How to Make a Super Pro Airbnb Welcome Book [+ Template]

Your communications should demonstrate a level of professionalism that allows you to compete not only with other vacation rentals, but with hotels, also. Let’s start with the Airbnb welcome book.

Airbnb guests want to feel at home, but they also have high expectations. They want hotel standards and frictionless communication. A super-professional Airbnb welcome book is the first step to ensuring guests have a memorable, personalized stay. It’s your chance to impress them by anticipating their every need.

But how do you write an engaging welcome book? And how do you make sure your guests actually read it? Here’s a clue: it’s all in the delivery.

Follow this step-by-step guide to find out how to write a welcome book worthy of an Airbnb superhost. You’ll find our tips for a digital upgrade, followed by a free Airbnb welcome book template.

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What is an Airbnb welcome book?

An Airbnb welcome book, also known as a house manual, is a document that welcomes your guest to the property and gives them all the information they need for a comfortable, stress-free stay. 

Some hosts choose to email a welcome book for guests to view online, while others prefer making theirs printable, keeping a copy in the rental property itself. How you choose to deliver your welcome book is important, because it impacts how likely it is to get read (more on this later).

Pro tip: on Airbnb, the welcome book is different from a guidebook, which focuses entirely on local area recommendations for places to eat, drink, and things to do. 

You’ll find more detail on what to include in your welcome book below. First, let’s talk about what welcome books do for hosts.

What are the benefits of an Airbnb welcome book?

The major benefit of an Airbnb welcome book is that it equips your guest with information about their stay and makes them feel looked after. You should always prioritize enhancing the guest experience using powerful communication tools like a hospitality app. Because happy guests mean big returns for you. 

Here are some more key benefits of the welcome book:

  • Save time. You probably find yourself answering the same questions on repeat. Whether it’s “how do I use the thermostat” or “what’s the Wi-Fi password?”, you’ll get fewer questions and save hours of time if you put that information upfront on your welcome page.

  • Limit mishaps. Providing usage instructions for appliances helps your guests make the most of the amenities and feel right at home.

  • Discourage unruly behavior. Establish house rules early on to help avoid any issues and stay on good terms with the neighbors. 

  • Get great reviews. The best hosts know that good communication is the secret to 5-star reviews. Your welcome book is the perfect opportunity to impart useful details while building a rapport with your guests.

  • Get repeat bookings and referrals. With great reviews come guests who want to book again and again, especially if you offer them a discount code for repeat bookings and referrals.

  • Get direct bookings. If you have a direct booking website, your welcome book is the place to promote it. Include an embedded link or QR code for quick access.

How to easily create your own guest app as an Airbnb welcome book

If you already have a welcome book but worry it’s not getting read, it could be down to how you deliver it. The obvious solution is to print a copy and keep it on the coffee table in the living room. But there’s an even better way to do it.

Guests love having a one-stop shop for information about their trip. And they already use their cell phones for everything. If your welcome book is digital, then they don’t have to go far out of their way to read it: it’s right there in their browser whenever they want to take a look.

Step one: choose a design

For attractive designs, write your welcome book online using templates from Canva or Pinterest. If you don’t find anything you like, try a hospitality app like Operto Guest with host-specific templates for you to customize to suit your unique branding.

A digital guide in the Operto Guest portal.

Step two: create your content

Most people like to skim read, so break up your welcome book into digestible sections with relevant subheadings and professional images.

This is a good place to direct guests to look at other important resources too, like your private tour site, Etsy page, or direct booking platform. Do this using embedded links in the text. Or, use the buttons feature in Operto Guest, which can link out to different web pages from your welcome book and open a direct message box where the guest can contact you.

Step three: pick a time and place

Send your welcome book too early, and guests will forget it exists. Send it too late, and you’ll end up with an inbox full of queries. 

A few days before check-in, introduce your guest to the digital welcome book. Send a quick reminder on the day of their arrival, just in case they miss it.

Always keep things simple by hosting your welcome book online, preferably in a web app like Operto Guest. That way, your guest can access it right in their iPad or cell phone. Avoid asking them to download any extra tools or create a new account.  

If you’re struggling to keep on top of all your guest communications, you should set up an automatic message campaign from your PMS. If you’re using Operto Guest, you don’t even need a PMS to schedule messages—it’s easy to customize a message campaign to target your guests at the right time.

What to include in your Airbnb welcome book

Customize your welcome book to suit the specifics of your Airbnb property. It’s best to avoid generic one-size-fits-all guidance, and give all your communications that personal touch that will impress your guests. Besides, only you know the typical questions you get during every stay, so only you can anticipate want guests want from your welcome book.

But if you’ve never written a welcome book before, or want to make sure your current welcome book is the best it can be, start with the sections outlined below. Then, look at the free Airbnb welcome book template at the end of this guide.

