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How to Automatically Generate Door Codes with Smoobu

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Maddie Thomposon | Staff Writer

Smart locks offer the contactless self check-in experience modern guests expect—but manually generating, sharing, and deactivating unique access codes is highly inefficient. 

So Operto automates the entire process to save you time and money. Operto integrates with Smoobu and your smart locks to automatically generate unique, temporary access codes, share them with your guests, and deactivate them after check-out.

With zero manual effort on your part, and no setup


Here's how it works.

Want to save time and money by automating manual processes?

Operto automatically creates and shares door codes with guests, so you don’t have to.

Automatically generate new door codes when a guest checks in

Here’s how automatic code generation works:

  1. When a reservation is generated in Smoobu, the details are automatically sent to Operto.
  2. Operto generates unique, temporary door access codes.
  3. The access codes are sent to your smart lock at a pre-specified time before the scheduled check-in time. You tell us when during onboarding, and we do the rest.

Codes are automatically mirrored onto every door guests have permission to enter, including main entrances and amenity rooms.

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Here’s how your guests experience the check-in process.

Automatically push new door codes to guests 

  • Guests receive their door codes either after they check in online or at a pre-specified time, so they can independently access the property on arrival.
  • During onboarding, you tell us how you want guests to receive door codes. There are three options:
Via Operto Guest

For guests using Operto Guest on their smartphones, access codes are displayed on Operto’s web-based app. There’s no need for guests to download anything or set up an account.

Operto Guest allows guests to view door codes on their smartphone

From Smoobu or via email

Operto automatically sends the access codes back to Smoobu, where they’re shared with your guest, or directly to them via email.

On arrival, guests enter the door code in your smart lock to access the property and start enjoying their stay.

Smart level lock and smartphone showing door code in Operto Guest
Automatically deactivate door codes once a guest has checked out.

Deactivating access codes is also automated, so there’s nothing to do on your side.

  1. Guests can check out via Operto Guest or your own system, or just leave and close the door.
  2. Operto automatically deactivates the door codes after the scheduled check-out time. This can be at the precise check-out time or a little while afterward if you want to give them a time buffer to retrieve anything they may have left behind.
    You choose when you want codes to be deactivated, and we take care of the rest.
  3. You receive an automated notification to let you know your guest has checked out and the property is ready for cleaning—plus you can send an automated notification to your cleaning teams.
Three panels showing Operto Tech cleaning notifications and status updates

Operto gives you 24/7 visibility of what’s happening on all your properties, on any device  

Want to save time and money by automating manual processes?

Operto automatically generates and shares door codes with your guests, so you don’t have to.

How to onboard to Operto.

1. First, find your smart lock brand among Operto’s integrations.

We work with:

  • August
  • Yale AssureSalto
  • Igloohome
  • Kwikset
  • Nuki
  • Schlage
  • Yale Keyless Connected
  • Yale Keyless Connexis
  • Yale Linus
  • Yale nexTouch

2. Now Get in Touch to set up your account and start the onboarding process.

3. Once the integration with Smoobu and your smart locks has been completed, we take care of the rest (setting up automations for code generation, deactivation and guest messaging).

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Alt text Yale and Salto smart locks

Operto works with all major smart lock brands 

Want to save time and money by automating manual processes?

Operto automatically creates and shares door codes with guests, so you don’t have to.