How to Do Payroll Reporting with RNS

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Maddie Thompson | Staff Writer


How to Do Payroll Reporting with RNS

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Payroll reporting

Here's how it works.

Accurate payroll reporting for multiple staff members is a highly complex task, and trying to manage it without the right tools is time-consuming and inefficient.

Fortunately, integrating RNS with Operto Teams allows your staff to easily track time, and offers you a comprehensive payroll solution that saves you time and money. 

In this post, we run through: 

  • How to use Operto Teams for payroll reporting with RNS
  • How to add staff information and pay rates
  • How to turn on time-tracking through RNS
  • How to get payroll reports in Operto Teams 
  • Operto Teams and RNS integrations

Tired of juggling multiple spreadsheets to get your staff paid? 

Operto Teams integrates with RNS for easy payroll reporting 

Start payroll reporting with RNS and Operto Teams.

1. Connect RNS with Operto Teams

To get set up with Operto Teams: 

  1. Create your Operto Teams account. 
  2. Connect RNS to Operto Teams via your API to automatically import all your properties and latest booking information.  
  3. Complete your Operto Teams setup by configuring settings, including property regions, departments, pay rates, task rules, and checklists.

Now, all your latest booking information will auto-generate cleaning tasks, as customized by your task rules.

Want more workflows?

Check out our Operto Tech to RNS integrations to learn more.

2. Add staff information and pay rates

During onboarding, create a profile for each of your staff members in Operto Teams with their personal information and pay rates. 

  1. For each staff member and task, you can choose to pay by:
  • Shift  
  • Flat rate time amount 
  • Time on task 
  • Flat rate dollar amount 

  2. Then, enable time tracking for that staff member. When new tasks are generated, the pay type is automatically attached. Of the four payment modalities, three are displayed in the blended pay report: by price, by time, and by total time tracked. 

  3. To change how a staff member is paid, navigate to the blended pay report to see each payment modality they have been assigned, and what their total pay will be at the end of the payment period. For example, cleaning tasks may be paid by the hour, while inspections are commonly paid per task. 

From the blended pay dashboard, you can change how you pay for different tasks. For example, if a cleaning task took longer than expected  because your guests left a mess, you can change from pay-by-price to total-time-tracked to adequately compensate the cleaner.  

With Operto Teams, it’s easy to assign and change how you pay staff for you can choose how you pay staff for different tasks 

3. Turn on time-tracking through RNS

Once staff have installed the Staff Dashboard to their device, they can clock in and out each day, and start, pause, and complete tasks using the on-screen buttons. 

Staff dashboard for clocking in and out

It’s easy for staff to track time with just one click in the Staff Dashboard.

Time can be tracked as “time on task” and time between tasks, known as “drive load time.” Both are important since, even if you’re paying by time-on-task, ever-changing schedules can impact drive load time, for example, if a guest requests an early check-in or checks out early.

With RNS now connected to Operto Teams, your staff information added, and time tracking set-up, you can start generating your payroll reports.

Tired of juggling multiple spreadsheets to get your staff paid? 

Operto Teams integrates with RNS for easy payroll reporting 

Start payroll reporting with RNS and Operto Teams.

Payroll Reports

Operto Teams delivers five types of payroll reports. 

1.  Pay by shift. This report shows the total of all hours worked in the day, includes time-on-task and time-between-tasks (known as drive/load time) x the rate of pay

2. Pay by flat rate time amount. This shows time amount in hours set for each task x the rate of pay.

Use this Operto Teams report to pay staff by time.

3. Pay by time on task. This report shows only the total number of hours on task (without drive/load time) x the rate of pay.

4. Pay by flat rate dollar amount. This shows the dollar amount set for each task.

Operto pay task report

Use this Operto Teams report to pay staff by task.

5. Blended pay report.  The blended pay report combines pay-by-task, pay-by-time, and total-time-tracked in one report for each staff member. This is useful to pay staff members who perform more than one function.

As well as being available for export to CSV, the blended pay report can be accessed by each staff member via the Staff Dashboard on their personal device.

The Operto Teams blended pay report shows all the different payment modalities you’re using to pay a specific staff member.

Operto Teams and RNS integrations 

Our Zapier integration allows you to push all payment modalities from Operto Teams into QuickBooks for accurate payroll reporting. You can also use the Stripe Connect integration to pay staff. See our RNS integrations page for the full range of integrations with third party tools.

Summing Up

Keeping on top of payroll reporting for multiple staff members, owners, and properties is a big task that requires 100% accuracy and a user-friendly system for the whole team.

By integrating RNS with Operto Teams, you can easily assign and change payment modalities by task and staff member; enable staff time tracking; and access up-to-date payroll data for more accurate reporting.