Welcome page

If hosting were a job interview, the welcome page would be your handshake. It’s a chance for you to introduce yourself, make a great first impression, and get your guest excited about their stay. Keep your welcome letter short and sweet, but never miss the opportunity to build a personal connection with your guest. 
Definition: A speech bubble containing a friendly welcome message

Check-in and check-out times

In the Operto Guest app, check-in and check-out instructions are front and center. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reiterate this vital information in your welcome book. If you make the check-in and check-out instructions clear, you’ll be less likely to encounter unexpected delays. You can also upsell late check out when you’ve got gaps in your booking calendar.

Definition: A speech bubble containing check-in and check-out times

Parking information

If your guests prefer to drive, they’ll love to get your tips for finding free or cheaper parking in the local area.

Definition: A speech bubble containing parking instructions

How to get into the house

Like check-in times, the Operto Guest app places keyless access codes right on the home page. But you can also use the scheduled campaign tool to automatically send access instructions before arrival. However your guests are expected to enter, check-in will go smoothly every time if you place instructions in your welcome book.
Definition: A speech bubble containing house access instructions

Wi-Fi details

The moment your guests arrive, they’ll want to connect to your Wi-Fi. Don’t waste your time responding to endless messages about the Wi-Fi password when you can include this information in your welcome book.

Definition: A speech bubble containing Wi-Fi instructions

House rules

Is your property pet-friendly? Is noise after 10:00pm prohibited? You might already have your house rules on Airbnb listing, but you should include them in your welcome book too. They’ll serve as an important reminder to guests to respect the furnishing and the neighbors, and protect your property from misuse.
Definition: A grid of 8 house rules
Definition: A grid of 4 house rules

How to use amenities

Your vacation rental amenities aren’t just there for decoration! Give some simple instructions like where to find the TV remote (and if you have the Netflix app downloaded) and how to use the dishwasher. Make your guests feel at home while protecting your appliances from improper use.

Operto Connect can help you manage smart appliances like thermostats or noise monitoring devices remotely. You can also set up event triggers, so if your noise monitoring software detects a party, your guest will instantly receive an automated request to turn the noise down.

Definition: A list of instructions for using house amenities
Definition: A list of instructions for using house amenities

Local insights

Part of the magic of staying in a vacation rental is being able to chat to your host about the local area. Guests love to hear your personal recommendations, especially when it comes to using public transport, finding nearby grocery stores, or exploring hidden gems.

Pro tip: you could add a button in your digital guidebook that links to a journey planner web app to help guests use local transportation during their stay.

Definition: A speech bubble containing local insights


You can use this section to promote local partnerships, upsell your own tours, or just give a few personal tips for making the most out of the local area. Remind them to mention their favorite haunts when it comes time to write a review.

Definition: A speech bubble containing sightseeing tips

Emergency information

Provide emergency contact details for the local police or fire department. It’ll make your guests feel secure and give you peace of mind knowing that they're equipped to deal with emergencies.
Definition: A speech bubble containing emergency information

Contact information 

How do you prefer to hear from your guests? Guest communications will be faster and more efficient with an app that can send automated replies to frequently asked questions while consolidating your Airbnb and VRBO queries into one inbox.
Definition: A speech bubble containing contact details


You know how important glowing reviews are for your business, so why not add a review page to your welcome book? This is a chance to remind your guests how easy it is to leave a review, and perhaps offer some incentives like a discount code in return for a 5-star rating. 

Pro tip: while you’re here, you can use this page to point out your Airbnb guestbook, where guests write messages for each other to read about their stay. Provide a little writing inspiration by asking them to note which restaurants they enjoyed most.

Definition: A speech bubble containing reviewing information

Plug-and-play Airbnb welcome book template

Now you know what to include in your Airbnb welcome book, you’re ready to write your own. Here’s the complete template for you to adapt:

Dear Guest

Welcome to Cozy Apartment near La Sagrada Familia! We’re so happy to have you.

It’s always such a pleasure to welcome travelers like yourself to stay here. Your hosts, Sofia & Alex, grew up in this neighborhood. That’s how we know that this is a great spot to explore the city from, especially if this is your first time in Barcelona! We’ve added some tips for sightseeing and local insights to this manual, just in case you need them.

This manual has everything you need to enjoy a comfortable stay in our apartment, including instructions for how to use the appliances (and the all-important Wi-Fi code). Towards the end of the manual, you’ll also find our contact information in case you need us during your stay. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Enjoy your time in Barcelona!

Best wishes,

Sofia & Alex


Check-in is from 3:00 pm on the day of your arrival. Please check out promptly by 11:00 am so that we can prepare the apartment for our next guests. 

If your plans change and you would like late check-out, we may be able to accommodate this for a small extra cost. Let us know via Airbnb or your guest app and we’ll do our best to arrange it for you.


