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Hoteliers around the world trust Connect™ to help them deliver an unforgettable guest experience, powered by a suite of powerful solutions and contactless check-in.

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“Operto has been fantastic for the hotel. It still wows people on their first experience.”

Ryan Killeen, GM of The Annex Hotel, Canada

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Connect for Guests

Elevate your brand and provide each guest with a modern, tech-enabled stay that delivers higher ratings and increases the revenue from each reservation.

Everything your guest needs

Guests receive a warm welcome that ensures a great first impression and enhances your brand, with all the info you know they’ll ask for when they check-in.

Generate more revenue

Operto’s Guest Portal makes it easy for you to monetize early check-in and late check-out requests, as well as your own custom upsells.

Offer a true Smart Stay

The Guest Portal puts your guest in control of their own smart home. Open the lock with the tap of a button, adjust the heat or AC, and set custom temperature schedules.

No apps to download

Avoid the poor adoption rates and pitfalls of traditional guest apps. Operto’s Guest Portal is a secure web-app that can be accessed from any web browser.

Connect for Teams

Operto provides real-time insights and a suite of tools that connect your teams and empower them to perform at the highest level. Personalized views for housekeepers, maintenance, and management staff.

Clean with greater efficiency

Each housekeeper receives a personalized portal with a prioritized view of the day’s schedule, with real-time updates as guests check out.

Stay on top of maintenance

A unified platform for managing maintenance, reporting issues, and tracking work. Ensure every room in your hotel remains in top condition.

Correct issues in real time

With Access, Monitoring, and Energy & Comfort, your teams receive instant alerts for issues and events that impact your guest’s experience or the security of your rooms.

Monitor and optimize performance

Operto gives you the tools to track and optimize team performance, such as hours worked, cleaning efficiency, and other metrics that help you reward your top performers.

Connect for Smart Devices

Upgrade the performance of your hotel by implementing smart devices, seamlessly integrated with your reservations and automated by Operto. We’ll recommend the best devices that suit the needs of your property.


Provide a modern hospitality experience with contactless self check-in. Each guest receives a unique access code that eliminates the need for key cards - with no apps to download. Best of all? We automate everything through an integration with your PMS.

Meet the demand for contactless

A contactless experience is essential to today’s traveller. Delight your guests with safe and secure self check-in.

Reimagine your front desk

The traditional check-in experience is frustrating for guests and expensive for hoteliers. Reduce or eliminate front desk hours and reallocate staff to roles that add more value.

Seamless team management

Every team member uses a personal access code to enter each room. Comprehensive activity logs show you exactly who entered and when.

A complete hotel solution

Access codes for guests and team members are mirrored onto every door they have permission to enter, including main entrances and amenity rooms.


Combining noise monitoring, CO2 analysis, and smart lock data enables Operto to prevent violations and measure occupancy. Guest privacy is maintained and you can sleep soundly knowing your property is protected.

Stop parties with noise alerts

Operto alerts you when a party is raging – before your neighbor complains!

Prevent unauthorized guests

See real-time occupancy, and prevent the entire football team from crashing on the floor for a two-person reservation.

Ensure healthy spaces

Keep an eye on temperature, humidity, and air quality to ensure guest comfort and prevent mold growth.

Energy & Comfort

Guest comfort is critical to ensuring five-star reviews and repeat business. Operto ensure that each guest has a comfortable stay while also cutting down your monthly energy bill.

Ensure guest comfort

Automatically cool down the room before each guest’s arrival, or warm it up in winter. No one likes walking into a freezer.

Save on energy costs

Guest left the room or checked out without turning off the A/C? No problem - Operto does it for you.

Control all HVAC types

Operto integrates with best-in-class energy devices to provide intelligent control of thermostats, boilers, and split A/C units.


Implement Operto Connect for as little as $5 per month and start experiencing the benefits of Portals today. When you’re ready to add smart devices, our Professional plans unlock the full power of Operto.

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Case Study

Find out how The Annex hotel maximized efficiency and lowered their staff-to-rooms ratio with contactless technology powered by Operto.

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