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The Cost of Installing Keyless Hotel Door Locks in 2023

Keyless locks and mobile self check-in allow you to remove a significant amount of your operational workload away from your teams – and deliver a more flexible, autonomous stay for your guests.

But the cost of installing keyless hotel door locks can be high, and investing thousands of dollars is simply a non-starter for most boutique hotels. Thankfully, technology has changed that, making online check-in and digital access achievable for even small hotels.

In this article we explore both the initial fees and hidden expenses of commercial-grade digital door locks, and look at the cutting-edge solution that will save you money and give you access to a full suite of automation tools.

Save money on keyless access by upgrading your locks without changing the hardware.

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Keyless hotel door locks: Brands, features, costs

Keyless hotel door locks use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and, most often, the guest’s personal smart device, to provide guests with access so they can head straight to their rooms on arrival without any waiting time at the front desk. 


Unlike with traditional keycard systems, Bluetooth door lock technology provides you with a remote access management solution that’s intuitive for guests, matching their in-app experiences in the workplace and at home.    


This type of system allows you to reduce your team’s workload and cut down on staff as your guests bypass the front desk. We explore how this independent check-in process works and how it boosts the guest experience later in the article.  


Here you can see an overview of the typical costs associated with some of the most recognized brands of keyless hotel door locks:


Commercial-grade digital hotel lock solution


Mobile access compatible

RF Online capability (wireless)

Access  management and guest experience app

Lock prices

Operto Boost

Upgrades existing locks with Boost Smart Chip

From $4/month per door


Vingard Essence

Digital door lock

But unbranded

Quoted per project. We estimate approx. $500

Salto XS4

Digital door lock

But limited guest experience functionality 

From $903,62*

Dormakaba M5

Digital door lock

But limited guest experience functionality 

From $514*


*Based on and pricing at the time of publication.


Please note that this is not an extensive list, pricing may be subject to change, and there are other highly reputable keyless lock brands you can consider, like Onity and Saflok.


Factors that influence the cost of keyless hotel door lock installation

In addition to the high initial cost of keyless locks, there are often additional expenses that follow. Here we look at all the factors you need to consider before switching out your access control systems.


The installation process

One of the main expenses involved with buying new locks is the cost of hiring maintenance staff to install them. This usually amounts to between $150 and $250 per lock. Plus, if there isn’t a certified installation network in your area, there may be a higher charge for expenses as part of the installation service.


Note: Operto Boost is so easy to install that your team can handle it themselves. You’ll just need to insert a chip inside your existing lock in a process that usually takes less than 15 minutes.


Recurring maintenance costs

There’s often a recurring fee for the access software and for the maintenance of your physical locks. 


The first is a cost you’ll be committed to for as long as you want to use the mobile key feature, which is integral to delivering a digital guest experience. Meanwhile, the monthly maintenance fee is optional but in most cases recommended, since many traditional locksmiths don’t work with smart locks.


Meeting fire inspection requirements 

When you implement a new lock, you have to evaluate whether the entire door will still pass fire inspections. Fire codes might have changed in the time since you fitted it, and you’ll need to assess every part from the door handle to the hinges. And, if there are several issues, you could have to replace the entire door.


Supply chain delays 

Supply chain issues, stemming from disruptions during the pandemic, continue to have an impact on sourcing materials and delivery backlogs. As a result, you may need to wait three to six months for your new locks to arrive.


While you wait to swap out your hardware, some maintenance costs can change, which makes budgeting more complicated. Also, once you’ve placed an order, the waiting time is out of your hands. In most cases, this won’t present a huge problem, but it can also cause unforeseen interruptions depending on when your high season is. 


Integrated guest experience solution

It’s not just direct installation costs you have to think about when choosing new locks. To manage access and self check-in, you’ll need a guest experience solution that integrates with them. Most providers offer this, but many of their apps are unbranded and don’t provide much in terms of guest experience. And this may mean you have to pay for a third-party solution. 


When you upgrade your locks with Operto Boost, on the other hand, you gain access to our integrated, branded guest experience platform, Operto Guest. This gives your guests flexibility, control, and a streamlined digital experience. 


Upon booking, your guests will be sent a link to the web app. From here, they will:


  • Be guided through the check-in process
  • Verify their ID and complete payment of your security deposit
  • Gain access to their mobile key
  • Be able independently access their room on arrival
Screenshot of Operto’s mobile self check-in solution
Create a great first impression with a branded check-in process through Operto Guest.

Inside Operto Guest, you can also create and customize digital guidebooks which include everything your guests need before they even arrive. 


With Operto Guest, your guests can see:


  • How to check in
  • How to arrive and park
  • How to access their room
  • How to connect to your Wi-Fi service
  • Insights into all your amenities and services
  • Information about the local area
  • Personalized upsells
  • Check-out times and details

What’s more, you can give them the independent experience they’re seeking by allowing them to book poolside service, discover local attractions, and more all in one place with easy links.   



Access solution software also makes life easier for your team, by giving them quick insights into occupancy, bookings, tech integrations, and more. 


For example, staff can see when someone has checked out and get a headstart on turning over the room. 

What are the benefits of installing a keyless door lock in your hotel?

Installing keyless locks with integrated management software allows you to make meaningful improvements to your operational efficiency. Your team will no longer have to spend time setting up keycards, handling access, and completing check-in forms and deposits. And you can optimize your staffing needs. 


By giving your guests a more independent stay, you also meet the modern expectations that have evolved with the growth in popularity of short-term rentals. Guests are looking for frictionless check-in and an easy way to contact staff 24 hours a day. Self-service check-in and a great guest experience platform make this possible. 


Learn how Roomza, a 60-room hotel with no front desk, operates successfully and optimizes the guest experience with Operto’s keyless entry in a recent conversation we had with founder, Curtis Crimmins. 


Inside Operto Guest, for example, you can use two-way messaging to help guests even when you don’t have your team on-site. And you unlock a range of guest experience-focused features (such as digital guidebooks) when you upgrade your locks with Boost.  


What’s more, without the need to process check-in for each guest as they arrive, your team can provide a more attentive service in person. Instead of rushing through a line of guests, they can offer local recommendations, respond to guest requests, and develop a rapport that would be impossible without the breathing space today’s hotel technology facilitates. 

Screenshot of Operto Guest chat solution
See all guest communication in one easy dashboard with Operto Guest’s messaging solution

Avoiding the costs when installing smart locks

Though digital locks are an obvious choice for hotels looking to boost the guest experience and reduce labor costs, commercial-grade locks are often prohibitively expensive. 


Plus, with some models, you have to replace your entire door and wait around for parts, and with others, you get locked into paying ongoing maintenance fees.

With Operto Boost, you get a simple way to upgrade your locks without upfront or hidden costs. Instead of paying 1000s of dollars for the hardware and its installation, you can spend just a few dollars per door to form the basis of a digital guest journey and streamline your operations.

Save money on keyless access by upgrading your locks without changing the hardware.

Learn more about Operto Boost.