Introducing Operto Guest & Connect: Unparalleled Guest Experience Software

Imagine giving your guests a seamless experience, including contactless check-in and personalizable smart devices—without any complicated tech? 

With Operto Guest and Operto Connect, that’s a reality.

Today’s guests are used to doing everything on their phones, so it’s no surprise they expect the same convenience when it comes to the guest experience too. 

As a hospitality professional, you want to please guests, but don’t want to get lost in complicated tech, or pile more onto your to-do list.

That’s why you need Operto Guest and Operto Connect. Spend less time stuck on admin, and more time on giving guests a streamlined, personalized experience they can’t stop talking about.

Connect your operations 

Want to see how Operto Guest + Connect can help you save more time and give your guests a unique experience? 

Introducing Operto Guest & Connect

Introducing Operto Guest, a new way for guests to interact with hosts and property managers. 

As a standalone, mobile-phone web app, Operto Guest requires no extra download, making it super easy and hassle-free for guests on the go, with everything they need in a single place.

Spend less time managing guests. Make them rave about their experience with you.

Also introducing Operto Connect, our new and improved guest stay management platform, which can massively boost Operto Guest functionality even further.

Operto Connect is designed as a desktop-optimized web app, with no download required. 

It offers seamless software that enables property managers to coordinate everything from reservations, keyless and remote access, noise and occupancy monitoring, team coordination, and more—into as few dashboards as possible.

operto guest and connect

This makes your operations simple and easy, so you have more time and energy to focus on giving your guests the best experience they’ve ever had.

Operto Connect also works with Operto Guest to enable all guest communication and service tools, while also managing all the behind-the-scenes admin and housekeeping tasks too.

With the hospitality ecosystem becoming increasingly fragmented and confusing, we’re bringing more of what hospitality professionals need under fewer dashboards.

Operto Guest and Operto Connect are going to focus on the guest more than anything—letting them choose their journey and every touchpoint while allowing the operator to spend less time on admin, more time on hospitality.

API connections that are truly integrated. 

05_A screenshot of the Operto website, showing its smart device integrations

Operto Connect V2 offers even more integrations for streamlined, seamless operations that work for you. Create a whole that’s greater than its parts (but still with as few tabs and dashboards as possible, for at-a-glance, super-simple management).

Industry-leading PMS integrations: 

  • Mews

  • WebRezPro

  • My Vr

  • Smoobu

  • Avantio

  • Hostfully

  • Tokeet

  • Guesty

  • Direct

  • CloudBeds

  • Hostaway

  • LMPM

  • Kiga

Smart device integrations include: 

  • Ecobee and Tado smart thermostats

  • Netatmo carbon dioxide monitor

  • NoiseAware noise monitor

  • World-class smart locks including Yale, Salto, Schlage, August, Nuki, Igloohome, and Assa Abloy

We promise our support team will be there for you. No more disappointments.

Because one of the major advantages of Operto is that it simplifies your operations—rather than making them even more confusing and complicated—we work with our clients as partners.

That means that we offer dedicated customer service and support every single step of the way. There is no question too small, too basic, or even too complex. We’re here to help.

With Operto, there’s no fear that it will take you or your staff months to learn your new systems. If you can’t figure out how to connect your integrations, we’ll help. If you struggle with tech, or simply don’t have the time to understand it, we’ll explain and fix it. 

Unlike other vendors, we won’t leave you halfway through a project, we won’t ask you to spend six months getting up to speed with your new tech, and we won’t sell you some hardware or complex software that won’t connect properly.

This is a partnership, and we’ll continue to help you get the most out of your systems long after you’ve come on board.

Here’s why property managers and hoteliers love Operto Connect.

Operto Connect V2 offers:

Guest reservation monitoring

Combine Operto Connect with your PMS to sync all guest booking and payment information, manage your calendars, and see at a glance which units or rooms are booked, and when.

Monitoring of temperature, occupancy, and noise

Connect with smart devices such as the Ecobee thermostat, or the NoiseAware noise monitor, to not only give guests control of their environment but also enable you to monitor it too. Save energy by remotely turning down thermostats, or turning off lights when the room is empty. 

Keep track of noise levels and reduce the risk of damaging parties or unauthorized guests by sending automated warnings in the event of a noise alert notification.

Woman partying in background, mobile phone screen in foreground, and noise alert notifications

Automated access and keycodes

Combine with smart locks to enable digital, keyless check-in and access, so that guests can get in whenever they choose. You can see at a glance which units are occupied and locked, or empty and unlocked. Monitor not only security but also see which rooms need housekeeping.

