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Salto and Operto Integration

Salto has great locks.

Operto makes them smart.

Ensure seamless experiences for guests and staff by connecting the world-class power of Salto hardware to Operto’s intuitive digital tech

Installing world-class locks is just the start; combining Salto with Operto and a great PMS is the ultimate hotel tech stack that’s secure, sustainable and truly makes you a modern, smart, eco-friendly operation


Streamline your operations now

Transform your hotel into a tech-first operation

Make the switch to contactless hotel technology and automate every stage of your hotel business, from your Salto smart locks, enabling contactless check-in without relying on keys, cards, or smartphones, to occupancy monitoring, noise monitoring, energy control, and more.

Seamless all-in-one tech integration

Salto locks alone offer great security, but Operto makes them smart. Enable contactless arrival and check-in with smart key pads or mobile keys. Link your locks to your PMS, and set up great guest communication portals. Save costs by reducing front desk staff and wait times, and enabling energy-saving in-room smart devices, and boost revenue with guest personalization, and upsells.

Establish ultimate security

Upgrade your security instantly by enabling keycode access via Salto lock keypads and Operto Connect. Change keycodes with each new guest to offer unparalleled security and control. Eliminate the hassle and waste of keycards or physical keys, and grant (or revoke) access remotely and automatically to authorized staff and guests only, all via the same digital platform.

Provide a world-class guest experience

Reduce stress, time spent waiting at a front desk, and unnecessary face-to-face interaction by enabling guests to check-in whenever they like. Please eco-conscious guests by using OpertoConnect™ to enable them to turn down heat or AC, and offer personalized upsells and customer service. Salto also uses eco-friendly materials in its locks, offering a sustainable experience throughout.

Make the most of your Salto locks

Harness the power of Salto’s world-class, cloud-based smart locks to ensure your property lives up to what Salto and Operto customer, Steve Kenway, vice president of Solara Resort & Spa calls: “A new vision for the next 10-20 years: A modern, eco-friendly, smart property.” Create unique keycodes for each new user, and choose from a wide range of super-secure designs. 

A contactless tech stack that builds a seamless guest journey

Delight and impress guests with their easiest, simplest stay yet, by offering digital check-in, keyless and contactless room access, and great customer service throughout

Without Salto + Operto: The old way

Guests check in and have to wait to be seen at the front desk, which wastes time, increases needless face-to-face interaction, and requires staff at all hours. They’re then given an old-fashioned key or plastic keycard that can easily be lost, stolen, demagnetized, or copied, increasing security risk and causing inconvenience.

Without Operto: The ‘middle’ way

Guests check in and are offered a mobile key option but this involves downloading a needless, single-function app on their phone and means guests will have to ensure their phone retains its battery at all times during their stay. Some opt instead for a physical key, which is a security risk.

With Salto + Operto: The way of the future 

Guests check in online in advance of arrival and are given a unique access code for their room. No visit to the front desk is required and there’s no cause to stress about smartphone battery life. The guest experience is stress-free and there’s reduced risk to security.

Let Operto take over where Salto leaves off

Connect™ for guests

Everything your guest needs

Guests receive a warm welcome that ensures a great first impression and enhances your brand, with all the info you know they’ll ask for when they check-in.

Generate more revenue

Operto’s Guest Portal makes it easy for you to boost occupancy and monetize early check-in and late check-out requests, as well as your own custom upsells.

Offer a true Smart Stay

Put your guest in control of their own smart space. Open the lock with a tap of a button, adjust the heat or AC, and set custom temperature schedules.

No apps to download

Avoid the poor adoption rates and pitfalls of traditional guest apps. Operto’s Guest Portal is a secure web app that can be accessed from any web browser with no extra app to download.

connect operating system

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