Hotel Guest Experience Software for a Stay They’ll Remember

Guest expectations are changing. Because of the rise of short-term rentals, travelers are looking for tech-enabled, autonomous, and personalized stays at hotels, too. 

They don’t want to line up at a front desk to be manually checked in with a rush of information about amenities and services. Instead, they want to easily access the insights they care about most, receive personalized recommendations, and check in contactlessly and independently. 

In this article, we explore how hotel guest experience software allows you to facilitate this type of experience. We also look at how, by replacing manual tasks, it can make life easier for your understaffed and burnt-out teams.

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Why do hotels need guest experience software?

You can use guest experience software to curate the guest journey from the moment they book. Collect guest contact details, monitor room access, control temperature settings, and offer additional services from your all-in-one dashboard, the Manager Portal. 

No more waiting at the front desk

Let your guests say goodbye to lines and headaches upon arrival, and instead embrace contactless check-in and in-app concierge services with Operto’s digital hospitality solutions.  

Give guests the control they expect

Travelers want speed and ease throughout their vacation. With Operto Guest, they’ll receive unique mobile access and your digital guides straight to the palm of their hand, along with all your other information on services and special offers.

Create experiences guests remember

Guests yearn for stress-free travel. And with two-way guest messaging, contactless check-in, and digital guidebooks (which we look at in more detail in the next section), you can provide the frictionless experience the modern guest is looking for. 

Operto Guest messaging

Reduce your front desk’s workload

When you’re struggling to adequately staff your front desk, the team you rely so much on can easily become overwhelmed. But contactless check-in, a guest experience platform, and automation tools take all that stress away by taking on time-consuming tasks.  

For example, with Operto Guest’s mobile check-in and access (we look at cost-effective installation of a digital access system, below), your staff no longer need to give out keys, manage access, or verify passports and driver’s licenses. 

Instead, guests can arrive and head straight to their rooms—while you can cut down on your front desk’s operating hours and reduce labor costs

Here’s how the streamlined check-in process works with Operto: 

  • Operto syncs with your PMS and digital locks 
  • When your guest books, they’re automatically sent a link to a branded web app
  • The software asks them to verify their identity and complete a security deposit 
  • Then, the guest receives a mobile key which activates according to their check-in time
  • They’ll also get access to two-way messaging and your branded digital guidebook, which contains helpful information that adds to their independence (more on this later)

Next, we explore more about how this software works for your teams, how they can manage access, and how you can experience all these benefits without the upfront costs of replacing your locks.

Access control and device management from your dashboard

Your team can use Operto to manage keyless locks and integrated smart devices by bringing your tech stack and operations together within an all-in-one Manager’s Dashboard.

Digital check-in and check-out

With Operto, mobile keys are automatically generated for your team and guests. You’ll also gain a complete view of access information, real-time occupancy status, and guest messaging.

Operto Guest check-in

Remote thermostat control

You can set temperatures ahead of time so guests arrive in maximum comfort as you automate energy savings with a smart thermostat that works based on check-in times and occupancy. 

Noise monitoring

Be proactive in preventing damage and disturbances with 24/7 noise monitoring, pre-set noise-level thresholds, and automated guest notifications. 

Upgrade your existing locks and go digital with Operto Boost

With Operto Boost, you can upgrade to smart locks, gain access to guest experience and management tools, and start offering mobile check-in—and avoid the cost of replacing your old locks.

By easily slotting into most commercial hotel locks, the Boost Smart Chip gives you a digital access solution that lets you keep your existing hardware.

This means lower installation and maintenance expenses. You’ll also avoid needing to replace parts of your door that no longer meet fire code standards. 

Installing Boost Chips is so easy, you can do it yourself in minutes. And after, you’ll instantly unlock access to our guest experience solutions. This includes the digital guidebooks we explore in the next section.

The best vacations start with guides

Digital guidebooks give guests the insights they need to independently navigate your hotel, your services, and your local area without needing to speak to your staff in person. So your team is freed up to interact more meaningfully with guests, develop a rapport, and better meet their needs throughout their stay. 

You can use digital guidebooks to:

  • Welcome guests and begin their journey 
  • Provide insights and recommendations about your amenities and events
  • Easily change between content each season
  • Promote upsell opportunities
  • Recommend the services of local partners
  • Manage direct messaging 

Welcome guests and begin their journey

Inside Operto Guest, you can easily customize digital guidebooks to create a unique first impression. Because they’re shared as soon as your guest makes a booking, they increase brand engagement and reduce cancellations.   

Provide insights and recommendations

When customizing your guidebooks, you can create new categories and pages with the click of a button, easily upload images and videos, and use automated multi-language translations. With information about Wi-Fi codes, amenities, parking, local services, and more, your guests will arrive knowing exactly what they want to do and how to do it.  

Easily change between content each season

Modify content for the changing seasons so guests always see what’s most relevant to their stay. Inside Operto Guest, you can instantly switch between an outdoor pool in the summer and nearby ski hill in the winter by using the slider button.
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Promote upsell opportunities

Inside Operto Guest’s mobile app, you can use smart buttons to upsell your hotel’s features. With a single click, your guests can order room service, book an upcoming event, or arrange equipment hire.

Recommend the services of local partners

Promote local businesses right in the web app. Give guests your dining and experience recommendations and strengthen your relationship with local partners.

Manage direct messaging

Inside Operto Guest, you can use two-way chat to quickly resolve any guest issues or requests. If someone is missing bath towels, for example, a remote team can manage the guest communications and then coordinate staff using Operto Teams’ task management software.  

Boosting engagement with guest experience software

Guest experience software takes manual work away from your team so they can give more time and energy to providing attentive service to your guests. Plus, it offers the kind of personalized, autonomous stay modern guests are looking for. 

At the same time, digital guidebooks and two-way messaging boost pre-stay guest engagement, while, through a mobile access solution, you can give guests convenient, contactless check-in.

And, with Operto Boost, accessing these solutions doesn’t need to be expensive. You can upgrade your locks to smart locks, keep your existing hardware, and unlock guest experience and management software for a fraction of the cost.

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Frequently asked questions about hotel guest experience software 

What is the purpose of hotel guest experience software?

Guest experience software boosts guest satisfaction and engagement by providing travelers with valuable information before and during their stay. It also makes the role of hotel front desk staff easier by automating tasks like check-in and access management.

What software tools are used by hotels? 

The best guest experience software includes solutions for contactless check-in and access control, digital guidebooks, and two-way messaging. Operto Guest, for example, connects all these tools in a user-friendly web app for guests, and an all-in-one dashboard for the management team.

How can I improve my hotel guest experience?

You can improve your hotel guest experience with hotel guest experience software. Streamline all your hotel management and guest communication in a single all-in-one dashboard to give guests contactless check-in, digital guides, and in-room smart devices.