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The Cleaning Scheduling Software Made for Vacation Rental

Save 40 hours a month on scheduling cleaning staff. No more wasted time tracking down loose ends and trying to keep up with spreadsheets. Our cleaning service scheduling software simplifies and optimizes your operations so you can put your guests first.

Cleaning scheduling software.

Make your life easier

With Operto Teams, you can organize all your tasks, staff, and workflows in your easy-to-use Staff Scheduling Calendar. Say goodbye to constantly updating staff on last-minute bookings, and hello to automated task scheduling. 

Screenshot of Operto Teams master calendar

Generates every clean, without fail.

Never miss a clean again. Create and customize rules to auto-generate tasks, and take human error out of the equation so nothing slips through the cracks. Align your performance with your customers’ high expectations so you can put your guests first, always.


Manage, track, schedule, all in one place.

With so many individuals involved in your cleaning operations, it’s impossible to keep track of everything manually. But with Operto Teams you can streamline your service business, and keep everyone informed at all times.

No more spreadsheets.

Manually upkeeping spreadsheets is chaotic and unreliable. Operto Teams connects with your PMS to automate your ever-changing schedule – you’ll get hours of your time back every week.



Everything you need, automated.

Finally get rid of your spreadsheets and wall calendars. Our cleaning business software creates tasks according to your customized rules for every check-out. You get an overview of all tasks, while staff use the Staff Portal to confirm what’s done and see what’s next.

No more loose ends.

Notifications and alerts will remind you of any last-minute bookings, urgent tasks, damages, and more. Got an emergency? Just drag and drop it into the calendar. Now, every room gets the attention it needs.

Amazing report generation.

Run your payroll reports on QuickBooks directly from your all-in-one dashboard, the Manager Portal. Forecast your staffing needs to always be prepared. Keep organized on your laundry packing. And see what’s been done in the field with real-time task completion reporting.


Import bookings into the Master Calendar

Import your bookings from multiple sources into one single calendar for a 10,000-foot real-time overview of all your operations in one location. 

Staff Scheduling Calendar

Automate staff scheduling based on priority and location. Tasks are color-coded for route optimization and instant visibility to make sure staff don’t drive more than they have to.

Auto-generated tasks

Cleaning jobs, inspections, and maintenance work orders are auto-generated and assigned so you can easily finalize schedules.

Drag-and-drop scheduling

Adjust staff assignments and dates with your calendar’s drag-and-drop functionality for scheduling in seconds.


Receive alerts and notifications when deadlines are approaching or if issues arise so you can always stay on track and handle follow-ups.

Staff Portal

Receive alerts and notifications when deadlines are approaching or if issues arise so you can always stay on track and handle follow-ups.

Owner Portal

Owners add their own stays to the calendar, submit issues, manage payments, view employee scheduling and inspection reports, and check tasks through a personal dashboard.

Reports and invoicing

Easily generate reports for billing, payroll, laundry packing, staff forecasting, and task completion.

It’s time to automate your cleaning service

Integrate Operto Teams with your PMS and automate staff scheduling. No more messy communications, hours of time saved, and you’ll speed up all your operations with accuracy and visibility.