Nuki + Smoobu Smart Lock Integrations

Automate guest access with your Smoobu + Nuki smart lock integration.

Provide the secure, contactless, app-free check-in experience modern guests expect with automatically generated access codes. Connect Nuki to Smoobu for improved security and streamlined operations.

Popular Smoobu + Nuki workflows

Guest Codes
Assign new door codes and send them to guests as soon as they book.
Smart Devices
Integrate smart locks with your other smart home devices for real-time occupancy monitoring and alerts.
Staff Codes
Automatically generate secure door codes for cleaners and maintenance staff.

Do even more with Smoobu + Operto Connect

With Operto Connect, you can keep more than just these two tools in a single dashboard. You can keep your whole tech stack. Here are some popular ways property managers use Operto Connect:

Generate Door Codes
Automatically create new temporary access codes, share them with guests when your PMS confirms a booking, and update your dynamic pricing tool.
Noise Alerts
Recieve real-time notifications from your noise monitoring smart devices to communicate with your guests if noise levels are too high.
Digital Guidebooks
Automatically share your digital guidebook with guests when your PMS confirms a booking, auto-create a cleaning schedule for staff, and automate in-room temperature control for check-in.
Set Maintenance Tasks
Get real-time alerts about sudden temperature changes, create an automated maintenance schedule, and message guests to let them know about cleaning timing.

Smoobu how-to’s

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About Smoobu

Smoobu ensures that all your bookings are automatically synced across all your booking portals. Channel Manager, PMS, Booking Engine, Rates Synchronisation, Website, Communications, Guest Guide, Check-in Online, Reviews & more. Over 200.000 listings worldwide. 5-Star Support.

About Operto Tech

Operto Tech connects all your smart locks and devices with Smoobu to give you a powerful, integrated tech stack that’s accessible in a single dashboard. Gain operational control and a 10,000-foot view of all your properties. Anywhere, anytime, on any device.