How to Set Maintenance Tasks with WebRezPro

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How to Set Maintenance Tasks with WebRezPro

Without a fully integrated solution in place for scheduling and communicating maintenance tasks, it’s easy to end up struggling to manage multiple dashboards and calendars.

Ultimately, this leads to a stressful relationship with staff and upset guests as routine or urgent maintenance tasks slip through the cracks. 

But when you connect WebRezPro with an easy-to-use scheduling software solution, you can keep on top of all your operations, have visibility over what needs to be done, and make sure staff are always informed with the latest updates. 

Let’s dig into how to set and manage maintenance tasks with Operto Teams.

Operto Teams

Set maintenance tasks through WebRezPro

Before setting your housekeeping tasks, make sure to first check out WebRezPro Integrations

Ask WebRezPro for your API connection information. Then request a sign up link from Operto Teams to plug in your information and get started.

This step will ensure that WebRezPro can start updating your Operto Teams calendars and tasks with each new reservation.

Keep on top of all your routine and urgent maintenance tasks by connecting Operto Teams to WebRezPro.

Set up your teams and departments

From WebRezPro or via email

Next, configure your company within the Operto Teams system. Here, you’ll complete 10 onboarding steps, including: 

  • Establishing your departments: Choose between maintenance, cleaning, and inspection depending on your properties’ needs.
  • Creating staff dashboards: With their own employee dashboards, your staff can easily access their schedules and get all the information they need via the Operto Teams Staff Portal.
  • Regionalizing your units: Group your properties together based on their location. Organizing your units by region ensures employees always receive time-saving schedules that take into account the time taken between properties.
Operto Teams onboarding steps example, Source: Operto

Operto Teams onboarding steps example

Create task rules

You can create as many task rules as you wish so that with every new booking, scheduling is automated for each property. These can be set for any stage of the reservation process: 

  • Check-in
  • Check-out
  • Mid-stay
  • Mid-vacancy
  • Set daily, weekly or monthly schedules
Setting task rules example, Source: Operto Teams

Setting task rules example

You can also set up maintenance tasks independently of WebRezPro reservations and based on your own pre-determined set schedules. For example, you can create task rules that cover quarterly maintenance checks. 

Some examples of typical maintenance tasks include: 

  • Cleaning the gutters
  • Checking roof drains
  • Replacing furnace filters
  • Hot tub chem check
  • Barbecue cleans

Automate and assign tasks to maintenance with WebRezPro

Now that you’ve set up your task rules, you’re ready to assign them.

Operto Teams will automatically schedule and assign tasks based on WebRezPro bookings and pre-determined set schedules within your color-coded Scheduling Calendar.

Operto Teams Scheduling Calendar

Automated calendar dashboard example

Even though these schedules are automated, it’s still easy to manually adjust your calendar using the drag-and-drop interface. This allows you to make quick changes, for example, in the case of sickness.

Manually assign tasks to maintenance with WebRezPro

From WebRezPro or via email

In the event your housekeeping staff spot a maintenance issue—say, a broken lamp or leaky tap—they can report the issue while on the job within the Staff Portal from their smartphones. Here’s how: 

1. Your housekeeping team  completes the Issue Form in-app, adding a description of the problem, marking it urgent where necessary.

2. If needed, they can add photos or a video of the problem—for example, to help show the nature of the problem or the model of the apparatus that needs fixing.


Automated calendar dashboard example

3. The property manager receives the maintenance request and then assigns it to the maintenance team by adding a task for maintenance with all the details to the Scheduling Calendar.

4. The maintenance team receives the request in their department’s calendar.

Maintenance dashboard example

With manual assignments, you can maintain a human element to the otherwise automated traffic control of incoming field requests. 

Automate your maintenance calendar with Operto Teams

Scheduling software for cleaning businesses gives you control over managing maintenance schedules, keeps you on top of your communication with the team, and tracks tasks as they’re completed. 

And with Operto Teams’ maintenance and housekeeping software, you can even optimize scheduling by property location, drag-and-drop jobs within the Scheduling Calendar for total flexibility, and add billing information to urgent tasks so you never leave money on the table.

See our Operto Teams to WebRezPro integrations to learn more.

Keep on top of all your routine and urgent maintenance tasks by connecting Operto Teams to WebRezPro.