Eliminate problems of unsafe lockboxes, lost or stolen keys or demagnetized keycards, long waits at a front desk, needing an assistant to meet guests in person, or stress in case of travel delays.

01_Operto property management dashboard on laptop screen with various notifications

Change keycodes automatically with each new guest, to boost security, and make sure you know who’s coming in and out, and when. 

Give housekeepers and maintenance staff their own keycodes too, and grant or revoke access to anyone easily and remotely via the same platform.


At-a-glance coordination of housekeeping teams


Enable housekeeping to work with autonomy, and make their work more efficient by keeping track of which rooms or units need cleaning, even in the event of early check-in or late check-out.

In-app messaging

operto connect messaging

Enable two-way messaging between managers and guests, as well as managers and their teams, with video, image, and emoji support, for extra help and improved communication.

Message scheduling 

Establish quick and easy communication with guests, by scheduling email and/or SMS updates, for frequent and friendly messaging, with no extra work from you.

Schedule messages to:

  • Keep them updated and excited about their stay before they arrive

  • Remind them of important details such as check-out times

  • Stay in touch with them after their stay to offer them great deals or direct booking offers

Make things even easier with copy-and-paste duplication tools and fill-in-the-blank templates.

Team messaging and task assignment

Connect with your staff via the same platform, communicate quickly and easily, and assign them tasks remotely so everyone can keep track of what needs to be done, and where the team is on each service.

New local guides

Enable multi-page microsites for guests easily and quickly, with custom sites available for specific units. Offer guests automated local knowledge and recommendations for attractions, restaurants, bars, and more—and update it easily and automatically, without any extra, cumbersome, or manual work from you.

Speak their language

operto connect languages

Operto Guides includes auto-translation into five languages: English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, so you can give guests the key details in their own tongue, with no extra work.

Create a truly unique experience that delights your guests.

Contactless access and keyless, remote check-in

10_Man sitting on bed looking at phone with check-in notifications above

Send guests their check-in keypad code in advance, so they can arrive and check in whenever they like. No more stress in case of delays, no unnecessary 1-to-1 interactions, no more waiting in line, no need for your staff to meet guests in person, and no more picking up a key or keycard that gets lost, stolen, or stops working.

Plus, each new guest and housekeeper receives a new keycode automatically, for extra security and safety, with no extra work by you.

ID verification

Offer guests, property owners, and nearby residents extra peace of mind by using our software to check and verify the ID and background of guests, and prevent fraud and chargebacks, to limit the risk of problems down the line.

Easy-to-read property manual and house rules 

operto connect manuals

Give guests all the information they need upfront, in an easy, accessible place, in a digital format that can be updated and read easily. 

No more need to use cumbersome, difficult-to-change hard copy printouts, and no more risk that guests won’t see (or claim not to see...) the house rules or check-out policy.


In-room personalization

07_Images and symbols of smart lock and noise and occupancy monitoring devices

Empower guests to take control of their stay, by integrating with smart devices, so they can change the thermostat, lights, AC, or heat to the exact comfort levels they choose. Save energy and enable guests to feel right at home.

Local insights, recommendations, and guides

Use our new Near My Stay tool to offer guests automated, location-specific listings of local attractions, restaurants, bars, and other must-do things in your area. Give guests a real home-from-home, personal experience without any extra work from you.

Guest messaging

operto connect messaging

Use our new Operto Messenger tool to communicate easily with guests via a text-like service, all within the same platform. Make it easier than ever to contact you, and provide personalized service and simple chat options (including video, image, and emojis) to go above and beyond to please, explain, and serve.

Easy upselling

Give guests the option to purchase amenities from their room, check-in early or check out late, purchase room service, or extra options, all within the same platform. Boost revenue and occupancy easily, without extra work or manual selling from you.

Connect your operations

Want to see how Operto Guest + Connect can help you save more time and give your guests a unique experience?

How Operto automates and improves the guest experience

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Here’s what to do next.

At Operto Guest Technologies, we take pride in being pioneers of guest, team, and property automation—and more.

By harnessing the power of ingenious technology, we are revolutionizing the vacation rental and hotel landscape, and ensuring world-class operations at low cost, for excellent guest experiences.

Operto Guest and Operto Connect V2 will be available starting from November.

We believe that the days of the front desk are numbered, and a keyless, automated system is the future of hospitality.

Connect your operations

Want to save time, boost revenue, and give your guests an unparalleled, unique experience?