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Automated Cleaning Business Software for Vacation Rentals

Save hours of time manually updating spreadsheets and eliminate the stress of missed cleans. The Operto Teams solution to cleaning business software connects with your PMS to automate scheduling, giving you the complete picture of all your operations in your all-in-one dashboard.

Cleaning business management

Manually updating spreadsheets is chaotic and inaccurate. And constantly-changing schedules makes team communication an impossible task. So bring all your cleans together in one automated workflow you can believe in, and make sure nothing falls through the cracks. 

Automated scheduling

Take scheduling stress and messiness out of the equation by automating your workflow. The Operto Teams Master Calendar integrates with your PMS so it’s simple to keep on top of changing check-in dates and emergency tasks.

Give owners the oversight they want

Provide property owners with their own portal to oversee bookings, where they can add their own and guest stays. All seamlessly integrated into the calendar, eliminating messy owner-cleaner communication.

All your cleaning tasks made simple

Import bookings from multiple sources and base your staff scheduling on location rather than task type. And take all the cleans from the different areas of your business and put them into your Master Calendar. Easy.


Vacation rental workflow but easy, automated.

Geared specifically to your cleaning business, Operto Teams allows you to be efficient at scheduling, job management, and time tracking so you can eliminate the chaos and finally stop playing catch-up..

Takes away the stress

Manually managing the operations of your cleaning service company in Excel is an organizational nightmare. But real-time automated scheduling gives you your life back.

Payroll Reports

Charge your customers for completed tasks through Stripe and run your payroll reports on QuickBooks. Property owners can vault cards in Stripe for immediate payment, saving you even more time.

Don’t leave money on the table

Give your vacation rental cleaning business a boost and stop paying for what you should be billing. Operto Teams makes it easy to track what you should be billing owners so you don’t take on the cost of damages caused by guests.


A time-saver for all your business

Operto Teams auto-schedules sets of tasks to be done from the time a guest checks out until the room’s ready for the following stay. With our automation solution, you won’t miss another deadline, and guests will never even know about it.

Job tracking

Easily track your team’s progress and make sure everything is being taken care of. Operto Teams consolidates all your tasks so everyone sees the latest information and knows what’s going on, where.

Linen bag-packing reports

Create reports for your laundry room and efficiently share the linen bag packing instructions with staff so guests always have exactly what they need before they need it.

Upload photos and videos

Staff can upload photos and videos from their smartphones via the Staff Portal to give precise information on what needs fixing. Then you can add the task to the Master Calendar and never give it a second thought.

A smarter way to manage your business

Operto Teams simplifies all your cleaning operations and allows you to focus on growing your business the way you want. Automate your workflow, save time, and eliminate stress. It just makes sense.