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How to Verify Guest IDs with Guesty.

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Maddie Thomposon | Staff Writer

Nobody wants their vacation property to be the next “nightmare Airbnb” story, with guests who trash the place, disrespect the rules, and upset the neighbors or locals, or worse. 

Even the stress of worrying about it is bad enough, and manually checking every single guest ID is time-consuming, not to mention a data security risk.

That’s why checking your guests’ ID and verifying their background with dedicated technology is so important, and why Operto integrates with Guesty to automatically assess risk,  detect fraud, verify identities, check criminal background, and even alert you to fake IDs.

All with zero extra manual work from you once the simple set-up is completed. Here’s how to do it.

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How to verify guest IDs with Guesty in 3 simple steps

Operto’s digital verification helps you check guest IDs every time, without any extra manual work once it’s connected to your PMS.

1. Integrate Operto with Guesty

Connect Operto with Guesty. Log into Guesty and your Operto account, and follow the instructions in your Guesty integrations dashboard to integrate the platforms. For more information, see our breakdown on ‘Setting up your PMS’.

Once connected, Operto will capture all your latest booking details from Guesty, and check guest IDs as part of the digital confirmation and check-in process.

2. Customize your verification requirements

The level of verification you need will depend on a variety of factors, including:

  • Your business model
  • The type of property
  • Your location and the local laws and regulations
  • How much you’re willing to monitor the property during guest stays
  • The level of risk you are comfortable with

You may simply want to verify that the guest ID matches their credit card details and is a government-issued photo card, for example. Others will want a full background check, financial credit check, or criminal records search.

Automating this process using Operto’s dedicated digital guest verification solution means guest data is analyzed and protected.   

Now, every guest that books with you using Guesty is verified as part of their booking and check-in process.

Want more workflows?

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3. All Guesty bookings now use Operto digital verification

With Guesty and Operto connected, each guest is automatically checked as part of the check-in flow. 

This means a frictionless check-in experience for guests, and is crucial to any “front deskless” solution, allowing you to:

  • Minimize your dependency on front desks and staff
  • Get guests to  their rooms faster with no frustrating lines and delays
  • Fully optimize the entire check-in process 

Here are the steps your guest experiences: 

  • Before check-in, guests are sent a link, where they’re asked to complete some information as part of their reservation with Guesty.
Operto Guest Verification
  • They provide their IDs securely via Operto Guest’s digital verification platform, according to the customized requirements you’ve set up.
Operto Guest Verification Upload Documentation and Photo ID
  • The guest then continues their guest journey (including receiving all the information they need for their stay, such as directions, smart lock code, and WiFi password) via Operto Guest, Operto’s mobile-optimized web app.
Operto Guest Verification Upload Documentation and Photo ID

Automated Guesty guest screening with Operto digital verification

Setting up automated guest ID verification by integrating Guesty with Operto makes checking guest IDs and backgrounds simple and fast. There’s no friction for the guest, and no extra work for you.

Say goodbye to damaging parties, and hello to property peace of mind.

Want to ensure the security and safety of your vacation property?

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