How to track staff hours with Lavanda

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Maddie Thompson | Staff Writer


How to Track Staff Hours with Lavanda

Accurate tracking of staff hours is essential for payroll reporting and to maximize operational efficiency.

But any limits with your existing the employee management solution, like not accurately handling last-minute booking changes, can cause huge operational headaches.


How tracking staff hours benefits your business

Fortunately, it’s easy to connect Lavanda to Operto Teams to automate and streamline staff time tracking for an accurate, real-time overview of what’s happening on all your properties.

This means you can take better data-driven decisions, and spend less time keeping on top of staff hours and more time growing your business.

Now see how to track staff hours with Lavanda in two simple steps.

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There are lots of reasons to track staff time apart from for payroll reporting purposes.

Real-time and retrospective time tracking allows you to: 

  • See whether your staff are working efficiently
  • Know whether you’re paying them correctly
  • Know whether the time estimated to complete operational tasks is accurate 
  • Identify issues with operational procedures and make improvements
  • Adjust payment modalities or amounts (for instance, if cleaning took longer than expected or you have to schedule a repair because guests trashed the property)
  • Manage staff scheduling
  • Understand busier and slower periods, which allows you to forecast staff scheduling and plan for staff vacations, special events, renovations, and time-consuming tasks like deep cleans and special maintenance
  • Look at your property portfolio and identify unprofitable properties (or guests) based on detailed reports of staff time invested in specific properties

Staff Hours

How to track staff hours with Lavanda

1. Connect Lavanda to Operto Teams

To get set up with Operto Teams: 

  1. Create your Operto Teams account. 
  2. Connect Lavanda to Operto Teams via your API to automatically import all your properties and latest booking information.  
  3. Complete your Operto Teams setup by configuring settings, including property regions, departments, pay rates, task rules, and checklists.

Now, all your latest booking information will auto-generate cleaning tasks, as customized by your task rules.

See our Lavanda integrations page for the full range of integrations with third-party tools. 

2. Enable time tracking

By enabling time tracking, Operto Teams can track clocking in and out across all your staff and tasks. Administrators can make adjustments, and reports can be generated for payroll, billing, and reviews.

  1. Go Setup > Staff
  2. Cick Edit
  3. Check Time Tracking Enabled

Want an easier way to track and view staff hours?

Operto integrates with Lavanda for one-click time tracking and comprehensive reporting.

How staff clock in and clock out

Once staff have installed the Staff Dashboard to their device, they can clock in and out each day form their smartphones, and start, pause, and complete tasks using the on-screen buttons. 

For more information, see our usage article here.

It’s easy for staff to track time with just one click in the Staff Dashboard.

Time can be tracked as “time on task” and time between tasks, known as “drive load time.” Both are important since, even if you’re paying by time-on-task, ever-changing schedules can impact drive load time, for example, if a guest requests an early check-in or checks out early. 

Operto Teams Staff Dashboard


Using your tracking dashboard

Scheduling Calendar

The Scheduling Calendar gives administrators an at-a-glance view of which properties have auto-generated cleaning schedules as a result of bookings imported from Lavanda.
Operto Teams Scheduling Calendar from within your dashboard.
Access your Scheduling Calendar from within your dashboard to see which properties have scheduled cleans in place.

Tracking Dashboard

This dashboard shows you where each team member is and which task they’re engaged with in real-time. Once a task has been completed, you can see how much time the staff member has spent on it. If they go over the pre-estimated time, Operto Teams will flag this up so you can take action to address the issue, if necessary.
Operto Teams time tracking dashboard showing tasks that took longer than estimated in red
The Operto Teams Tracking dashboard lets you see exactly where your staff are and what tasks they’re engaged in at any time.


Different ways to pull time-tracking reports with Lavanda

1. Pay per hour report

This report is generated for each staff member to show exactly how many hours they worked each day, so you can multiply this by their pay rate.
Operto Teams time tracking dashboard showing tasks that took longer than estimated in red

Operto Teams flags up tasks that take longer to complete than estimated.  

2. Pay-per-day report

Use this report if you pay staff by the day or shift using clock-in and clock-out times.
Operto Teams dashboard showing staff time tracking by full day.
Use this Operto Teams dashboard to pay staff by the day.

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Check out our Lavanda integrations.

3. Blended payment report

It’s common for different tasks to be paid using different payment modalities. For example, cleaning is often paid at a flat per-task rate, and maintenance is often paid per hour.

If this is the case for your business, viewing blended payments allows you to see total pay per and time tracked per task, and to adjust each tasks pay type and rate. total time logged, time-on-task, and drive load time in one report.

This Operto Teams dashboard yields a detailed Time Tracking Overview report.

Want to save time and money by automating manual processes?
Want more workflows? Check out our Operto Teams to Lavanda integrations

Rounding Up

Accurate staff time tracking is essential for payroll reporting, staff management and scheduling, performance tracking, and to improve operational efficiency and take C-level decisions to maximize profitability.

Integrating Operto Teams with Lavanda makes it easy to onboard staff members so they can quickly start tracking time more accurately on each and every task right from their personal devices. While you get an accurate 360° view of what’s happening on all your properties, anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Want an easier way to track and view staff hours?

Operto integrates with Lavanda for one-click time tracking and comprehensive reporting.