Decoding the Yale Assure Locks Line: Which is Best for Your Vacation Rental?

Switching to keyless self-check-in with smart locks is a big investment, so you need to select the right locks for your operation. And with so many on the market, the choice can be confusing.  

At Operto, we help property owners and managers up their game by switching to smart connected systems like keyless entry. So we asked our experts for a deep dive into one of the most popular lines on the market, the Yale Assure lock family.  

After reading this, you’ll understand:

  • What the Yale Assure locks line offers. 
  • Which Yale Assure models we recommend and why. 
  • What the pros and cons are. 
  • How easy they are to install. 
  • How long the batteries last. 
  • How secure they are. 

And much, much more. 

Let’s get into it.

Operto dashboard showing guest check-ins and hand operating a smart lock

Want to cut costs and provide an excellent tech-first guest experience? 

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A look at the Yale Assure family of smart locks 

Smart locks that integrate seamlessly to your PMS and smart devices when connected via Operto improve security with unique, temporary access codes for guests. These are only valid for the duration of your guests’ stay, so there's no danger of them accessing the property at any other time. And since locks can be operated remotely, you never need to worry about them forgetting to lock the door. 

As well as being more efficient and convenient for everyone, switching to self-check- in and keyless entry for vacation rentals reduces staffing costs and the risks of Covid-19 transmission—an important consideration for travelers.  

The Yale Assure line ticks all these boxes and supports both deadbolts and levers, making it compatible with 90% of standard doors in North America. 

Yale Assure smart locks also integrate with Operto Connect, so you can deliver world-class guest experiences and maintain full control over all your properties with a connected, integrated, and fully customizable tech stack. 

Entry codes are delivered to guests in advance via Operto’s browser-based, white-label Guest Portal, so they can access the property as soon as they arrive. The Guest Portal also allows you to communicate with guests, share guides and house rules, and create additional revenue streams by offering late check-in and check-out, and custom upsells.     

No waiting around, no frustrations, just an excellent stay.

Three smartphone screens displaying Operto guest resources

Want to cut costs and provide an excellent tech-first guest experience? 

Operto puts you in control of all your connected devices and properties.

Yale Assure lock line review

Let’s take a closer look at what each of the smart locks in the Yale Assure line offers.

Assure Lock Keypad Deadbolt (YRD216)

One of our most popular integrations, the YRD216 comes in satin nickel and oil rubbed bronze. The door opens with a 4-8 digit pin code, and locks by pressing any key. Comes with two keys, auto-relock, a privacy button, and tamper-resistant battery cover. 

To use it other smart home systems, you’ll need to buy a Yale Smart Module (Yale Access Upgrade Kit, Z-Wave Plus, or Zigbee).

Yale Assure lock keypad deadbolt lock

Yale Assure Lever Keypad (YRL216)

Another one of Operto's most popular smart lock integrations, this keyed lever lock fits all standard non-deadbolt internal and external doors. 

It comes in oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel and features an acrylic push-button keypad with backlit numbers that won’t wear off. Two keys are provided as a backup, and the auto-lock feature ensures the door always locks behind you. 

To integrate it into your smart home or alarm system, you’ll need to buy Yale Access or Z-Wave.

Two Yale Assure lever keypad smart locks

Yale Assure Lever Touchscreen (YRL226)

The YRL226 has all the features of the YRL216, but is operated via a capacitive touchscreen keypad. 

Two Yale Assure lever touchscreen smart locks

Yale Assure Lever Pushbutton Keypad (YRL236)

The YRL236 is the same as the YRL216 but without the key override.

Two Yale Assure lever pushbutton keypad locks

Yale Assure Lever Pushbutton Touchscreen (YRL256)

The YRL256 is similar to the 236, but with a backlit touchscreen keypad.

Two Yale Assure lever pushbutton touchscreen keypad locks

Yale Assure Lock SL Touchscreen (YRD256)

This slimline lock features a backlit touchscreen keypad and motorized deadbolt, and comes in satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze, and black suede. 

Like other locks in the line, it offers one-tap locking, auto-relock, and a tamper-proof battery cover, but comes with a 9V battery backup terminal rather than keys.

The YRD256 can be upgraded with a Yale Smart Module (Yale Access—our #1 choice—Z-Wave Plus, ZigBee, and iM1 for HomeKit compatibility) to integrate it with your smart home or security system.

