Hotel Room Information Folder: Why You Need To Go Digital

As a hotel manager, you want your PMS showing ‘no vacancy’, but you also know the challenges of having a fully booked hotel. 

Every little issue can have a cascading effect: If a group booking misses their morning check-out time, the cleaning staff can’t enter their room on time to prepare them for the next arrival. 

Couple this chaos with long lines at the front desk with guests asking questions like: 

  • What’s your check-out policy?

  • What’s the best place in town for a vegetarian brunch?

  • How do I operate the air conditioning in my room?

  • Can I get extra hangers for my closet?

  • How do I connect to the WiFi?

Hotel room information folders can preempt guest queries like these to avoid overwhelm at your front desk. It’s easy to create your own digital information folder, which will give your guests the autonomy and access to information they expect from a modern hotel. Let’s look at how you can make your own and what to include.

Create a digital hotel information folder with Operto Guest. Customize pages to answer all your guests’ questions, giving them access to all the information they need right on their mobile device.

Opening door into hotel room

Use a hotel information folder to preempt common guest questions, giving them all the information they need before they even enter their room

Main features of a hotel room information folder

A guest information folder is the perfect place to answer common questions about your hotel rooms and their amenities. Include information that will help guests make the most of their, stay such as:

  • How to connect to the WiFi

  • How to use the coffee machine

  • How to navigate any smart TV streaming services 

  • How to request refills on shampoo and body wash

  • Where to find extra pillows and blankets

  • Any other information they should know about room accessories 

The folder should also include house rules, as these are essential for the safety and comfort of everyone at your hotel. Be sure these are written out—and ideally translated into various languages—in an obvious place. You can include:

  • The check-out time and procedure

  • Policies against smoking, drugs, and aggression

  • Noise restrictions (for example, no excessive noise in the hallways after 8 pm)

Operto guidebooks showing amenities and house manuals

Provide guests with a digital guest directory to give them a quick, easy way to learn about your property

Another page you might want to add to the guest room folder is an overview of your hotel. Here you can include:

  • A map of the hotel showing the main facilities and parking options (This is another opportunity to put safety first: Include all emergency points, emergency exits, and a safe meeting point outside.)

  • A guide to the hotel’s bars and restaurants with menus and times (Give it some flare—this is a great opportunity to upsell, so highlight your wine list or seasonal specialties.)

  • Information about room service, new products and amenities your hotel offers, and any other services you have available for your guests

Also, delight guests with information about local dining and attractions. With a digital folder, guests can access relevant information on their mobile device while they’re out exploring. 

Partner with restaurants and local tour operators for added revenue and use the digital folder to link to their websites. Include things like: 

  • Restaurant recommendations

  • Information about local attractions and events, including walking tours, unique sightseeing opportunities, festivals (date-specific), and suggestions for day trips

  • Information about the various transportation options in the area

Operto's near me feature showing local recommendations

Provide your guests with recommendations about your own property and the surrounding area

Plus, think of any other information that can be useful for guests, for example:

  • The nearest medical services—pharmacy, doctor’s office, dentist, vet, and hospital

  • Other emergency services, like police and fire departments

  • The nearest post office and shipping facilities

Finally, there are three key guidelines to follow for all the content you include in your guest information folder:

  • All information should be clearly presented and easy to find

  • All information should be relevant to the time of year

  • All information should be kept up to date

Include information about in-room essentials to reduce your workload

Guests are happy when they can use amenities without too much of a hassle, but providing information like appliance how-to’s and the WiFi password within your information folder can also streamline the front desk workflow. 

Without information folders, you and your staff are left answering guest questions as they fill up your inbox and crowd reception. Hotel information books turn guest questions into answers—and better yet, if you go digital, many of these questions can be answered the moment guests make their booking.

Monetize your guest and maximize revenue per room

Setting up partnerships with local businesses is a fantastic way for your hotel to contribute to the local economy while being able to offer discounts to guests. 

Using a digital hotel welcome book, you can create compelling content pages that link directly to partner sites via smart buttons. For example, you could partner with a number of local tour providers to give your guests a variety of discount options (and perhaps you get a commission).

But also be sure to upsell your hotel’s services and products. Go into detail about the extensive offering your room service menu covers and highlight exclusive spa services only available to guests. Again, they can purchase these services right through a smart button in your guest app, without ever having to pull out their wallet. 

Share early and get guests excited about their stay

When guests can access your digital information folder on their smartphone, they get to know your hotel before they even arrive, finding answers to questions they may have about where to park or what to do if they arrive late.