We have a small drive to the left side of the property, which you will spot when you arrive. Please feel free to park here for the duration of your stay.

While there is free on-street parking at the weekend in Barcelona, it gets very busy and can be difficult to find. We recommend you leave your car at home and get around using the metro! 


We hope you have a safe journey to the apartment. When you arrive, you should be able to spot the building quite easily as it has a red front door and is located next to a pharmacy. Go through the main entrance and climb the stairs to the first floor.

To enter the apartment, you will need your unique access code. You should already have received this during check-in. Check your messages in your guest app to find the code and enter it into the keypad on the front door. You should hear a click and see the light turn green. That’s your sign, you can go in!


The Wi-Fi network is called CozyAptBcn and the password is iSeeLaSagradaFamilia.


We want you to have an amazing stay, but we also ask that you respect our property and the neighborhood. Please follow these house rules.

  1. Please respect the check-in and check-out time

  2. Please do not share the access code with unregistered guests

  3. No parties or large gatherings allowed

  4. Please keep noise to a minimum between 10:00 pm and 10:00 am

  5. No illegal substances or activities allowed

  6. No smoking anywhere in the apartment 

  7. No pets allowed

  8. Please be careful not to damage the furnishings or ornaments

  9. Please turn off the air conditioning when you go out

  10. Please take care to close windows and lock the door securely behind you when you’re not in

  11. Please wash your dishes

  12. Please take out the trash when you leave

Please be aware that any damage caused to the apartment or furnishings will result in the loss of your security deposit. If the cost of repairs exceeds the security deposit you will be liable to pay.



There is a TV remote on the coffee table. We have a smart TV with streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video already downloaded. Please feel free to log in to your own accounts and enjoy your favorite shows. Don’t forget to log out again before you leave!

Air conditioning

There is a thermostat in the hall next to the shoe rack. You can adjust the temperature using the arrow buttons next to the display screen. Please remember to turn the A/C off at night and when you leave the apartment as it’s very expensive to run.

Coffee machine

Help yourself to coffee pods which are in the blue tin next to the coffee machine. We use recyclable pods, so please don’t put them in the main garbage bin. Leave them in the clear bag provided and we’ll make sure they get recycled. 

Washer and dryer

The washer/dryer is located under the kitchen counter next to the dishwasher and you are welcome to use it during your stay. It’s quite straightforward, but if you get stuck, the user manual is in the bottom drawer.


Please make sure the dishwasher is full and set to ‘Eco’ before you turn it on. There are dishwasher tablets in the cupboard under the sink. The full cycle takes around one hour. We would appreciate it if you would load the dishwasher and set it to run at the end of your stay.



The best way to get around Barcelona is to use the metro. You will also enjoy walking around this city as many of the neighborhoods are pedestrianized.

The apartment is well connected by metro and bus. The closest metro stop is "Dos de Maig" (Blue Line - L5). From there, you can get to Paseo de Gracia in just 3 stops (7 minutes). 

Food & drink

In the morning, we recommend you visit Pastisseria Mendieta, which is an artisanal bakery offering coffee and delicious pastries to keep you going while you explore!

You are also within walking distance from Casa Mariol, which is an authentic wine bar with delicious tapas. It’s a great spot for wine lovers. 

Grocery stores

You can find a Mercadona supermarket on Calle Valencia for picking up supplies.


You’ve made a good choice to stay in L'Eixample because you’re right in the heart of the city near many famous attractions. From here, you can walk down Av. Gaudí towards La Sagrada Familia, one of Barcelona’s most stunning landmarks.

Head past La Sagrada Familia into Dreta de L’Eixample to find Bar Mediterráneo, a hotspot for free live music.

Please be careful while traveling around the city, as tourists can be targets for pickpocketers. Don’t worry, if you keep your personal belongings close and be aware of your surroundings, you shouldn’t have any issues.


There is a fire extinguisher in the hall by the door. In the case of a fire, you should evacuate through the main entrance. 

Please respond to any emergencies quickly and safely, and contact the local authorities at once.

The emergency phone number is 112. Call this number for the police, the fire department, or an ambulance.


We hope you have everything you need for the perfect stay. 

If you have any questions, you can find information about your stay in your guest app, including local area recommendations and video guides for using the appliances. 

Otherwise, please feel free to contact us there. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you have!


We love to hear about your stay, and 5-star reviews help other guests find out about our property. If you enjoyed your visit, we’d be delighted if you would leave us a review on Airbnb. Let us know which local restaurants or sights you liked best!

Once check-out is complete, Airbnb will prompt you to leave a review and give a rating out of five stars. You can also leave us private feedback if you think there’s anything we can do to improve for our next guests. We’d love to hear from you!

Take your guest experience to the next level with a digital Airbnb welcome book

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Want to deliver a seamless welcome to your Airbnb guests?

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