Touchscreen keypad and full Yale Assure Lock SL

Assure Lock Interconnected Lockset (YRC216, YRC226, YRC256)

Locks in the Interconnected line come in 12 lever styles and combine electronic deadbolts with the convenience of a passage lever and single point lock. 

All keypads have a privacy button that prevents unwanted access. Choose from dark oxidized satin bronze, oil rubbed bronze permanent, satin nickel, and black suede finishes.

1. Yale Assure Lock Interconnected Lockset Keyed Deadbolt with Push button (YRC216)

The YRC216 features a backlit acrylic push button keypad and keyed deadbolt lock.

YRC216 Yale Assure Interconnected pushbutton keypad keyed lock

2. Yale Assure Lock Interconnected Lockset Keyed Deadbolt with Touchscreen (YRC226) 

The YRC226 works via a capacitive lock touchscreen. 
YRC226 Yale Assure Interconnected keyed touchscreen deadbolt lock

3. Yale Assure Lock Interconnected Lockset Key-Free Deadbolt (YRC256)

The YRC256 has all the features of the YRC226, but instead of a key override there’s a 9V battery backup terminal.

YRC256 Yale Assure Interconnected key-free deadbolt lock

Want to cut costs and provide an excellent tech-first guest experience? 

Operto puts you in control of all your connected devices and properties.

What does Operto recommend?

All of the above door locks are compatible with Operto, but the YRD216-CBA and YRL216-CBA are the most popular with our clients. 

Let’s take a look at why, and what we recommend: 

Deadbolt vs lever lock

Look for D (deadbolt) or L (lever) in the model name to tell them apart. Both are compatible with Operto, so the choice comes down to what you prefer or currently have installed.

Push button vs touchscreen

The second digit in the model number refers to the keypad: 1 for pushbutton, 2 for touchscreen. 

We typically recommend push buttons because these are more intuitive to use. Touchscreens require you to place your palm over them to “wake them up” before entering the code, which can be confusing for guests if they don’t know to do this.  

Push buttons are also better for the visually impaired, which helps you list as accessible.

Hand operating Yale Assure smart lock fixed on a door

Key override vs no key override

We tend to favor the keyed models since, while all hardware in the Assure line is highly reliable, it's good practice to have a backup in case of any mechanical issues.


We recommend the "Yale Access" version, also known as "Bluetooth and Wi-Fi." It comes with Bluetooth Low Energy built-in and connects to Wi-Fi using the bridge supplied with each lock. This is small and plugs directly into an outlet, so it’s easy to place. The platform is also specifically designed for locks, so setup is a breeze. Look for “CBA” in the model number. i.e. "YRD216-CBA."

It’s worth bearing the Wi-Fi bridge in mind when weighing up Yale Assure locks vs Schlage Encode or Kwikset Halo. People often like the idea of Wi-Fi being directly built into the lock but this actually comes with significant drawbacks:  

  • You get around 1/4 of the battery life, so cleaners will need to replace batteries more frequently. 
  • The signal is worse as you have no flexibility in placing the bridge/hub. Unless your Wi-Fi is strong in the exact spot where the lock is mounted, you may need to move the router and install new network cabling. 

Another connectivity option is YRD216-ZW2, which runs on Z-wave. To connect it, you’ll need to buy an Aeotec SmartThings Hub separately.

Other connectivity options, like Zigbee, aren’t compatible with Operto but since you can easily replace the radio module, they can be upgraded to be compatible anytime. 

Hand changing connectivity radio chip in Yale Assure smart lock, with smart home system logos to right


All locks come in a range of stylish modern finishes, so it’s just a matter of personal taste and what looks best with your doors. These are the last 3 letters/numbers of the model numbers (eg 619, 0BP etc).

Are Yale Assure locks easy to install?

Yale Assure smart locks are very easy to install. Most hardware can be fitted using just a screwdriver if you’re installing over existing holes in the door frame. Download the BILT app for step-by-step instructions and 3D images to walk you through installation. 

At Operto, we’re also on hand 24/7 to help you integrate keyless door locks with your other smart home devices and get up and running on our systems. 

How long do batteries last in Yale Assure locks?

How long batteries last in Yale Assure locks depends on the usage, and variables like humidity and extremes of temperature. If guests are in and out of the unit all day, the batteries will obviously run down sooner. Under normal usage, average battery life is 1 year. 

They are powered by 4 standard AA batteries. Go for alkaline AA batteries as these last longer than lithium. 

Operto automatically sends alerts when battery levels drop below 30%, so your teams can replace them before your guests experience any issues.