Create branded content, showcasing your logo and colors, to help your guests connect with your hotel pre-stay. Putting guests in holiday mode before they check in is an excellent hotel guest engagement strategy that can even help reduce cancellations. As soon as they make their reservation, they can start booking tours and making dinner reservations at your restaurant on your guest portal.

Put guests in holiday mode before they arrive with Operto Guest digital guidebooks. By engaging your guests before their stay, you can even cut down on cancellations.

Exceed modern guests’ expectations with your information folder

Guest expectations have changed over the years, and as a hotelier, you’ve experienced the impact these changes have had on your operations. So while you used to present your information folder in a ring binder or folder placed directly in each room, digital information folders are the modern solution.

Most guests will have used an app to make their booking, and many have experience with contactless check-in and check-out. So they’ll be familiar with the digital format of your guest information folder.

Operto's check-in concierge

Many guests check in using a mobile concierge

Hotel information folders can help you exceed guest expectations by giving them independence and control over their stay. There are numerous reasons to opt for a bespoke digital solution:

  • Preempt questions and give guests a modern experience in line with their expectations

  • Introduce guests to your hotel’s amenities and local attractions before they arrive

  • Easily schedule the information you want to share depending on the season

  • Keep content up to date

Delight your guests with a digital hotel information folder. Operto gives you the tools to address guest queries and upsell your services on a branded web app.

Building a beautiful information folder for guests

Creating your hotel information folder can be simple. From the welcome page to the local insights, let’s have a look at how to organize your content by category.

Customize your welcome page

In the past, the lobby was a guest’s first introduction to a hotel. But with contactless access and digital check-in, your guests will glean their first impression of your hotel from your welcome page.

Customize your welcome page with your logo front and center. You can choose the font and colors that match your branding, as well as upload images that show guests what they can look forward to when they stay at your hotel.

Operto's customizable welcome page

Operto Guest lets you customize your own digital welcome page

In-room how-to’s

Show guests how to use everything in their room. Keep instructions short and simple. You can easily add photos and even embed videos for added clarity.

The clearer the instructions, the more guest questions you preempt to avoid front desk congestion.

Operto House Manual showing categories

Share your in-room how-to’s in one of your guides

Show-off what’s special about your hotel

What is your hotel’s USP? Your exceptional hospitality and attention to detail can set you apart from other hotels.

Do you offer a luxury experience? Highlight your exclusive guest houses and penthouse suits for upsell opportunities. All about sustainability? Talk about your vegan faux leather furnishings, organic buckram curtains, and the recycled materials your coasters and soap dispensers are made of. Whatever it is that makes your hotel unique, highlight it in your digital information folder. 

Provide local insights and recommendations

What’s special about your area? You’ll have a better idea than your guests, so share insider tips on dining and entertainment options in town. And with the right virtual concierge software solution, you can even automate these suggestions, saving you and your team even more time.

Use smart buttons to promote add-on services and local partners

Use smart buttons on your pages to link directly to partner websites and facilitate upsells at your hotel. For example, if your hotel partners with a boat tour operator, your smart button can send guests directly to their booking page.

Operto Guest digital guidebooks smart buttons

With Operto hotel guest experience software, program buttons in your digital guides to direct your guests restaurant menus, booking pages, and more

Operto Guest enables you to create the content you need to enhance the guest experience and drive business.

Let your hotel information folder do the heavy lifting

Digital hotel information folders aren’t just another boutique hotel trend: They’re a way to enhance the guest experience while making your job easier. 

Use your digital hotel information folder to:

  • Answer guests’ questions before they have to ask them

  • Take pressure off your front desk staff

  • Show guests how to use amenities in their room

  • Introduce your hotel and brand to the guest before they arrive

  • Provide information about the hotel and its facilities

  • Share information and insights into the local area

  • Use smart buttons to link guests to your services and local partners

With a hotel information folder, you give guests an unforgettable stay, which can translate into referrals and repeat bookings. Plus, your hotel room information folder will reduce the burden on your team, making your operations more streamlined and scalable.

Create your digital hotel information folder with Operto Guest. Showcase your hotel with a white-label, mobile optimized guest app and delight your guests.

Frequently asked questions about hotel room information folder

What is the purpose of a hotel room information folder?

The purpose of a hotel room information folder is to provide guests with helpful information about the hotel and its amenities. And when you have a digital information folder, it acts as a mobile concierge, giving your guests all the answers they need at their fingertips.  

What are the items typically found in a hotel room information folder?

Items typically found in a hotel room information folder include:

  • A welcome page with information about the hotel

  • Hotel rules rules and guidelines

  • A list of room amenities and how to use them

  • Information about the local area with insights and recommendations

  • Emergency and medical services in the area along with contact details