Operto Teams

Features that let you coordinate, delegate, verify and relax.

Operto Teams benefits both guests and owners through features that embody superior property care.

Feature Highlights

Property Management Software (PMS) Integration

Communicates directly with PMS through API to gain access to additional information.
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Administrative Dashboard

Top level view of issues and tasks to know immediately, from anywhere, what needs attention.

Drag and Drop Staff Scheduling

Quickly adjust staff assignments and dates with the visual scheduling tool.

Quickbooks Integration

Push Billing and Payroll (Time Tracking) information into quickbooks. Versions supported: Quickbooks Online, Quickbook Desktop Enterprise, Quickbooks Desktop Pro.

Time Tracking

Track staff hours per day and task.

iCal Booking Import

Import bookings from iCal links.

Master Calendar

Ticker tape view of bookings, tasks, and staff assignments.

“Operto Teams is a very comprehensive software that can provide a lot of different function to fit your different business needs.”

Verified User

Piece Pay

Auto-assign pay-per-job amounts.

Task Rules

Auto-create tasks for each new booking based on service rules. Set unlimited rules based on check-in, check-out, mid-stay, mid-vacancy and on a set schedule. Assign default staff and estimate time to complete.

Bookings Sync

Auto-import bookings from AirBnB, Homeaway, LiveRes and any other iCal feed.

Link to other Operto Teams Customers

Auto-sync bookings and completed tasks from cleaners and hot tub servicers (and more!) for even more visibility into operations.


View all future work hours estimated to plan staffing.

Stripe Integration

Charge owners for tasks completed through Stripe payment processing. Owners can vault cards in Stripe for immediate payment.


Pull reports for payroll and billing by property, owner, staff and more. Pull additional reports for time tracking, issues, bookings and notifications.

Workload Balancing Support

Easily see hours per person/day to ensure workloads are balanced.

Linen Packing

Create reports for your laundry room.

Onboarding Process

Step by Step Onboarding

Easy to use onboarding guide with videos.

Training and Support

Online or in-person training and setup support.

Setup Mode

Stay in setup mode for training until go live.


Multiple Properties per Owner

Attach the same owner to multiple properties for easier reporting.

Multiple Import Links per Property

Import from AirBnb, HomeAway and any other booking site for each property.

Private Homes and Commercial Properties

Merge non-vacation rental and commercial property tasks onto one calendar so staff schedules are complete.


Upload images to keep staff informed when servicing the property.
“Operto Teams is a great product with a terrific support team, we love it.”

John, Director

Door Codes

Ensure staff has the information they need to access properties.

Property Notes

Upload a PDF document for staff to view.


Sort properties within physical regions to assist in driving route optimization.


Color coded regions for easy assignments.


iCal Imports

Import bookings from AirBnB, Homeaway, Liveres or any other booking software with an iCal feed.

Manual Booking Entry

Administrators and owners can enter bookings and/or owner stays manually.

Custom Imports

Don’t have iCals? Our programmers can work with any system.

Booking Overlap Report

Helpful to prevent double bookings.

Adjust Information per Booking

Enter number of adults, children and pets to keep staff informed. Enter check-in and check-out times to ensure tasks are auto-scheduled correctly.

Booking Notes

Custom notes per booking to keep staff informed.

Automation and Tracking

Task Rules

Auto-create tasks for each new booking based on customized rules.

Team Tasks

Assign multiple staff to a task for team cleans and other team services.

Task Time Estimate

Set estimated times to complete each task to help schedule effectively.

Standard Tasks

Quickly add additional tasks as needed for special projects.

Issues and Work Order Management

All submitted issues are collected into one central location so nothing slips through the cracks.

Booking Notes

Custom notes per booking to keep staff informed.


Staff Mobile Dashboards

Keep staff on task in the field with all the information they need. Information can include notes, checklists, images, videos, PDFs and more. Staff can instantly submit issues with images or videos. Custom task checklists can include video and image uploads, check boxes and more specific to the property.

Work Days

Set standard work days for each staff member. Assign backup staff to cover days off.

Piece Pay

Track pay-per-job tasks. Pull pay period reports of pay owed.

Time Tracking

Track staff time on task, and the entire shift. Pull pay period reports of time worked, or sync to Quickbooks.



Pull reports for payroll and billing by property, owner, staff and more. Pull additional reports for time tracking, issues, bookings and notifications.

Quick Reports

Printable day by day reports of arrivals, departures and tasks.

Forecasting Reports

Pull estimated work hours by department for all future bookings.

Vendors and Owners

Vendor Dashboards

Vendors can vew booking calendars and submit completed tasks on assigned properties.

Vendor Notifications

Send monthly or weekly booking lists. Send last minute bookings and cancellations.

Optional Owner Dashboards

Owners can enter owner stays, and view booking calendars.

Owner Notifications

Allow staff to send a note to owner when tasks are complete. Auto-send custom notifications for upcoming tasks and recently completed.

Owner Billing

Charge credit cards or ACH through Stripe.

Owner Reports

Option for owners to see completion reports and future tasks.

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