Panel showing Operto guest arrival notifications and check-in request

What are the pros and cons of Yale Assure smart locks?

There are a lot of reasons to choose Yale Assure smart locks, including:  

  • The ease of setup and installation makes Yale Assure locks a good choice if you’re looking to upgrade multiple units without incurring high costs.
  • All locks in the range have good compatibility with smart home devices and home security systems. 
  • When upgraded with a Wi-Fi bridge, all models have slots for up to 250 entry codes, which is more than many other brands 
  • The Yale Access app for owners and long-term renters. This is powered by August since the Yale buyout, hence the “CBA” in the name: connected by August.
  • Locks are modular, so you can buy a base lock and radio module (that receives Operto pin codes) for whichever smart home system you use. If you switch your system further down the line, just swap out the module; no need for new locks. 
  • Operto integrates with both Yale Access and SmartThings (using an Aeotec hub), so you can choose which platform suits you. Just switch out the network module in models with older connectivity platforms. 
  • Some locks come with the network module already installed, like Z-wave (Smart Things) or CBA models. 
  • The Yale Access version Wi-Fi bridge is supplied with the lock and plugs directly into an outlet, so it’s easy to place, and setup is easy with the lock-specific platform. 


  • Touchscreens have to be palmed to wake from standby, which isn’t intuitive and doesn’t always work first-time.
  • The YRD216-ZW2 model runs on Z-wave, which doesn’t come with the lock so you need to buy a separate Aeotec SmartThings Hub
  • Certain connectivity options like Zigbee aren’t compatible with Operto, though you can easily replace the network module.
Two panels showing self-check-in access codes in Operto Guest Portal

Is the Yale Assure smart lock worth it? 

Yale Assure smart locks are well worth the investment if you want a more secure and convenient keyless entry system that’s easy to install and can be monitored from anywhere in the world. 

With a choice of levers and deadbolts, touchscreens, and push button keypads, they’re a great choice for accommodation spaces in the North American market. 

With a price point between $200 and $300 (including smart modules), Yale Assure locks are great value for a world-class smart lock. That said, if you are concerned about the price, there are lots of reasons why pricing shouldn’t be your #1 criteria when it comes to something as crucial as security and reliable property access.

For a start, switching from traditional staffed check-in to self-check-in with Operto’s unique entry codes means you can streamline staffing and operations while offering the Covid-safe, digital experience modern guests expect. 

The locks also accommodate a larger number of entry codes than some other models on the market, and with a good choice of connectivity platforms and finishes, you’re bound to find one that suits your doors and smart home systems. 

Whichever model you choose, all Yale Assure locks integrate seamlessly with Operto’s tech and systems, and we can set you up with locks and other smart devices. 

Once you’re up and running, the Operto Connect dashboard gives you 24/7 360o control of all your properties, teams, and connected devices, with no restrictions on which property management tools you want to include. 

This gives you operational efficiency without losing operational control—so you can focus on creating out-of-this-world guest experiences. 

Three panels showing Operto Tech cleaning notifications and status updates

Want to cut costs and provide an excellent tech-first guest experience? 

Operto puts you in control of all your connected devices and properties.

Frequently asked questions about the Yale Assure line

Do Yale Assure locks need WiFi?

You can buy Yale Assure locks as standalone versions but you’ll need to upgrade to a Yale Smart Module to integrate them with other connected devices and provide guests with unique entry codes via the Operto Guest Portal. Yale Assure locks can also be used with Bluetooth when using the Yale Access module.

Are Yale Assure locks safe?

Yale Assure locks are safe and come with features like automatic relocking, tamper-proof battery covers, and privacy buttons. You can get a notification if the door is left unlocked, and can lock it remotely. Operto also allows you to provide guests with unique, temporary access codes, which are more secure than lockboxes and keys.  

How do I lock my Yale Assure smart lock?

You can lock your Yale Assure smart lock by touching the keypad once. If you have the auto-relock feature enabled, the door will also automatically lock behind you.  

Can you hack Yale Assure Lock?

All wireless devices are vulnerable to being hacked. However, if smart locks are properly installed, and you create strong passwords and keep them secure, and keep firmware and software updated, the risk is extremely low.  

Is there a Yale Assure app?

Yale Assure locks can use the Yale Access app, powered by August. Property owners and managers can also operate the locks by integrating them into Operto Connect, which allows them to provide guests with unique entry codes via the white label, browser-based Operto Guest Portal app.