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How to manage staff scheduling with {{mpg_partner}}

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Maddie Thomposon | Staff Writer

Manually scheduling staff is inefficient and chaotic—constantly filling in and cross-checking spreadsheets with your latest bookings, frequent updates whenever a guest cancels or books last-minute. It’s time-consuming, and in the worst case scenario, inaccurate.

You may dream of effective staff communication and well-organized employee scheduling but not know how to get there. Furthermore, manual processes become increasingly unsustainable with a growing inventory.

Fortunately, connecting {{mpg_partner}} with a housekeeping software like Operto Teams can change the way you manage employee calendars for the better.

You can finally use one software to streamline, automate, and perfect staff management—allowing you to spend more time on the most critical parts of your business without missing a beat.

Let’s dive into how easy it is to manage staff schedules with Operto Teams.

Manually managing staff schedules is chaotic—but there’s a solution that will save you hours. Automate and streamline your staff scheduling with Operto Teams.

Use your API key to connect {{mpg_partner}} with Operto Teams

First, obtain information about {{mpg_partner}} integrations.

Contact {{mpg_partner}} and ask for your API connection information. Once you’ve got it on hand, plug it into Operto Teams.

Create task rules

Now create rules within the Operto Teams system. This step establishes every task you’d like your cleaning team to perform for every new booking.

Here are some examples of task rules you can add:

  • Pre-arrival inspection
  • Cleaning inspection
  • Departure clean
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Supply restock
  • Hot tub chem check
  • Scheduled maintenance

It’s worth noting that maintenance rules are a bit different than cleaning rules because they aren’t as dependent on bookings. For instance, tasks like battery change-outs and barbecue cleans don’t need to happen after every check-out.

While establishing your rules, you can designate them to:

  • A department like housekeeping, maintenance, or inspections
  • A task type like before check-in, after check-out, mid-stay, or mid-vacancy

Finally, attach your finished rules to your individual properties.

This step will bolt Operto Teams onto {{mpg_partner}}, enabling it to start feeding your properties and bookings into our software.

Set up your teams and departments

Next, start onboarding your company within the Operto Teams system. There are ten steps to complete, including:

  • Establish your departments. Depending on your properties’ needs, you can choose between maintenance, cleaning, and inspection.
  • Create staff dashboards: Your employees will access these dashboards to view their schedules and obtain the information they need to get their jobs done.
  • Regionalize your units: If you have ten properties spread across different locations, you can group them together efficiently to avoid sending cleaners and maintenance workers on impractical routes. Dividing your units into regions makes sure employees always receive schedules that make logistical sense.

You’ll enter default values for each property attached to your rules for assigned staff, time to complete, and billing and payroll amounts. These values will prefill each auto-generated task.

Add details to your task rules

You can also add additional information into your task rules. For instance, some Operto Teams users create cleaning and maintenance checklists or include Standard Property Appearance images.

Operto Teams users can also activate notifications within their tasks, so property managers and employees can receive alerts about things like overdue tasks and issues submitted from the field.

Manage staff scheduling with {{mpg_partner}}

Once you have everything set up, Operto Teams will auto-schedule your team’s tasks with every new booking from {{mpg_partner}}.

Remember, all your scheduled tasks can have essential information like responsible employee(s), estimated time, cost, checklists, and reference images attached to them.

Tasks are also color-coded according to physical location, which ensures staff schedules are optimized to reduce drive time and logistical challenges, like visiting far-apart properties that require different kinds of equipment on the same morning.

Because your calendar predicts how long tasks will take employees, you’ll be aware of approximately how many hours you have scheduled in different departments, like cleaning and maintenance. Simply navigate to Operto Teams’ schedule forecasting tool to understand busier vs slower periods and schedule future:

  • Staff and management vacations
  • Special projects or events
  • Renovations
  • Time-consuming tasks like deep cleans and special maintenance

Should you need to make any changes to your tasks, you can manually tinker with your calendar using our drag-and-drop interface. This allows you to account for variables like cleaners calling in sick and last-minute bookings.

Once you’ve finalized your schedule, your employees simply view their personalized calendars within their Staff Portal to obtain all the information they need.

With Operto Teams’ Staff Portal, cleaners can see their schedule with their smartphone.

How to manage staff scheduling–Operto Staff Portal

Get your employee calendars automated with Operto Teams

Managing staff calendars is a different world with Operto Teams’ scheduling software for cleaning businesses.

Simply follow these steps:

  • Connect {{mpg_partner}} with Operto Teams
  • Complete your onboarding steps with friendly help of our experts
  • Establish customized rules
  • Watch as your calendar gets automatically populated with tasks with every new booking
  • Make adjustments or add urgent tasks easily with our drag-and-drop interface

Want more workflows? Check out our Operto Teams to {{mpg_partner}} integrations to learn more.

Manually managing staff schedules is chaotic—but there’s a solution that will save you hours.
Automate and streamline your staff scheduling with Operto Teams.