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The Avantio and Operto Integration

The Ultimate Vacation Rental Tech Stack

Delight your guests and grow your vacation rental business faster by combining the power of Operto and Avantio

Operto partners with MEWS PMS

Connecting Operto’s digital automation technology with the power of Avantio’s award-winning hospitality software gives you the tools you need to pick up where Avantio leaves off. Let Avantio handle the bookings and let Operto handle the stay—for excellent management and guest experience from start to finish.

Supercharge your operations now
Operto partners with MEWS PMS

Transform your hotel into a tech-first operation

Make the switch to contactless hotel technology and automate every stage of your vacation rental business, from guest booking to easy, keyless access that removes the need for in-person check-ins and doesn’t rely on smartphones; from occupancy and noise monitoring to communication; from revenue-boosting upsells to in-room smart devices and more.

Integrate all of your tech seamlessly

Keep track of your business remotely with Operto, including contactless arrival, keyless check-in, guest personalization, and energy-saving via in-room smart devices.

Save costs by eliminating the need for transactional interactions at the front desk and stop relying on smartphones; it all still works even if guests have no battery, signal, data, or desire to download an app.

Build on an already-powerful PMS

Let Avantio handle the booking, and Operto manage the actual stay. Sync rooms and reservations as soon as they’re confirmed, and send important access info to guests well ahead of time. Update each booking’s status in Avantio automatically as guests check in.

Improve customer service by combining Avantio with Operto Connect’s guest communication portals, and reduce admin by empowering staff to manage their own time.

Monitor noise and occupancy

Prevent unauthorized parties, property damage, and unwanted behavior by connecting noise monitoring and occupancy monitoring devices, and receive real-time notifications via our intuitive dashboard.

Maintain friendly relationships with guests and neighbours, and improve your energy control and costs by turning down AC, heat, or lights when they’re not in use.

Stay secure with world-class smart locks

Install smart locks from our world-leading partners, and enable easy, contactless check-in using keycodes or mobile key; reducing wait times, front desk staff, and needless face-to-face interaction (especially important post-Covid).

Improve security and gain live insights from connected locks with intelligent alerts for key events and audit logs for guests, staff, and housekeeping.

Connect™ Portals

The Connect™ suite of portals blend human interaction with automation via event based triggers and direct points of contact between guests and every member of your operational team.

Guest Portal

The Guest Portal puts your guest in control of their stay –  delivering contactless access, check-in and check out,  housekeeping requests and management of  their units smart devices.

Owners Portal

On the go management of  access, maintenance and activity monitoring  ensures every room in your hotel remains in top condition.

Housekeeping Portal

Empower your housekeeping operators with schedules, completion tracking, guest communications and team interactions.

Managers Dashboard

Deliver seamless, memorable and ultimately bespoke lodging experiences by bringing together the guest, manager and ancillary service providers under a single operating system.

A contactless tech stack that builds a seamless guest journey

Delight and impress guests with their easiest, simplest stay yet, by offering digital check-in, keyless and contactless room access, and great customer service throughout

Let Operto take over where Avantio leaves off

Connect™ for guests

Give guests personal control by handing them an intuitive digital portal, with all the necessary details of their stay and property, mobile key and unique entry code, and access to smart devices such as thermostats and AC.

Everything your guest needs

Guests receive a warm welcome that ensures a great first impression and enhances your brand, with all the info you know they’ll ask for when they check-in.

Generate more revenue

Operto Guest makes it easy for you to boost occupancy and monetize early check-in and late check-out requests, as well as your own custom upsells.

Offer a true Smart Stay

Put your guest in control of their own smart space. Open the lock with a tap of a button, adjust the heat or AC, and set custom temperature schedules.

No apps to download

Avoid the poor adoption rates and pitfalls of traditional guest apps. Operto Guest is a secure web app that can be accessed from any web browser with no extra app to download.

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