Touch Stay Reviews: Features, Pricing, What Else Is Out There?

If you’ve heard about Touch Stay and want to know more before taking the plunge, you’ve probably found it hard to uncover insights into the product other than what’s available on their website.

That’s why here we take a look at what Touch Stay digital guidebooks offer to property managers and guests.

In this article, you’ll learn about:

  • Touch Stay reviews

  • The key features

  • Pricing

  • Touch Stay’s limitations

Dive in to help you know if TouchStay is right for you!

Discover branded digital guidebooks that seamlessly integrate with your PMS for:


  • Fully customizable, unlimited content

  • Local insights

  • Property information

  • Streamlined communications

  • Self check-in

What is Touch Stay?

Touch Stay specializes in creating customizable digital guidebooks for short-term vacation rentals. You provide information about your property which guests then access through a guidebook format on their digital devices, without the need to download an app. 

You can share essential details with guests, such as:

  • Check-in procedures
  • The wifi code
  • House rules
  • Owner contact information

Touch Stay features

Touch Stay digital guidebooks offer users a range of features that allow rental property owners to easily share key information with their guests. Let's take a closer look at some here:

Provide essential information

With Touch Stay’s guest experience software you can share key information with guests in a clear and simple way. WiFi passwords, driving directions, property access instructions, and check-in times are instantly available on the app. 

Guests can find other useful tips, such as the location of local amenities, shops, and services, saving you time in responding to their questions.

Share local secrets

Recommend unmissable local attractions and guide your guests to the area’s best-kept local secrets by using Touch Stay’s integrated Google Places feature.

Customisable and dependable

Touch Stay provides guests with multiple language options, as well as having full offline capability and a pdf print option, offering guests great accessibility to key info.

Touch Stay pricing

Touch Stay prices vary depending on the number of properties you have and whether you pay the monthly or annual fee. This table shows the price range, as of July 2022:

Number of properties





21 and above

Monthly price (USD)





$87.30 and upwards

Annual price (USD)





$873 and upwards


What guests like most about Touch Stay

Local recommendations 

Guests love receiving insider tips from knowledgeable hosts. A digital guest welcome book can ensure that guests experience the very best that the local area has to offer. Recommend guests the local spots that you know and love, increasing the likelihood of repeat bookings at your property.

Easy to use 

Touch Stay is designed to be user-friendly, meaning that all your guests can quickly access the information they need, resulting in a more positive rental experience. Because Touch Stay is a progressive web app (PWA), guests get the usability of an app without having to download anything to their digital devices.

Clear communication

Guests also enjoy the integrated SMS and email feature offered by Touch Stay. A direct line to their hosts prevents communication issues and also means that owners can quickly attend to any questions their guests have, all within the app. 

Touch Stay’s PMS integrations

Touch Stay undoubtedly offers guests a great digital guidebook service but you may be wondering if the software will integrate fully with your existing property management system. Unfortunately, unless you already use OwnerRez or BookingSync, you’ll find that Touch Stay cannot fully integrate with your PMS.

Touch Stay reviews

Here’s what one property manager told us about her experience with Touch Stay:

“We get a lot of compliments on it. I like how our guests can just use the home screen of Touch Stay and click on the button to either call us directly or email us. There’s so much information you can provide, including live links to restaurants and businesses that rent bicycles and book tee times.” 

As we can see, managers really like Touch Stay digital guidebooks as they can provide guests with all the information they need about the property and local area. The design of Touch Stay is also praised for being simple to use and is clearly a hit with guests, as noted here. In addition the communication features are highlighted as another Touch Stay success, meaning you can deal with guest issues quickly, and save time.

Meanwhile, another property manager told us:

“Not all of my guests use it, but the ones that do give it high compliments. The ones that don’t are usually the ones that end up asking me 20 questions.”

