a smart home management system. So what technology does Vacasa use? The property management company’s offering includes keyless locks, custom WiFi connectivity options, and noise monitoring capability. 

If you want to learn about what Vacasa users think of its smart home solution, see here for more on Vacasa reviews. Now let’s take a look into the Vacasa smart home tech stack, which includes: 

  • Keyless locks

  • Noise monitoring capability

We’ll also explore the benefits of energy control, which is a feature that the Vacasa smart home package lacks.  

Vacasa WiFi router

Vacasa routers allow guests to connect to WiFi through the Vacasa guest app.

Vacasa and keyless locks 

Vacasa keyless locks allow you to generate a unique door code for each stay, ensuring no one can enter the property outside of the time specified by their code. Plus, guests get the convenience of a contactless check-in experience—and contactless check-in plays a crucial role in giving the modern guest the control they expect over their stay.

What’s exciting about today’s short-term rental industry tech landscape is that any property owner or manager can build the same tech stack as Vacasa.

With Operto, you can: 

  • Directly connect your smart locks to your PMS

  • Get auto-generated unique door codes for every new booking (auto-activated and deactivated)

  • Provide contactless check-in for guests (no key card or mobile app required)

  • Get a detailed log of who entered which property and when 

  • Keep tabs on what’s going on across all your properties at all times

Operto keyless locks

Know exactly who’s accessing your properties and when with Operto keyless entry.

Vacasa and noise monitoring devices 

When it comes to Vacasa’s noise monitoring technology, its short-term rental homes are equipped with a system that detects if a guest is creating excessive noise disruptions and notifies their local team. That way, the Vacasa team can address the issue before neighbors have time to complain to local authorities.

Pro tip: You can manage noise monitoring yourself using Operto’s noise monitoring solution, which keeps a check on noise levels without recording conversations. Set thresholds at different times of the day to allow for higher noise levels during waking hours and ensure lower noise levels at night. 

If the noise level at the property exceeds your customized programmed levels, you’ll receive a notification so you can reach out to your guest within the Operto Guest web app.

Operto noise monitoring

Operto noise monitoring helps you protect your properties and ensure guests act like good neighbors.

Vacasa and energy control 

You no longer have to physically be at your vacation rental home to control the temperature and conserve energy. Smart thermostats allow you to automatically cool the property before each guest’s arrival, or warm it up in winter. That way, you can maximize your guests’ comfort during their stay and reduce energy costs when rooms are vacant.

Vacasa’s smart home package doesn’t include smart thermostats at this time, but with Operto you can make guest comfort and eco-friendliness a priority with automated energy control for vacation rentals.  

Operto’s temperature and energy control system integrates with your PMS so guests always arrive to a properly heated or cooled unit.

Operto smart thermostat

Operto ensures guests arrive to a perfectly heated or cooled property, every time.

How to build your own Vacasa-level tech stack 

Consider the Vacasa alternatives on the market that can help you manage your vacation rental tech stack yourself. Operto, for example, is an automated management solution that allows you to take advantage of keyless entry, noise monitoring, and energy control. 

And Operto’s vacation rental management platform centralizes your tech stack within a single all-in-one dashboard. That way, you always have full visibility over your in-unit smart tech—alongside your other key booking and operational details—without having to juggle countless different tabs and dashboards. 

Operto smart home dashboard

Keep track of your vacation rental units with Operto so you always know who’s checking in, where you need to monitor noise levels, and control energy use.

Ideally, you should incorporate smart tech into your vacation rental business when you’re just starting out, as implementing these changes is easier with a handful of properties than with hundreds, and you can scale quickly from the offset. 

But if you already manage 50-plus properties and are just now realizing you need a tech upgrade, it’s important to have an experienced partner you can trust.

Operto has experience implementing large-scale rollouts and offers strategies for dealing with homeowners, so you can enjoy the benefits of smart tech solutions no matter how many properties you own or manage. 

One property manager recently grew their vacation rental business by around 40% in just a few months after starting with Operto. At the same time, they were able to cut management staff from 10 to 4 employees by using Operto’s automated tech and management solutions. 

This accelerated growth was in part possible because they incorporated Operto tech solutions while their portfolio was still relatively small, rather than going back and doing it later. 

For a better idea of how Operto’s solutions impact owners and property managers, look at the reviews

“We have been with Operto for almost 3 years. It is a game-changer as we manage 45+ properties. We love knowing that no guest codes are shared with other reservations. The value and customer support are top-notch.”

You don’t have to rely on Vacasa to build a smart home tech stack 

Vacasa’s smart home package includes sophisticated tech solutions, allowing you to offer convenient WiFi connection and keyless access to your guest. Plus, you get an inside look at what’s going on at your properties with advanced noise monitoring capability. 

However, if you want control over your short-term rental business while enjoying the benefits of hospitality smart tech, you need an alternative. With Operto you can build your own tech stack without handing over the controls to a third party. Plus, you'll have a scalable solution to short-term rental management to show for it. 

Consider Operto as a proven solution for vacation rental management, operations, and smart tech.

Discover how to automate property management with Operto’s smart tech solutions.