How Going Green Helps Make Your Hotel Become Sustainable

Operto Guest Technologies White Papers

JULY 2021

Sustainable Hotels. How Going Green Helps your Hotel.

We surveyed 169 travellers about how they choose and prioritize sustainability in hotels. It’s becoming clearer that hospitality providers have a huge responsibility when it comes to staying green. More than that—guests are increasingly expecting operators to provide more sustainable options and to be held accountable. Some guests would even pay up to 75% more for an eco-friendly choice, according to our study. That’s one result from the 5 questions we asked travellers about their sustainable choices. Learn more inside.

What’s inside.

Not only is it the right thing to do for the world—going green is the right thing to do for your business, too. We ran a study on guest preferences and present it in this free paper called Sustainable Hotels: Why Going Green Helps Your Hotel.

  • How guests perceive the responsibility of sustainability in travel
  • How guests choose hotels today and where they’ll spend more
  • What’s most concerning to guests
  • What hotels can do today to be more sustainable