The hotel industry is changing fast. As the sector opens up again post-Covid, guests are increasingly expecting contactless check-in, plus digital access to their booking information, in-room controls, and super-easy keyless entry without having to rely on smartphones.

In fact, in our recent poll of hospitality professionals, a huge 85.9% said that “using technology to automate operations was a priority for them in the next two years”. The same study showed that 24.5% of hospitality professionals had already replaced their front desk staff with technology, and another 25% were planning to do so in the next 12 months.

It’s clear: hoteliers are now looking for powerful hotel front desk software—which is agile, reliable, and super-connected—to ensure that even if their hotel no longer has a physical front desk, everything from check-in to check-out and beyond still runs smoothly and seamlessly.

If you’re ready to join them, we’ve looked at 5 of our favorite hotel management software options available now, to help you make the best choice for your hotel, and help you make the switch to modern, digital hotel check-in automation as quickly and seamlessly as possible. 

Connect your operations

Automating your hotel management is possible. 

Whether you’re a small, independent boutique; or a major chain with big plans to scale, we’ve got you covered.

What is hotel management software? 

As you already know, hotel management software is the computer program—and often a smartphone or tablet app as well—that enables you to manage, control, and oversee all operations of your hotel digitally.

A property management system (PMS) connects guest bookings and online reservations, keeping track of guest details such as check-in and check-out, payments, and room service use. It can also keep track of housekeeping needs and stock levels, and even show details of HR, payroll, your ADR (average daily rate), RevPAR (revenue per available room), occupancy levels, maintenance needs, and more.

Newer, more innovative software—such as ours at Operto—is also increasingly guest-facing, including enabling online check-in, room service, in-room controls, guest-staff communication, and more, usually via a smartphone or tablet device.

The best hotel management software moves your hotel into the modern, digital age, and allows you to manage your entire operation via a few clicks or taps, from wherever you are.

How does hotel management software help my hotel? 

Updating your hotel to the latest hotel automation management software enables you to: 

  • Operate more efficiently (when it comes to check-in, check-out, housekeeping, etc). 

  • Save on staff and front desk costs.

  • Give guests the best possible experience (enabling check-in and check-out anytime, peace of mind before arrival, easy and immediate check-in upon arrival, in-room personalization, and easy guest-staff communication).

  • Keep everyone safe in a world still dealing with Covid-19 by reducing staff-guest contact.

Firstly, good hotel management software helps hoteliers and managers save money and do things more efficiently.

By overseeing the entire process from one place—and sometimes even from a single screen— you can communicate efficiently with staff and streamline processes. 

For example, letting housekeeping know they can clean a room ahead of time if a guest checks out early.

One of our partners, Breakfast Hotel in Japan, was able to reduce its staff to one person per 60 short-term rental units after Covid hit, reducing excess costs. Another partner, The Annex in Canada, now operates with just 1.5 staff members to every 24 rooms.

Secondly, good hotel management software also ensures that guests feel confident, safe, and in control at all times during their stay. 

In a post-Covid world, a 2020 study by Gartner Research found that 68% of hotel guests are now willing to pay more to ensure their safety and health through contactless check-in, showing that the majority of guests are happy to pay more for a hotel that will reduce excess human contact.

Our recent study also found that almost one in five (17.6%) hospitality professionals feel that keyless technology and property automation software is completely essential for guests, while a further 35.3% said their guests now expect it.

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In fact, even without Covid, many younger guests and business travelers want to cut down on face-to-face interaction completely. 

After all, they book flights, shop online, and buy food at the grocery store through their smartphone without speaking to a staff member—so why not their hotel stay too?

Front desk software and hotel management software: What’s the difference?

Front desk software is what it sounds like: software designed to replace traditional front desk staff, and instead, give guests access to their room via keyless technology.

Yet, the best hotel management software goes far beyond this. 

Even though our survey found that 54.1% of hotel professionals said “keyless door entry” was a priority for them, the exact same number (54.1%) said that general “contactless check-in” was crucial, followed by a further 44.7% who prioritized guest-controlled in-room smart devices (such as thermostats), virtual room service (32.9%), and digital concierge service (31.8%).

For optimum hotel operations in the digital age, hoteliers need hotel management software that goes far beyond the front desk and keyless entry, for total control over your operations—using platforms such as our Operto ConnectTM system.

