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Introducing Operto: The Operating System for Guest Accommodation
Vancouver, BC --Slickspaces Technologies, the award-winning property automation start-up, has re-branded to Operto Guest Technologies. Following rapid expansion since 2016, the new brand signifies a milestone in the maturation of the company. Operto is also launching its next-generation operating dashboard, offering hotels and property managers real-time insight and control over their inventory with automation features including integrated keyless entry.
Operto - from the Italian word aperto; meaning to open - intends to help accommodation providers who wish to make their operations more efficient and provide an elevated guest experience. Operto takes a curated range of smart home technology and makes it meaningful in a commercial setting through purpose-built software.
“We are really pleased to offer our services to the new wave of forward-thinking accommodation providers,” shares Michael Driedger, founder of Operto. “Hotels and property managers spend their days making guests’ lives better so we’ve focused on making their jobs simpler and the guest experience smoother. With the right technology you’ll get both cost savings and increased revenue.”
Operto solves operational issues commonly faced by the accommodation industry. The flagship solution fully automates guest entry by programming unique entry codes for every reservation onto keypad locks. With no action required by front desk or booking staff, guests get the convenience of 24/7 self check-in - no app required. Meanwhile, teams can shift their focus from transactional check-ins to personalized interactions that add value.
Operto’s range of solutions also include monitoring of noise, occupancy, and air quality. Energy savings are realized through intelligent thermostat control. Guest welcome features make visitors feel at home, while smart alerts and scheduling reduces turnover time and repetitive tasks.
Operto is currently working with clients ranging from hotels to vacation rentals, as well as more niche accommodation alternatives, across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean.
Going forward, Operto is accelerating its efforts, also announcing the following today:
All-new software
The fully reimagined 2.0 dashboard allows managers to monitor crucial aspects of their units or rooms, including check-in/out, temperature, air quality, noise, occupancy, and more.
Further integrations with property management systems
In the next three months, Operto will add numerous deep integrations with leading PMSs, creating an integrated ecosystem that is easy to use.
New packages to suit every type of guest accommodation
To accommodate the various needs and strategies of modern accommodation providers, Operto offers simple price points with feature-sets built around providing positive ROI in the very first year.
Slickspaces named Hot Startup for 2019
Photo curtesy of Phocuswright
The Slickspaces team is proud to announce that we’ve been named as part of PhocusWire’s “Hot 25 Startups for 2019”.
In assembling their list, Phocuswire sought to recognize companies with “the greatest potential to make a difference to their sector or market in the next 12 months - based on their ability to innovate, grow customers and expand geographically, as well as the quality of their leadership team.”
Our CEO, Michael Driedger, was thrilled with the news, saying: “The feedback from our clients has been outstanding and it’s exciting to see the same recognition coming from industry. PhocusWire is major name in travel. We’re all expecting 2019 to be an amazing and very busy year.”
Phocuswire is the daily news subsidiary of Phocuswright, the respected research and events authority that covers the travel, tourism, and hospitality industry.
Click here to see the full list of recipients.
Slick Spaces Technologies to Expand Globally
Photo curtesy of Black Pines
Vancouver, BC, Canada -- Slick Spaces Technologies today received a significant initial round of investment from BlackPines Capital Partners, Inc. This investment will help Slick Spaces build out its successful model of rental automation for the hospitality industry, focused on the needs of property managers in the vacation rental, apartment, and boutique hotel industry sectors.
Michael Driedger, CEO said, “We very much welcome the investment from BlackPines. Darren’s leadership track record and passion for innovation and excellence in the online travel and cloud software solutions space plus our industry-leading home automation solutions for the property rental industry are a perfect match.”
Mark Baxter, Chief Product Officer added, “Going forward, we will accelerate our efforts against three priorities: to deliver and support flawless and “always on” rental automation solutions; to aggregate these controls to the network level allowing property managers to enhance the guest experience, reduce complexity, and unlock significant cost savings; and, finally, to complement this with the most competitive, transparent, and all-inclusive monthly pricing in the industry.”
Darren Huston, CEO & Founder of BlackPines added, “I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Michael and Mark to help build out the Slick Spaces vision. Rental automation is finally a realizable and scalable solution that will revolutionize the long-tail of the accommodation industry. I am super happy to join them on this journey.”
Slick Spaces will continue to be headquartered in Vancouver but will look to expand its business around the world. Darren will take on the role of Executive Chairman.
Slickspaces Technologies Wins a Top Prize in 2017 BC Innovation Council New Ventures Competition
Photo curtesy of BC Innovation Council
Slickspaces Technologies Inc., a Vancouver tech start-up that has developed the world's first property automation platform for short-term rentals, is awarded the third-place prize in the 2017 BC Innovation Council (BCIC) New Ventures Competition.
As first time participants, Slickspaces competed against 186 start-ups in British Columbia's premiere tech competition, with winners representing some of the province's best and brightest innovators.
"As a new start-up, we are incredibly honoured to receive a top prize in the BCIC-New Venture Competition," says Michael Driedger, co-founder of Slickspaces. "The education, mentorship, and networking available to us as a participant has been invaluable in accelerating our business and bringing our software as a service solution (SaaS) to market."
Slickspaces' property automation platform allows for 24/7 keyless and fobless entry into buildings and units by creating a unique passcode for each short-term rental guest for the duration of their stay, providing a convenient and secure access solution. The platform is configured for building intercoms and smart locks leveraging trusted brands like Weiser, Yale, and Samsung. Developed to ensure reliability, this robust platform eliminates technical barriers, such as an app, that could pose challenges to prospective guests.
Several short-term rental properties in Vancouver, Victoria, and Montreal are already employing this platform to great success.
"Slickspaces saves time and money as it eliminates the need for someone to meet guests in person," says Nancy Paine, property manager and CEO of Spacehost. "This is where the marketplace is going with innovative products like Slickspaces that puts the guest experience in their own control. Guests can arrive at their own leisure as they know they can rely on the software to get them into the building and not have to worry about it."
The automation platform also integrates with smart thermostats and light switches attaining up to 20-30 percent energy savings. For example, it has the ability to link these switches to the smart door lock, allowing for cost savings when the unit is unoccupied.
"The difference in units where I have Slickspaces' technology is night and day. Before I was getting frustrated phone calls from people having trouble getting into their unit. Now I get courtesy calls to tell me they had a good time and will be back. I can't tell you what that means for both guest and property manager," says Thomas Dabarno, HostKick.
Slickspaces integrates with Property Management Systems such as Guesty, and uses hardware specifically configured to its proprietary cloud-based software. The company is currently working on the development of additional features to even better serve the travel sector.
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