Operto Tech

Rent your hardware. Hardware as a Service.

Say goodbye to capital constraints and hello to seamless operations by renting hardware from Operto.

Uncover the benefits of renting your hardware.

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Operto Connect Smart Locks from Yale and Salto

Low upfront costs

Rent devices for a low monthly fee — free up capital for other strategic priorities.

Peace-of-mind ownership

Remove the worry of hardware ownership — Operto’s team of IoT experts support device replacement, troubleshooting, and maintenance.

Flexibility to transition locks

Easily move locks between properties as your needs change.

Upgrade to new devices

Stay at the forefront of technology with the option to upgrade.

Mobile key capability made easy

Update your old locks without replacing them using Operto’s Boost Smart Chip.

Discover how hardware rentals can revolutionize your business.

Full-service property managers

Provide locks as a value-added service, recouping costs through standard fee structure.

Growth-driven hospitality ventures

Preserve capital for scaling your business and allocate funds to other strategic priorities such as renovations, furnishings and technology for higher returns.

Hotels adding mobile key

Upgrade existing locks to be Bluetooth-enabled at a fraction of the cost of installing new locks and unlock mobile key capability with Operto Boost.

We offer standardized HaaS pricing for a wide variety of locks and energy management solutions. For specific pricing and customized solutions, contact our team!