Vacation Rental Concierge Services: 9 Ways to Wow Your Guests (And the Logistics Around It!)

Offering additional services that cater to the specific needs of your guests will leave a lasting impression. This is crucial to professionalizing your service and obtaining the five-star reviews that lead to direct bookings and repeat guests.

But without the right tools in place, adding to your existing services can prove a logistical nightmare. You don’t want to be left communicating with guests, scheduling activities, and making bookings yourself on top of your already-packed day-to-day.

So learn about what types of vacation rental concierge services you should be offering your guests, plus how you can integrate these extra benefits into your current property management processes with the right software. 

In this article, we cover

  • What vacation rental concierge services are
  • Why you should be using vacation rental concierge software
  • Ideas for vacation rental concierge services and their implementation
  • Common FAQs about vacation rental concierge services

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What are vacation rental concierge services?

At a hotel, a concierge helps guests make reservations, find local eateries and activities, book transportation, and arrange for things like massages and spa treatments. 

For vacation rentals, you can offer concierge services, too, in the form of a mobile app that gives guests access to bookings, reservations, and practical information—all in the palm of their hand.

Vacation rental concierge services help guests get more out of their stay, adding to your brand and the guest experience.

Why use vacation rental concierge software?

Without the proper tools, offering concierge services to your vacation rental guests can be very challenging. If you were to manage all of your guests’ requests manually, you would be spending hours speaking with guests, booking activities, and contacting vendors.

Using vacation rental concierge software is the ideal way to offer extra amenities without losing time over scheduling and planning, and your guests still walk away from a vacation that exceeded their expectations.  

For example, with a solution like Operto Guest, your visitors can enjoy a white-label app that not only offers guides, manuals, and relevant information about the area, but also has concierge services baked into its functionality. It lets guests discover what their vacation can really offer so they can plan fun activities before they even arrive. 

Also, vacation rental concierge services allow you to connect your guests with a local partner—in the case of Operto Guest, with in-app smart buttons—so you can strengthen those relationships and grow that revenue stream.

Vacation rental concierge service ideas

Offering vacation rental concierge services should be a key part of your Airbnb host checklist if you want repeat visitors and glowing reviews.

Take a look at the ideas for vacation rental concierge services, below.

Airport transportation and chauffeur services

One of the most useful vacation rental amenities is transportation. Depending on where your property is located, guests may want the convenience of going straight from the airport to their vacation rental without the hassle of renting a vehicle.

You can work with local drivers and chauffeur service providers to offer transportation to your property when guests arrive. Or give guests the ability to hire a personal driver throughout their stay. Describe this service in your welcome guide, and create a button in the guest app that takes guests directly to your partner’s reservations page.

Local tours

Offer local tours in your guest app, like boat charters, historic walking tours, or even helicopter tours. To make these services a reality, build a relationship with local tour operators and include a button in your guest app that takes users directly to your local partner’s website. 

What does your town have to offer?

  • Snorkeling tours

  • Food tours

  • Ghost tours

  • Museum tours

  • Bike tours

Whatever tours are offered in your area, you can use vacation rental concierge software to facilitate vacation planning and tour booking via an easy-to-use, white-label app.  

Sports and recreation rentals

Access to sports and recreation equipment is desirable for many guests, no matter the reason for their stay. Depending on where your property is located, you can offer a range of equipment rental options, such as: 

  • Golf clubs

  • Skis and snowboards

  • Paddleboards

  • Surfboards

  • Kayaks and canoes

  • Jet skis

  • Snowmobiles

  • ATVs

Partner with local businesses who specialize in equipment rentals, and link to their website or booking page with a smart button in your guest app, empowering guests to make the most out of their vacation while you foster partnerships with local businesses.

Pet care

People traveling with pets may want to spend the day out on the town or head out on an excursion, so they need their cat or dog to be looked after. 

Seek out local partnerships with pet sitters and doggy daycares, and be sure to advertise this amenity as one of the benefits of staying with you. Then, add this service to your guest-facing app with a smart button that takes users directly to your local partner’s booking page. 

Since pet care is an amenity that guests won’t typically find at a hotel, you can use this service to set your rental property apart from other accommodation options in your area. 

Laundry services

Give your guests a break from daily chores while on vacation by facilitating laundry services directly in your guest app. This obviously includes dry cleaning, but you can also offer laundry collection/delivery services for guests on longer visits. 

Or if guests just want fresh towels and sheets (an industry standard for hotels), allow them to order new linens at the click of a button with your vacation rental concierge software.

Note: You can easily incorporate this into your housekeeping staff’s workflow with a tool like Operto Teams. Switching out bedding takes just a few minutes but it can make a real difference to the quality of your guests’ stay.

Grocery delivery

Give guests the ability to order groceries directly in your guest app. Being able to cook for themselves is one of the big draws of staying at a vacation rental, so make that aspect of their stay even better.  

Visitors can have fresh ingredients delivered right to their Airbnb or Vrbo before they even check in, meaning they’ll arrive to a full fridge and zero stress.

Spa and massage

While you might not be able to offer the onsite spa services some hotels can, you can work with in-home masseuses so guests can order a relaxing massage right to their vacation rental. Or partner with local spas so guests can visit the sauna or get a facial without having to do any additional research.  

Advertise these local businesses in your guest app and even offer discounts to encourage booking. Guests can order a massage to the vacation rental or book a spa treatment at the click of a smart button. 

Personal chef and bartender

Offering a private chef and/or mixologist is a way to give your guests a truly memorable luxury vacation. Find local chefs and bartenders who specialize in these types of services, and partner with them to create an unforgettable guest experience.  

This is especially fitting for larger groups of guests looking to celebrate a special occasion. Your local partners can provide set menu options that guests can choose from in your app, or design a custom meal at a higher price.

Exercise and yoga classes

Just because they’re on vacation doesn’t mean guests want to give up on their workout routine. Guests can work out with an in-home personal trainer or exercise instructor while on vacation by booking these services through your guest app. 

Alternatively, you can recommend local studios that offer yoga, pilates, or exercise classes without having to buy a membership. With the right vacation rental concierge software, visitors can find and sign up for classes in a matter of minutes.

Wow guests with vacation rental concierge software

Offering vacation rental concierge services is a great way to set your property apart from the rest and create a memorable stay for guests. Enhance the guest experience by utilizing vacation rental concierge software like Operto Guest, which allows visitors to hire services and sign up for experiences with an easy-to-use mobile hospitality app

By offering additional amenities at the click of a button, you’ll create a vacation experience that exceeds the modern traveler’s expectations. Plus, you strengthen your brand, allowing you to compete with hotels that offer similar amenities.

Explore how Operto Guest helps you to enhance the guest experience by offering these services and more.

Frequently asked questions about vacation rental concierge services

What does a vacation concierge do?

A vacation concierge helps guests plan and book experiences for their trip from the comfort of their vacation rental. In some ways, it is similar to a hotel concierge, but thanks to vacation rental concierge software, it can be an even more seamless and efficient experience. 

What is the benefit of using a rental concierge?

For guests, using a vacation rental concierge is a big plus, as it helps them to seamlessly search for and plan activities while on vacation. For hosts, using vacation rental concierge software allows them to offer extra amenities to their guests without having to deal with the hassle of organization and booking. 

What is the difference between a travel agent and a vacation rental concierge?

While travel agents help guests plan their trip before it begins, a vacation rental concierge facilitates the organization and booking of excursions and activities for a guest’s vacation while they’re already at their destination. So while a travel agent works ahead of time, a vacation rental concierge works in real-time.