How to Set Up Digital Check-In with Hostaway

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Maddie Thomposon | Staff Writer

Switching to digital self check-in gives guests control—over where and when they check in, and what they decide to do on arrival.

Operto automates the entire process to provide the convenient digital experience your guests expect—and save you time and money.    

No waiting around, no frustrations, just excellent stays. 


Here's how it works.

Want to improve the guest experience and cut costs? 
Operto integrates with Hostaway so you can offer your guests quick and simple digital self check-in.

Digital check-in with Hostaway

  • When a guest makes a booking—through an OTA, your own direct booking site, or any other channel—the reservation information is synced from Hostaway to Operto. 
  • Operto automatically sends a message to your guest with a link and instructions to complete online check-in with an automatically generated unique access code via the web-based app, Operto Guest or your preferred channel.
  • Check-in processes vary depending on your business model, properties, guests, and national or local regulations. But it’s all handled via Operto Guest—so there’s no need to download any mobile apps or create an account.

As an example, check-in steps might include:  

  • The guest confirms and pays for the booking 
  • They complete ID verification and screening checks online
  • The guest then pays the security and damage deposit
  • They sign the rental agreement or house rules
  • Now the guest personalized their stay by viewing amenities, or selecting additional offers and experiences
  • Once your guest completes the online check-in process, Operto sends them any instructions and information they need prior to arrival. 

Digital self check-in can be completed on any device

And if your property has smart locks, Operto auto-generates and shares the access codes.   

Want more workflows?
 Check out our Operto Guest to Hostaway integrations to learn more

Verify your guest’s ID


Verifying guest IDs and performing screening checks protects your property and brand. This process must be completely optimized, streamlined, and reliable to avoid frustrations and human error.  

With Operto, it’s all taken care of: 

1.  When a guest makes a booking, Operto receives the reservation details from Hostaway. 
2. The Operto Digital Verification screening tool scans the booking to determine risk factors. 
3. Operto automatically sends a message to the guest with a link and instructions to provide their ID and complete the verification and screening process online. 
Each screen outlines what information they need to provide, and why. It’s quick, simple, and easy, and can be done on any device.  
4. The guest’s information is automatically analyzed. 
5. If the guest passes screening, they can complete the check-in process. 
6. Operto automatically generates unique, temporary door codes and sends them to your guest.

Operto Digital Verification automatically screens your guests’ bookings and provides a risk score to determine which checks they should complete 

The entire guest screening process is customizable. You decide which verifications they need to complete based on an AI-generated risk score, your property listing, booking channel, and the specific reservation details.  For more information, see all our Hostaway integrations.

Want to improve the guest experience and cut costs? 
Operto integrates with Hostaway so you can offer your guests quick and simple digital self check-in.