4 DACK Alternatives for Short-Term Rental Property Managers

If you’re considering DACK (or switching from it) you know it’s time to sign on with a guest experience software solution. DACK comes with a lot of great features, like in-app upsells and digital check-in, but so do many other similar platforms. So which is best for you?. 

Here we look at other solutions that can offer you the functionality of DACK while giving you extra features that help you streamline and automate your operations. We’ve compiled the best DACK alternatives: 

  1. Operto Guest

  2. YourWelcome

  3. Duve

  4. Alice

Find which of these guest engagement solutions can help you perfect your short-term rental business while saving you valuable time.

Operto gives you the power to create a guest experience that will surprise and delight. Discover why Operto Guest is the ideal guest experience software solution for your business.

What is DACK?

DACK is a mobile-first guest experience platform that allows short-term rental hosts to provide guests with digital access, property guides, contactless check-in, curated recommendations, and custom upsells. 

The software integrates with various PMSs and channel managers so you can oversee all your reservations in one place. When a guest books with a DACK property, they must download DACK’s native mobile app to check in and access all the solution’s features.

DACK app home screen
DACK app property guide

Guests can unlock the door, connect to WiFi, adjust the temperature, and find helpful information about your property within the DACK app.

DACK features

DACK’s features facilitate a digital guest experience that gives guests easy access to all the information they need while saving hosts time. When you sign up with DACK, you get:

  • Contact-free check-in and check-out (and automated early check-in)
  • Property and local area guides
  • In-app upsells
  • In-app connections with third-party vendors
  • Guest verification capabilities
  • Guest messaging capabilities
  • One-touch wifi connection
  • Thermostat controls, noise monitoring, and smart lighting
  • Integrations with various cloud providers, PMS vendors, smart locks, and smart home devices

DACK pricing

DACK’s pricing model isn’t publicly available, but the DACK website states that “pricing is based on the number of units that you manage and have active on the DACK platform.”

What users say

When it comes to user reviews for DACK, many hosts and guests are impressed by the positive impact it can have on the guest experience. Guests love the opportunity to purchase additional services in-app, as well as the convenience of keyless access and digital temperature control.
DACK positive review

However, some users have reported issues when using the app, which is one of the reasons why relying on a native mobile app for your guest experience software solution can be risky.

Best alternatives to DACK 

When looking for a guest experience software solution, you should prioritize features that will enhance the guest experience while making your life easier. This includes tools like 

  • Digital check-in

  • Seamless PMS integrations

  • Customizable digital guides

  • Guest messaging

  • Smart tech compatibility

If you’re looking for an alternative to DACK for your guest experience software, there are a number of other great options on the market. We’ll be taking a look at the following solutions and how they match up against DACK:

  • Operto Guest

  • YourWelcome

  • Duve

  • Alice

1. Operto Guest: Enhance the guest and host experience 

Operto Guest is a comprehensive guest experience software that simplifies hosts’ lives while creating an exceptional guest experience. This is possible thanks to features like smart device compatibility, customizable digital guidebooks, PMS integration, and seamless guest messaging. 

Unlike DACK, guests access the Operto Guest platform on a mobile-optimized web app, which is quick and simple to use, meaning they don’t have to download a native mobile app in order to enjoy the value of Operto. 

Operto Guest web app home screen

Guests have access to all the information they need on Operto’s white-label, mobile-first web app.

Plus, Operto’s short-term rental software is much more than a guest experience solution. When you take advantage of Operto’s entire suite of short-term rental tech solutions, you can not only give your guests a better stay, but also streamline your operations and save you and your team valuable time.

Operto master calendar

With the automated Operto Teams Scheduling Calendar, you can see all your reservations in one place and stay on top of maintenance and cleaning.

And just like DACK, Operto connects to various smart devices, meaning you can use smart locks, noise monitoring devices, and smart thermostats to give your guests a convenient, frictionless experience.

Operto Guest mobile key

Operto’s keyless access gives your guests convenience and security.

With Operto Guest, you are empowered to build a lasting relationship with your guests, helping you build brand loyalty and bring in the direct bookings that will allow you to scale your business. 

Operto Guest features

Operto Guest comes with a wealth of features, like streamlined guest messaging and customizable digital guides, that elevate the guest experience while cutting down on guest questions. This makes guests more independent and gives short-term rental operators who are bogged down in guest communication, hours back each week: 

  • Customizable, white-label guest portal
  • Ability to connect with various smart devices (locks, thermostats, noise monitoring devices)
  • Unique house manuals, local guides, and other digital guidebooks for each property
  • Unlimited pages and categories within guides
  • Smart buttons that allow you to add upsells into your digital guides
  • PMS integration to share door codes and manage your reservations

Operto Guest pricing

$8 per unit, per month.

What users say

Operto Guest users are generally impressed by Operto’s ability to make their lives easier while giving their guests a better experience. One user states “[Operto has] made a huge impact on how we are able to communicate with our guests, ensure guest and staff safety, and integrate with our various systems.”

Operto customers also point out how helpful the support team is, which is a crucial element when considering a hospitality app or software solution: “Without Operto, our business growth in 2021 would have stalled, and we would not be where we are today… When I have a question, their customer support team is super responsive, and gives me the feeling that they really care. It's so nice to know that they care about my business as much as I do.”

Operto Guest users make it clear that the platform can do wonders for your short-term rental business, your productivity, and your guests.