That’s why choosing the right management software for you and your hotel is so key, as the best systems sit at the heart of your entire business, and enable you to manage everything from bookings to staff, to check-ins and check-outs, maintenance, housekeeping, and beyond —while also reducing staff, costs, and hassle.

Operto automated check-in cycle

Our pick: The 5 best management software for hotels


A screenshot of the Operto website and operating system

Operto provides a bridge between existing PMS platforms to offer even more digital and automated functionality for guests and staff - Credit:

Key features:

  • Manages the entire post-booking process from check-in, to in-room control to check-out, to housekeeping, maintenance, and more, all on the same operating system.

  • Enables contactless check-in, keyless entry, in-room information, and personalizable in-room controls via smart devices such as connected thermostats, AC, and lights.

  • Integrates with your PMS and smart devices to create a streamlined experience for both guests and staff.

  • Works on existing devices, and doesn’t require guests to download a separate app.

  • Works for guests, staff, and managers, via different screens on the same platform.

  • An amazing 90.6% of customers told Operto’s customer service department that they were completely happy with the service they had received!

  • Operto actually integrates with PMS systems such as Mews, WebRezPro, and Cloudbeds (see below), to provide a “bridge” to even more functionality and connection to guests and staff.

Extra bonus:

  • Works with clients as partners rather than just customers, supporting them personally throughout the entire process of switching to digital.


  • From $15 per unit or room, with packages from the basic Core to advanced Enterprise.


Mews screenshot


Key features:

  • A fully-fledged PMS.

  • Automates all operations from booking to check-out to revenue management.

  • Integrates with existing smart devices to create a streamlined experience for both guests and staff.

  • Doesn’t need guests or staff to download a separate app to use it.

  • Works for guests and hotel staff.

  • Manages reservations, revenue, housekeeping, the guest journey, payments, and more.

One other great thing to note

  • Has a full suite of support options including emergency phone support and an online Knowledge Base.


  • From $8.09 per room per month, with packages suitable for everything from smaller, independent properties to hotel groups with multiple sites.

Mews is an Operto partner. Check out a full list of our integrations (including a range of leading smart devices) here.


03_A screenshot of the Cloudbeds website


Key features:

  • Works well for all types of hospitality property, including small boutiques right up to larger chains; rentals, hostels, and B&Bs.

  • Operates on all devices including smartphones.

  • Uses a centralized system that includes a PMS, booking engine, revenue management tool, payment processor, and finance reporting.

  • Integrates with major OTAs including Airbnb, and Expedia.

  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 by users on review website Capterra.

One other great thing to note

  • Offers “hospitality consultants” to work with you to “boost reservations and save time”, plus 24/7 support.


  • Contact Cloudbeds directly for exact prices. Offers packages from the basic Essentials to the advanced Enterprise.

Cloudbeds is an Operto partner. Check out a full list of our integrations here.

eZee Absolute

04_A screenshot of the eZee Absolute website


Key features:

  • All-in-one hotel operation management system

  • Also includes a mobile app that can send alerts and produce reports.

  • Flexible enough to oversee multiple properties and guests on a single platform.

  • Also includes payments and a POS (point-of-sale) system.

  • Works as a channel manager, with a single automatically-updating dashboard for all your online distribution channels

One other great thing to note

  • Also securely manages guest data and sensitive information in the same platform via customizable user accounts.


  • From $45 per month when paid annually, for the basic platform without booking engine or extra management software. Offers a free trial.


05_A screenshot of the StayNTouch Cloud PMS website


Key features:

  • A Cloud PMS that “frees your staff from the front desk” and uses cloud-based technology to automate and digitize your entire system remotely.

  • Offers “front desk” operations, rate management, reservations, housekeeping, and financial information all within the same system.

  • Works with its own Guest Mobility (mobile) and Guest Kiosk systems for increased guest control from check-in to check-out.

  • A huge range of integrations to all major software partners, across everything from keyless entry to guest payments, to TV and WiFi to finance and accounting. 

  • Prioritizes making it easy for staff to upsell and drive revenue.

One other great thing to note

  • Can be set up on-site or remotely for fast and straightforward installation.


  • Contact StayNTouch directly for exact prices. Offers packages from the basic Standard to the advanced Enterprise, with Standard offering everything except multi-property options.


WebRezPro website screenshot


Key features:

  • PMS.

  • Works well for all kinds of businesses, from B&Bs to larger hotel groups.

