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Digital Guest Directory: An Innovative Way to Deliver an Exceptional Hospitality Experience

With Operto, you can engage with your guests at every stage of their journey, from the time they book until after they check out.

Enjoy features like:

  • White-label mobile optimized web app
  • Digital check-in and check-out
  • Direct guest messaging
  • Comprehensive digital guidebooks
  • Automated and curated recommendations
  • Custom upsells and in-app smart buttons 

Want to discover a new way to connect with your guests?

Offer customized recommendations, digital check-in and check-out, and personalized upsells with Operto Guest.

Impress your guests without any extra work

The modern guest expects to have all the information they need about their stay in the palm of their hand. That means hotel room access codes, curated local area recommendations, and direct access to your team. 
Operto’s digital guest directory gives them all that within a white-label, web-optimized mobile app, while streamlining the hotelier experience.

Stop relying on front desk staff to keep guests happy.

With Operto, guests can enjoy a digital concierge, contactless access, and seamless messaging, right at their fingertips.

Entertaining hotel guests has never been easierose ends.

With Operto’s digital hotel guest directory, your guests can access all your hotel information on their mobile device. Plus, features like real-time direct messaging and contactless check-in/check-out mean you can reduce your staffing needs.

And to make your life easier, you get an overview of all your guest and team communication on one convenient dashboard.

Want to give your guests a five-star experience without hiring more employees?

Operto Guest’s digital hotel directory goes above and beyond (so your staff doesn’t have to).

Tap into the power of digital guest directory features

Integrates with your PMS

The Operto Guest digital guest directory automatically integrates with your PMS, helping you ease your workload, stay on top of reservations, and automate processes.

Mobile-optimized web app

Don’t make your guests install another application on their device. Deliver a great hospitality experience with Operto’s white-label, mobile-optimized web app.

Digital check-in and check-out

Say goodbye to tedious arrival and departure processes. Deliver an outstanding hospitality experience by giving your guests contactless check-in and check-out.

Intuitive guest messaging

Your guests shouldn’t have to dial the front desk every time they have a question. Address their inquiries and requests over chat with intuitive guest messaging.

Manager dashboard and inbox

Never miss a beat: Use your all-in-one manager dashboard to access your message inbox, where you can see both guest and team messages all in one place.

Fully customizable digital guidebooks

Help your guests explore all your hotel has to offer and share key information about their room with fully-customizable digital guidebooks.

Easy to embed videos and images

Embed images and videos of your hotel into the Operto app to give your guests valuable insights into your property as soon as they make their reservation.

Shares local insights

From top restaurants to upcoming local events, keep your guests engaged by sharing insider tips and recommendations with area guides.

Monetizes your guest with smart buttons

Enhance your digital guides by embedding smart buttons for upsells, which will take your guests right where they need to go to purchase extra hotel services and amenities.

Struggling to upsell?

With the Operto Guest app, showcase wellness amenities, your room service menu, and additional room cleanings, all available to guests at the push of a button.

Embrace modern hospitality with a digital guest directory

Operto gives you all the tools you need to streamline guest communication and enhance the guest experience, all while taking pressure off your staff. A digital guest directory is a scalable solution for increasing bookings, upsells, and guest satisfaction at your hotel.

Give your guests an exceptional stay by sharing the latest insights about your hotel and its surroundings in the most convenient way possible—right on their mobile device.

See Operto digital guest directories in action today.

Frequently asked questions about Operto’s digital guest directory

A guest directory is a resource that hotels provide their guests. It highlights relevant information about the hotel, its surroundings, and its offering. Nowadays, hotels can use a digital guest directory to share all the information their guests need throughout their stay, which they can access right on their mobile devices.

There are plenty of benefits to using an Operto digital guest directory, including: 

  • Giving guests the comfort of digital check-in and check-out
  • Helping guests communicate with your hotel staff via streamlined direct messaging
  • Letting you create fully-customizable digital guidebooks
  • Allowing you to share curated insights about your hotel and the local area
  • Offering your guests the ability to purchase relevant upsells right within a convenient web app

You can build your own branded guest directory with Operto: It’s a white-label, mobile-optimized web app that puts your brand in front of your guests. So when your guests access the directory, they see you and not us. 

At Operto, we’re laser-focused on helping hotels deliver an exceptional guest experience. That’s why we make it easy for you to update your guest directory whenever you’d like through your manager dashboard. 

And in case you’re having issues or any questions arise, we have a dedicated customer support team available to address your concerns.

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