Without Operto, our business growth in 2021 would have stalled, and we would not be where we are today.”  

Discover why Operto Guest is the ideal guest experience software solution for your business.

2. YourWelcome

YourWelcome is another guest engagement solution that allows you to offer relevant upsells to your guests and provide them with helpful information that will enhance their experience. The YourWelcome guide is displayed on a tablet, which is included with your subscription to the service. 

On this tablet, which is installed in each short-term rental property included in your subscription, guests can access helpful information like property manuals and local recommendations, as well as communicate with hosts. 

YourWelcome features

The YourWelcome Tablet package comes with various features, including:

  • Digital check-in and check-out

  • Property manuals and instructional videos

  • Digital guestbooks for local recommendations

  • Customizable upsells

  • Messaging capabilities between guests and hosts

Offer in-stay upsells to guests with YourWelcome tablet.

YourWelcome pricing

Each unit costs $199.99 per year, which includes the tablet and a free replacement on top of all the software’s capabilities. Volume pricing is available for hosts with 10 or more units.

What users say

When it comes to YourWelcome and its in-unit tablet solution, positive user feedback highlights excellent customer service, improvements in the guest experience, and productivity gains. One user states, “As well as providing real-time information for guests and ourselves, the YourWelcome tablets add that extra professional finish to our serviced apartments. They offer good value for money in our opinion and service from the support team is excellent.”

However, some users complain about issues with the tablets and PMS integration glitches. One user points out “I would suggest unless your properties are in a fairly established urban area, the tablets do not add any value”, as they didn’t benefit from any of YourWelcome tablet’s upselling capabilities.

3. Duve

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guest engagement solution, Duve is another good choice. Like Operto, it allows you to take care of various aspects of guest management all on one convenient platform. And guests don’t have to download an app to use Duve during their stay, making it accessible for guests of all demographics. 

Duve allows you to offer upsells, communicate with guests, and provide them with helpful information that will enhance their stay. Though Duve is also designed for use at hotels and hostels, it serves as a solution for short-term rental hosts as well. 

Duve features

Duve offers various features that you want in a guest engagement solution, including 

  • Digital check-in and check-out
  • Pre-arrival upsells
  • Digital guidebooks
  • Guest messaging
  • Interactive maps
  • Mobile key
Duve communication hub

See all your messages in one place in the Duve communication hub.

Duve pricing

Each unit costs $199.99 per year, which includes the tablet and a free replacement on top of all the software’s capabilities. Volume pricing is available for hosts with 10 or more units.

Duve’s pricing scheme is split into four plan options: Basic, Pro, Premium, and Enterprise: 

Basic: €6 per unit, per month

Major features including online check-in and check-out, branded guest app, and support.

Pro: €7.50 per unit, per month

Everything in the Basic plan, as well as guest communication capabilities and automated messaging.

Premium: €10 per unit, per month

Everything in the Pro plan, as well as payment processing and custom upsell capabilities.

Enterprise: Custom pricing

Everything in Premium plus advanced customization. Contact Duve.

What users say

Duve reviews are generally positive, with users highlighting guest communication, upselling capabilities, and ease of use. One user states, “with Duve you save more time for your guest experience and you make your life way easier by providing contactless check-in and check out reports. You avoid and predict the future issues.”

The qualms some users have is that certain parts of Duve aren’t entirely customizable, and it lacks short-term rental maintenance operations features that are so important for streamlining a property management business.

4. Alice

While Alice is generally targeted toward hotels, it is also a great vacation rental concierge solution. With Alice, you get guest messaging, branded digital itineraries, and upsells to help enhance the guest experience.

Plus, Alice offers other features, like housekeeping and maintenance management, so you can stay on top of operational tasks to keep your guests happy and comfortable.

Alice features

As a guest experience software, Alice’s features allow you to keep in contact with guests and anticipate their needs: 

  • Contactless check-in and check-out

  • Guest messaging capabilities

  • Pre-arrival guest communication

  • Branded itineraries

  • PMS integration

Alice SMS messaging dashboard

Like Operto, Alice also allows you to keep track of all your guest messages, all in one place.

Alice pricing

Alice’s pricing model is based on “a monthly subscription fee based on room count and which modules of ALICE are being purchased,” and you should contact the support team to get a quote if you would like to learn more about pricing.

What users say

Alice customers love how the software facilitates communication with guests and among staff. One user states, “Alice is a system which truly allows you to follow the guest's footsteps throughout their stay. You are able to know where they are, anticipate where they will be and plan accordingly based on that. It's also a platform that if used correctly can assist the entire property in communication with one another.”

However, some users complain that it lacks customization capabilities, and not everyone is pleased with the interface design, with some reviews pointing out that it is “cluttered” and “cumbersome.”

Enhance guest engagement with the right DACK alternative

While DACK allows you to offer digital check-in and check-out, helpful guidebooks, and in-app upsells, you may want a more comprehensive solution. 

With Operto’s guest engagement software, you get all the benefits offered by DACK, like guest messaging, PMS integration, and smart device compatibility. Also, with Operto Guest, you get unlimited customization so you can create the perfect digital guidebook for each one of your properties. 

Plus, when you take advantage of all Operto has to offer, you can automate your entire cleaning and maintenance workflow. Now you can stay on top of all your tasks and focus on enhancing the guest experience and scaling your short-term rental business.

Operto gives you the power to create a guest experience that will surprise and delight. Discover why Operto Guest is the ideal guest experience software solution for your business.