  • Cloud management system allows easy remote access.

  • Considered industry-wide to be affordable and dependable.

  • Includes functionality for everything from front desk operations, housekeeping, rate management, reports, accounting, a booking engine, a payment processing integration such as Stripe.

One other great thing to note

  • One of the most-established platforms. In operation since 2003, it is now used by more than 1,500 properties operating across 40 countries.


  • Contact WebRezPro for a free quote. Offers a free trial.

WebRezPro is an Operto partner. Check out a full list of our integrations (including a range of leading smart devices) here.

Little Hotelier

Little Hotelier website screenshot

As the name suggests, Little Hotelier is designed for smaller hotels in mind - Credit:

Key features:

  • Cloud-based all-in-one solution designed for small hotels and B&Bs.

  • Designed to connect with both international and domestic guests.

  • Has its own mobile app.

  • Takes electronic payments, manages your calendar and online room bookings, enables you to set smart, competitive pricing, and shows real-time channel analytics.

  • Offers email, phone and chat support, plus tutorial webinars and live help online.

One other great thing to note

  • As the name suggests, specially designed with smaller hotels and rentals in mind, with pricing starting from just 1-5 rooms.


  • From $109 per month for up to five rooms, increasing every five rooms (e.g. 5 to 10, 11-15). Offers a free trial.

Operto operating system view

With a system such as Operto, you and your guest can control every aspect of their stay -  Credit:

Hotel management software: ‘Efficient and simple’ 

As the list above shows, the functions and capabilities of PMS platforms—and their myriad add-ons—are almost endless. Depending on the system, you can tailor the right software to your exact business and needs, without feeling clinical or cold.

As Ryan Kileen, GM of Operto partner The Annex hotel says: “Tech can really personalize the interaction without it feeling fabricated...Today everyone is on their smart devices and it really makes sense for that channel to be how you communicate access, how you interact with guest requests and allow them to discover something new.”

Killeen also explains how Operto has allowed The Annex “to operate extremely efficiently” because it “modernizes the check-in experience” and is “also fantastic from a back-end standpoint with things like housekeeping and access to room data for more efficient operations”.

Overall, he says: 

“Operto has been fantastic for the hotel. When guests arrive all they have to do is place their palm over a keypad and enter a code and they're given access to the room. It's always fun to watch people when they first realize how simple it is!”

Ryan Kileen


Because Operto goes even further than a simple PMS, working as an extra bridge between existing management platforms to offer even more flexibility and guest control. 

And, our expertise and intuitive platform—which doesn’t require any special hardware or complicated software to work—means we can make your switchover to digital as fast, painless, good value, and seamless as possible. 

When you work with a service such as Operto, it’s easy and cost-effective to make the switch to automation, because we work with you as a partner throughout the entire process, and offer tailored support throughout.

We don’t just see our customers as “clients”: we see them as long-term partners. We’re there for you the entire way, whether you want to completely change your guest room door hardware and PMS set-up or don’t consider yourself especially tech-focused. 

Platforms such as Operto are for every hotel and short-term rental operator today, not only the “super high-tech” ones. Because digital systems are going mainstream, fast.

The best management software: The future of hospitality

As the hotel industry continues to adapt to the twin challenges of Covid, along with escalating guest expectations of on-demand, super-connected, digital services, installing powerful hotel management software is becoming increasingly crucial and welcomed by guests.

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Picture this: with a modern and powerful management system, your guests are granted their access details and vital information right from booking onwards, so they feel at ease, in control, and welcomed before they even arrive.

If they get to your property late, tired, or stressed, guests can go straight to their room with ease, without needing to wait in a line at reception or make excess contact with expensive, all-day staff. There’s no risk of them losing their key or having to come back to the front desk to resolve any questions or issues.

They can even personalize their room to their needs—such as controlling heat and AC—and communicate with staff remotely and easily through the same portal they used to check-in, connect to Wi-Fi, check out the local area, and more.

The result is an increase in guest satisfaction and convenience combined with a reduction in operating costs through efficiency.

Meanwhile, your staff has an overview of everything including bookings, payments, check-ins, upsells, housekeeping, maintenance, and more—all from one single system which keeps it all connected and give you complete control.

It’s clear: automated, digital hotel technology is no longer a “nice to have” but a real “must-have” for your business today.

Connect your operations

Automating your hotel management is possible.