In summary, Touch Stay creates useful, practical digital guidebooks that share key information with guests including recommendations for local attractions. The offline capability of the guidebooks is another plus, as is the app’s messaging service. However, it does have a few disadvantages:

  • Only integrates with OwnerRez and BookingSync.
    Unless you’re already using OwnerRez this means investing time and money into a new PMS to be able to use Touch Stay.
  • Limited integrations with other smart solutions.
    Touch Stay is great for sharing information but guests can’t use it for check-in and smart lock access, as is the case with Operto Guest.

Operto Guest: Amazing digital guidebooks and guest messaging 

One alternative to Touch Stay worth considering is Operto Guest.

Operto Guest is a mobile optimized web app that has a huge range of PMS integrations and offers you the chance to upsell services to guests via the app. Example add-on services you can create in seconds with Operto Guest are:

  • Early check-ins and late check-outs, additional unit cleaning, and extended stays.

Image of Operto Guest showing updates and reservation details
  • Seasonally customized leisure activities: Schedule your content to automatically update based on time of year, so your guests can easily book their ski pass in winter, and mountain biking excursion in summer.

  • Local partners: If you can’t offer a scuba diving experience, but know somebody who can, include their details in your digital guide so guests can reserve these activities directly through Operto Guest.

Operto Guest also provides a sublime digital guidebook experience that guests can access by simply clicking a link in their booking confirmation email. In short, with Operto Guest you can:

  • Explain the essentials: Check-in procedures, WiFi codes, and house rules are all easy to share.

digital guidebook cluster
  • Recommend local hotspots: Ensure your guests see the best of what your area has to offer by integrating Google insights into your guidebook.

  • Customize your local information to provide personalized recommendations.

  • Offer in-app promotions and extended stays: Guests can do it all within the web app.

  • Facilitate unforgettable experiences by partnering with local excursion providers and guarantee your guests choose a guide you know and trust.

On top of this, because Operto Guest is a mobile web-app, guests can do all of the above without having to download anything to their device, meaning they can start enjoying their stay right away.

Discover branded digital guidebooks that seamlessly integrate with your PMS for:


  • Fully customizable, unlimited content

  • Local insights

  • Property information

  • Streamlined communications

  • Self check-in

Operto Guest features

  • Fully customizable content: Brand logos and color schemes are easily tailored to your preference.

  • Enhanced communication: Manage notifications, send alerts, and exchange direct messages with your guests in the app.  

  • Digital check-in: Self check-ins save you time and give guests instant access to the rental unit.

  • Multi-format messaging: Upload a variety of file formats in Operto Guest messenger, like videos, photos, and PDFs.
  • Bespoke guides: Ensure your guests get the best local experience by giving personalized recommendations, increasing the likelihood of repeat or extended bookings at your property.
  • Pre-arrival promos: With Operto Guest you can offer additional services before guests arrive, such as airport pickups, property upgrades or early check-ins. 

Operto Guest integrations

Operto Guest integrates with a range of PMSs including:

Contactless access and guest experience solutions

If you have smart locks for your units, you can connect them to your PMS and Operto will auto-generate unique access codes for every new booking.

These codes are automatically activated and deactivated according to your latest booking information—and it’s all shared in the web app.

Discover branded digital guidebooks that seamlessly integrate with your PMS for:


  • Fully customizable, unlimited content

  • Local insights

  • Property information

  • Streamlined communications

  • Self check-in

Touch Stay: Strengths and limitations

As we have seen, Touch Stay provides a great digital guestbook experience, ensuring vacation rental property managers deal with fewer questions and can dedicate more of their time to providing great service. Guests also enjoy how easy the web app is to use, as well as its offline functionality. 

However, its limited integrations, combined with its lack of automated features (such as digital check-in), do mean that Touch Stay is somewhat restricted if you’re looking for an app that gives you greater control over your operations.

So if you’re looking for a digital guidebook service that can integrate with your PMS alongside fantastic guest communications and beautiful, fully customizable content on your local area and property, Operto Guest may be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Discover branded digital guidebooks that seamlessly integrate with your PMS for:


  • Fully customizable, unlimited content

  • Local insights

  • Property information

  • Streamlined communications

  • Self check-in