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Automate access and oversight with TT Lock smart lock integrations

Operto lets you connect TT Lock with your PMS for secure automated access with unique access codes. Reimagine your front desk and provide the streamlined, contactless check-in experience your guests expect.

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TT Lock and Operto Tech

Guest Codes
Guest CodesAutomatically generate unique temporary door codes to share with guests once your PMS confirms the booking.
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Staff Codes
Staff CodesAutomatically generate secure door codes for cleaners and maintenance staff.
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Connect smart locks to your PMS with the Operto operating system to empower your guests and teams with integrated keyless technology. Automatically generate unique access codes, get real-time alerts when guests and staff access the property, and monitor all your operations from the Operto Dashboard.

About TT Lock

TTLock is a provider of solutions for smart locks. We design and develop hardware and software for computer and smart lock. And provide consultancy of them. The software includes mobile App, Web system, Windows client, and etc.